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    Corrie ten boom was a wonderful woman This book helped you to know her a little better It would be wonderful to have even a small amount of faith that she had She went through so much in her life and yet still followed Jesus until the day she died Great woman and good book.

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    I gave this book 4 stars primarily because I love Corrie ten Boom There are many of her letters and quotes in here, so you really get a feel for her heart There are a lot of logistical and historical facts about the Ten Boom family and Corrie s travels later in life The detail might be tedious for some But not for me, as I love, love, love this amazing woman and enjoy learning about all aspects of how the Lord grew her into a woman who totally and beautifully surrendered herself to Him She is such an inspiration. almost daily some aspect of her story or her attitude come to mind and have personal application in my life.

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    Not as good as The Hiding Place, one of my very favorites but an interesting recap of the life of Corrie ten Boom.Favorite quotes I must learn to hold earthly things lightly because if I do not the Lord might have to pry away my fingers, and that hurts Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see It is not so much what happens, but how we take it that is important, she taught me All our times are in God s hands, even the difficult ones I can see now that while the minister s treatment of me was wrong, so was my reaction A poor me attitude blinds us to God s larger purposes After her imprisonment, Corrie prayed that God would help her see her sufferings a little bit from His point of view He answered that prayer He showed her that her sufferings could be used in a far reaching, redemptive way in the lives of others People often suffer the most By anticipating suffering that never happens They, therefore, have to bear than God gives them to bear.

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    Thoughtful history of Corrie ten BoomAlthough I misunderstood what this book was going to be about, I did learn a great deal of the history and tenacity of Corrie, and her family.There are plenty of chapters that highlight Corrie s wisdom and her message of forgiveness and I did enjoy the author s writing style.

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    Love anything about Corrie ten Boom I love everything by Corrie ten Boom.It is always an inspirational read Great book and worth your time to read I recommend this book to all.

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    How I love Tante Corrie and her amazing spirit filled life I loved having a peak into her life with her letters and correspondence.

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    This book was hard for me to get into at first I don t read many biographies I learned some new facts about Tante Corrie, but my high regard for her is the same as it was after reading The Hiding Place The main theme of who she was and what she believed were portrayed so beautifully in that book I think I may have enjoyed reading that again than reading this book It was beneficial though Here are some of my favorite quotes Corries father to her Do you know what hurts so very much It s love Love is the strongest force in the world, and when it is blocked that means pain There are two things we can do when this happens We can kill the love so that it stops hurting But then, of course, part of us dies, too Or, Corrie, we can ask God to open up another route for that love to travel Corrie in prayer Lord, I give to You the way I feel about Karel, my thoughts about our future oh, You know Everything Give me your way of seeing Karel instead Help me to love him that way That much Corrie Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see Betsie last year of WWI It is going to be a harder winter than we have ever had before We must show through our joy the worth of being a Christian We should already be doing this, because seeing the dark clouds approaching is often harder than being covered by them Betsie s final instructions to Corrie We must tell people what we have learned here We must tell them that there is no pit so deep that Hi is not deeper still Corrie My faith was so weak, so unstable It was hard to have faith When a person is in a safe environment, having faith is easier But in that camp when I saw my own sister and thousands of others starve to death, where I was surrounded by men and women who had training in cruelty, then I do not think it was my faith that helped me through No, it was Jesus He who said, I am with you until the end of the world It was His eternal arms that carried me through He was my certainty If I tell you that it was my faith, you might say if you have to go through suffering, I don t have Corrie ten Boom s faith But if I tell you it was Jesus, then you can trust that He who helped me through will do the same for you I have always believed it, but now I know from my own experience that His light is stronger than the deepest darkness Corrie and Nancy She was sitting int the front set beside me in my old car, and I asked her, Corrie, what is your secret How do you live in the light As I spoke, the windshield wiper squeaked slightly as it cleared away the heavy raindrops of a sudden shower That is the secret, Corrie said, pointing to the moving windshield wiper It is the little decent sins things like worry and unforgiveness that cloud our spiritual vision Don t wait until nightfall, Nancy You started the wiper as soon as you could not see clearly But, Corrie, worry isn t a sin Oh, yes, it is, Nancy Worry is a sin If you are worrying you are not trusting God Not to trust God is a sin But still I pressed her, You cannot tell me that things like impatience and irritability are really sins These are character defects They are sins, she interrupted, and there is not verse in the Bible that says God forgives excuses You will never grow if you bring God only excuses Corrie How we need to have good vision in this time when all is so dark The Holy Spirit gives us good eyes that we may see God s plan in the midst of all the chaos of this time Corries secret One day I just said to the Lord, I am Yours from the tip of my toes to the top of my head.

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    I read this book before a business mission trip to Peru.I learned some good lessons from Corrie Ten Boom s story trust, preparation, always looking for divine appointments It is inspiring to see how she moved on the conviction that God wanted her story told.Here is a good review from Sovereign World Ltd Since The Hiding Place was first published in 1971, this story of courage, faith and survival has inspired and strengthened millions But what makes Corries ten Boom s story so special And why has it become one of the best known Holocaust survivor stories in the world Pam Rosewell Moore invites you to get to know Corrie ten Boom better than ever before As Corrie s constant companion for the last seven years of her life, Pam offers a pentrating glimpse into how Corrie s faith was formed and how she shared that faith with others before and after World War II.In these pages you will find intriguing personal letters among the Ten Boom family members, stories of selfless service as the war ravaged Europe, and Corrie s reflections on a life lived in submission to God You will learn important lessons of trust, hope, obedience, service and forgiveness, and what it means to walk as a child of the light As you discover the heart of a woman who gave herself wholly to Jesus, you will find the strength and encouragement to live your own life with Corrie s brand of faith and love.

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    I enjoyed learning about Corrie ten Boom s life This book tells about her early life, which I liked She and her family would have Bible study together every day They studied languages together every day They learned Hebrew as one of those languages, which helped them in their Bible studies Corrie was sent away to watch making school, for the family business She and her sister started groups of girls 12 17 years of age, when they saw a need The girls learned many skills Later, they started a scouting program for girls Even later they had groups that included boys After the war, Corrie started a service to help people, who needed to recover from the war I cried through many of the sections of this book The last part of the book was rather boring to me It tells of Corrie going to Japan, Africa, etc This part didn t give me the same sense of what Corrie did in all of the places she visited She spent a lot of time in the USA She had a stroke in the USA, which left her unable to continue her work, and she died in the USA Corrie had an amazing faith in Jesus, and she depended on him greatly The family had an early love of the Jewish people, and risked their lives to save many Jews.

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    Having personally known and currently working with Pam Rosewell Moore this book along with Safer Than a Known Way are two of the most riveting books I have ever read FILLED with the evidence of the Holy Spirit and edited by the finest in the industry John and Elizabeth Sherrill It s definitely for the intelligent reader and gives one the sense of conquering the world after reading them Corrie was one of the most productive Godly women this side of eternity This book is highly spiritually motivating hence the reason I am working with Pam now A MUST read

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