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    It was a good book in that it explained the reasoning behind the events of the past sixty years It was a bad book in that it attempted to justify and encourage the policies that are at this very moment threatening the peaceful existence of Fundamentalist Christians, the moral fabric of our world, and the traditional values that have made us a glorious people The White Christian Americans, it claims, are a dying breed That may be true enough but Mr Ignatieff seems to desire it.

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    Slow starting off but the last lecture excellent Punch line p 135 rights will not keep us together if competing notions of truth continue to divide us.

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    An excellent and thoughtful book on rights and responsibilities in modern liberal democracies Even if you disagree with some of his positions, Ignatieff gives plenty of food for thought.

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    I actually found this to be an incredibly good listen in audio recording format Ignatieff covers a vast range of topics over the course of five lectures, all dealing with the history of rights revolutions and the current status of rights around the world, from a uniquely Canadian perspective Though I feel like he sometimes seemed too dispassionate about major issues in feminist and anti racism philosophies, and often spoke too much as if such struggles were in the past tense, despite continually reminding the audience that they are ongoing, he was surprisingly well versed in such dialogues I actually learned a great deal about Canadian history and politics from his seamless blend of political commentary, philosophical observations, and historical anecdotes Though at some points he came across as a little too bleeding heart and sappy for my liking, on the whole I found this to be a refreshingly progressive piece He could use a bit education on queer issues, and I don t agree with all his arguments, by any means, but I think that politically speaking, I would have been happy to have him as prime minister I know most people see him as too academic, and he had his failures running as liberal leader, but compared to Harper, he seems like an angelic figure of radical social democracy Definitely revitalises my faith in the liberal party to continue being relevant and worthy competition for my frequently NDP vote Makes me wonder what the state of our country would be had he had a chance at leading it

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    Somehow all of my most scholarly reads are about Canada I got this at the talking leaves in the snack I imagined Kirill behind the desk, and Amy buying the dictionary The book was so good About using human rights within a national context, one that is inclusive to individuals and groups, and how Canada is an example of working on this because of the unique and specific groups it has A model even.

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    I m not used to reading straight lectures or any non fiction for that matter , so I found it hard to settle into However, my attention definitely piqued around the fourth chapter with families and rights Gotta say, I appreciated the focus on Canadian rights.

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    I find it balances well between talking down to the audience and being hopelessly unreadable due to technical talk, leaning neither way irreversibly There wasn t much new information in it for me, but it consolidated the facts and information nicely.

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    very abstract Love the philosophical view and important political arguments.

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    oh how I wish Mr Ignatieff were our Prime Minister

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The Rights Revolution download The Rights Revolution, read online The Rights Revolution, kindle ebook The Rights Revolution, The Rights Revolution 73d8464fd319 Since The Proclamation Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights In , Human Rights Have Become The Dominant Language Of The Public Good Around The Globe Nowhere Is This Apparent Than In Canada The Long Standing Fights For Aboriginal Rights, The Linguistic Heritage Of French Speaking Canadians, And Same Sex Marriage Have Steered The Country Into A Full Blown Rights Revolution One That Is Being Watched Carefully Around The World Are Group Rights Jeopardizing Individual Rights When Everyone Asserts His Or Her Rights, What Happens To Collective Responsibility Can Families Survive And Prosper When Each Member Has Rights Is Rights Language Empowering Individuals While Weakening Community These Essays, Taken From Michael Ignatieff S Famous Massey Lectures, Addresses These Questions And , Arguing Passionately For The Canadian Approach To Rights That Emphasizes Deliberation Rather Than Confrontation, Compromise Rather Than Violence In A New Afterword, The Author Explores Canada S Political Achievements And Distinctive Stance On Rights, And Offers Penetrating Commentary On Recent World Events