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Horrie The War Dog quotes Horrie The War Dog , litcharts Horrie The War Dog , symbolism Horrie The War Dog , summary shmoop Horrie The War Dog , Horrie The War Dog 9e71e280 In The Harsh Libyan Desert In World War II, Private Jim Moody Found A Starving Puppy Moody Adopted Him And Called Him Horrie More Than A Mascot, Horrie Repeatedly Saved The Lives Of The Thousand Strong ContingentThe Little Dog Warning Ritual Of Sitting, Barking, Then Dashing For The Trenches Had The Gunners Running For Cover Before They Even Heard The Enemy AircraftHorrie Accompanied Moody Through The Battle Zones Of The Middle East And Beyond As Japanese Forces Spread Across Asia, Moody And His Mates Joined The Fight, Smuggling Horrie Onto A Troop Ship For The Harrowing Back To Australia Once The War Was Over, Moody Brought Horrie Out Of Hiding To Raise Money For The Red Cross And The Brave Little Dog A Story Became Widely Known When Quarantine Officers Pounced, Demanding The Dog Be Put Down, There Was A Public Outcry How Could A Cruel Bureaucracy Heartlessly Kill This Little Four Legged Hero Was Horrie Condemned To Die Or Moody Devise A Scheme To Save Him

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    Private J B Jim Moody was a dispatch rider with the Signals group, The Rebels , attached to the 2 1 Machine Gun Battalion, 6th Division, AIF, stationed in the western desert outside Alexandria in Egypt A dedicated dog lover, he found and rescued a starving, wandering puppy, which was a small breed of local terrier Dubbed Horrie , he was adopted as the battalion s mascot and travelled everywhere with the men in Egypt, Greece, Crete, Palestine and Syria Horrie the Wog Dog , as he was affectionately called, was intelligent, easily trained and effective as a guard dog, protecting the camp and the troops belongings He was credited with saving the lives of servicemen many times, by barking to give advance warning of German planes nearby, allowing them time to take shelter.On Crete, Horrie became a messenger dog, was wounded in action by a shell splinter, and survived the sinking of the transport ship Costa Rica during the evacuation from Greece in April 1941 Following the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in February 1942, all Australian troops serving in the Middle East were recalled home to defend their own country Appalled at the prospect of losing their beloved companion and mascot, Moody and several of The Rebels conspired to hide Horrie and smuggle him into Australia, in contravention of quarantine laws Their plot succeeded and Horrie lived a quiet life in suburban Melbourne with Moody s father for the next 3 years.Sadly, in early 1945 news reports about Horrie the hero appeared in the media, which drew the attention of the Commonwealth Quarantine authorities Moody was ordered to surrender the dog, and according to official records, Horrie was destroyed on the order of the Director of Veterinary Hygiene on 12 March 1945 There is an alternative ending to the story, which suggests that Horrie did not die The author, historian Roland Perry, has exposed this version in a credible way, and his Afterword acknowledges many sources of information Some 70 years later, it is hard to establish anything beyond all reasonable doubt, and readers may make up their own mind In terms of the appeal of the book, the tension over Horrie s fate creates a genuine sense of suspense and intrigue Did the dog survive the worst of Australia s bureaucratic posturing There are conflicting, and often angry, rebuttals from various writers which can be viewed on line courtesy of Google Horrie The War Dog is a fictionalised account of the story, based on historical facts Like many such novels, the author has used his imagination to create several possible scenarios, to make an historical story easily accessible to a wide readership Whatever the facts of Horrie s fate might be, I think it is important to focus on the dog s achievements and the dedication of the servicemen who adopted him and preserved him for so long Horrie was a hero, an asset and a much loved companion in the often depressing lives of soldiers at the war front.The book, enlivened by the qualities of the audio sound track, provides many appealing and humorous anecdotes about Horrie s exploits with the Rebels For me one of the other great aspects of the book is the insight it gives into the lives and habits of the Australian servicemen on or near the front lines of WW2 Amidst all that horror, I can imagine how a clever, cute little dog could relieve anxieties, and furnish lots of laughs to offset the grimness No wonder the dog was adored by the battalion.Listening to the audio book of this novel was a great treat The story is read by David Tredinnick, a well known Australian actor, who demonstrates a keen ear for the various accents and vernacular speech of the Australian soldiers of the era He injects a lot of colour and humour into his telling of the tale Perry has gone to considerable lengths to invoke the atmosphere of the period, especially the language of the troops Tredinnick has the talent to create precisely the right feel with both his vocal range, as well as his phrasing and timing.My minor criticisms of the novel are not connected with the controversy over Horrie s death There are some odd inconsistencies and jarring elements in Perry s narrative Perry s decision to portray the situations this way may be a genuine reflection of the attitudes of the Australian and British forces at that time Having said that, overall it is a most entertaining story, one that I valued because of its basis in historical fact 4 s

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    Started listening to the audiobook version of this while driving through the desert after midnight So you think I would have been desperate for something to hold my attention during a 13 hour drive This didn t do it We learn of the death of Horrie in the first 30 minutes of the narration death by bureaucracy and I ll make an example of you mentality That totally killed my interest in learning how he saved the lives of the soldiers No way to tell a story Supposedly Horrie might have been switched with another dog Needless to say the death of any animal under these circumstances is appalling And with Johnny Depp s situation you can see things haven t changed much in Australia in 70 years Two different situations completely but the attitude is still the same death to dogs whose owners circumvent the law celebrity, war hero it doesn t matter.

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    Mr Perry one again brings his snooze worthy prose to what should have been a ripping yarn 2 stars only

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    Wonderful story anyone who is a dog lover would enjoy this book about a very brave and very smart little dog that saved a lot of Aussies during WWII.

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    This is a lovely story An Aussie digger riding a motorcycle in the desert rescues a puppy sleeping rough It is immediately accepted by the platoon and adapts quickly to being an Aussie They name him Horrie the Wog dog because he is Egyptian Horrie hates the locals and initially serves as the platoon s guard, protecting their kit and possessions from being stolen by the locals Soon enough, Horrie is initiated to the fighting, inside the battle dress jacket of the despatch rider He demonstrates and uncanny ability to hear bombers well before humans and becomes an early warning device Over time he is regarded as having saved the life of everyman in the Battalion as well as many many He is given his own battle dress, Division colour patch and dog tags As the war progresses, Horrie is smuggled into various other theatres in the Middle East Greece, Crete, Palestine He serves heroically and even becomes wounded Eventually Horrie is repatriated to Australia despite a tense issue with the American ship s captain Ultimately Horrie is ordered to be executed by a heartless Director of Quarantine in Canberra This book is replete in great yarns full of Aussie humour It also shows the larrikin spirit of the diggers and their innate resistance to authority It comes highly recommended.

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    I picked this book up to learn about the lives and experiences of the men of the 2 1 Machine Gun Battalion, the battalion my grandfather served with in the second World War.From that POV, I was engaged as Perry described locations and events that I had heard my late Grandfather speak of at length over the years The insert photos were so similar to the ones I had been shown in my childhood of Pop s War Years.The problem with this book is that it doesn t know if it s a historical reference or a historical fiction and the writing style seems to jump between the two, but not succeeding at either.

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    Beautiful story about a 1 of a kind dog that brought so much morale to a bunch of diggers at War If you are a dog person with an appreciation to what those diggers did for us then you will love this story.

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    Great Australian war story

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    Mateship of oldGreat Australian story with insight into the Australian spirit and mateship and how dogs have a special place in our hearts

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