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Stalking the Beast chapter 1 Stalking the Beast, meaning Stalking the Beast, genre Stalking the Beast, book cover Stalking the Beast, flies Stalking the Beast, Stalking the Beast bc8f5c199b507 Out For BloodWhen A Mysterious Monster Carves A Path Of Destruction Across The Southern River Kingdoms, Desperate Townsfolk Look To The Famed Elven Ranger Elyana And Her Half Orc Companion Drelm For Salvation For Drelm, However, The Mission Is About Than Simple Justice, As Without A Great Victory Proving His Worth, A Prejudiced Populace Will Never Allow Him To Marry The Human Woman He Loves Together With A Fresh Band Of Allies, Including The Mysterious Gunslinger Lisette, The Heroes Must Set Off Into The Wilderness, Hunting A Terrifying Beast That Will Test Their Abilities And Their Friendships To The Breaking Point And BeyondFrom Acclaimed Author Howard Andrew Jones Comes A New Adventure Of Love, Death, And Unnatural Creatures, Set In The Award Winning World Of The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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    A very engaging story enough so that I am going back to ready previous books by this author about the characters

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    A Satisfying Adventure Tale Well written, this novel has many nods to the PFRPG players out there It s a whole lot of fun reads incredibly quickly

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    This book was so awesome I loved it, great characters, great story and great pacing I loved reading it and even telling my friends about it The book is about hunting down a beast but it gets really complicated, I want this book to become a youtube series or even a movie It would be a nice movie to watch

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    Stalking The Beast brings back some familiar faces from Plague Of Shadows, but this one can stand alone very well, if you don t mind mild spoilers like duh the main characters surviving the events in that previous book.Elyana Sadrastis, our battle hardened elven ranger, is currently staying awhile in the small town of Delgar, generally giving her BFF, the half orc Drelm, her moral support and expertise She s pleased that Drelm has finally found a woman who would love him despite his looks and him being a half orc look at those fangs, not pretty , and Drelm has won the support of the people and even the mayor his fianc e s father to become the captain of the guard Once Drelm settles down, however, Elyana wonders what she will do with herself.Things are never boring in fantasy worlds, however, and soon, an invisible monster starts going on a rampage in the neighborhood, leaving piles of dead bodies in its wake Elyana and Drelm, along with some of her elven buddies, begin organizing a hunting party to take down the beast Meanwhile, a bounty hunter, Lisette Demonde, shows up in town with her impressive guns and her grouchy dwarven assistant She soon proves to be a skilled warrior worthy of tagging along with the party, but those people have no clue that she has another motive to tag along she is hired by Drelm s future father in law to kill the half orc Ho, ho, ho Stalking The Beast is not a deep story, but my goodness, it is such a fast paced non stop action packed adventure romp that I can t put down this book at all until I reach the last page This is fantastic feel good vicarious adventure material There are many well written scenes of combat and carnage, lots of violence and a high body count, and plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting.This story is also brimming with girl power I thought Elyana quite bland in the previous story, and well, she is still quite bland here and it s almost a punchline how every guy finds her too hot for words, but she also gets opportunity to kick some rear ends with super bad ass style here Lisette is the interesting character here she s the anti heroic foil to Elyana, cynical and pragmatic, but of course she soon finds herself liking her companions too much to pull the trigger Drelm is a tough guy, but his simple and uncomplicated way of looking at things can be sometimes unexpectedly humorous, especially when contrasted with his female comrades tendency to analyze things a little thoroughly They and an assorted secondary characters make a good team.The author also tosses in themes like friendship, loyalty, and what not Nothing too deep to distract from the mayhem, of course, but enough to give the story some depths to go with the blood and guts.What you see is what you get when it comes to Stalking The Beast these guys really are stalking some monsters, and it s all fun from start to finish This is a great popcorn read, and I m actually sad to reach the last chapter because the party was so entertaining while it lasted Give me , I want

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    Howard Andrew Jones delivers another great addition to the Pathfinder Tales line Stalking the beast is another adventure of Elyana and Drelm, characters from his first Pathfinder book, Plague of Shadows They ve relocated to the River Kingdoms, and when a strange invisible monster starts killing and destroying across multiple kingdoms, they organize a posse to hunt and kill the beast.Jones does an amazing job of introducing and managing a dozen new characters for the hunting party, as well as several others that have ties to Elyana and Drelm, making them all stand out as individuals He also breathes life into the River Kingdoms, impressively capturing the flavor of that part of Golarion from the game books, and impressing on the reader that it s a melting pot of all sorts of undesirables who have fled there to escape their pasts, as well as those looking to simply make a clean start.In Stalking the Beast, Jones has three point of view characters, which also helps show multiple facets of not only the three main characters, but their different views of the others in the posse, helping to round them out As for the plot, he keeps the reader on edge, creating a sense of being hunted by their prey that is always one step ahead of them, and seems than capable of turning the hunters into the hunted Long before the end of the book, Jones has turned the reader s expectations around several times, multiplying the sense of discovery beyond what a simply straightforward plot would have allowed.I m looking forward to his next Pathfinder book, and also, plan to check out his original fiction as well.

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    Here is the latest in the Pathfinder Tales series This story stars the female elven ranger Elyana and her stuffy read here Lawful Good, DD nerds half orc companion, Drelm The action centers around the hunt for a mysterious invisible beast that is marauding through the countryside The city of Delgar puts together a group of experienced professional hunters, led by Elyana and Drelm, who go looking for the monster and get than they bargained for.This was an easy read for me The story was fairly complex, which kept my interest there have been some novels in this series that were extremely simplistic Characterization was somewhat predictable Which is OK, I suppose It was not poor characterization Though I still do not understand the Mayor s motivation I really thought we would find out later that he had been possessed, charmed or something of the sort Elyana and Drelm are a pretty neat pair the free spirited ranger with the stoic and staid half orc provide interesting conflict These guys are becoming my second favorite Pathfinder couple right behind, as with everyone, Count Varian Jeggare and Radovan I hope we get to see another story.

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    This is the second pathfinder tale book by Howard Andrew Jones that I read, and even though I gave both of them 3 stars, this one is the better of the two This is than a three star book, but it lives not completely up to the standard for a 4 star book In this story we join Elayna and Drelm who together with a whole bunch of hirelings go out to find a beast that is running rampant through the river kingdoms In the end there seems that the story is complicated than that I will not go further into detail to avoid spoilers.The story has quite the pathfinder feel, which of course is excellent When you read a pathfinder tale you want it to evoke the feeling of a pathfinder RPG campaign The magic and the way magic works in pathfinder is very nicely incorporated in this book I also felt that the book has a sort of western theme going on A bunch of capable adventures set out to face a menace that threatens a frontier town It even ends with the surviving members all leaving in the morning and meeting up one last time in the horse stables before riding of in the sunset.

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    This might just be the best of the Pathfinder Tales novels Well, it s the best of the six or seven I ve read to date.Yeah, it s a quest to kill a beast that s been tormenting a number of villages But it turns in to a lot One of the characters was a bit abrupt in her actions, and that could have used a little exposition, but it s a minor nit This story follows on a couple years after the end of Plague of Shadows, but they re both standalone stories.Definitely entertaining Hoping for from this author.

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    Fun adventuring book about a collection of would be heroes tracking down a savage beast rampaging their home in the Pathfinder world The book is exciting, with plenty of action scenes The writing is good, fast paced when it needs to be and strong in character development of the main characters Outside of the three main characters, you barely get to know any of the others making them quite forgettable The plot is a bit simple but was still looking forward to the big finish A good book to get to know about the Pathfinder world.

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    It took about a third of the book for me to really get into it, but once I did, I couldn t put it down.The Gunslinger Lisette is a wonderful new character and I hope that we get to see of her in the future.

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