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A Provençal Mystery summary A Provençal Mystery , series A Provençal Mystery , book A Provençal Mystery , pdf A Provençal Mystery , A Provençal Mystery 904e32da08 Why Did A Nun In A Seventeenth Century Convent Flagellate Herself Until Her Blood Spattered The Wall Why Did Nuns Save A Child Doomed To Death In The Holocaust And Who Wanted Her Killed Who Wants A Lost Head Shaped Reliquary That Holds Something Other Than A Head And Are Answers To These Questions The Key To A Terrible Modern Day Death In A Quiet Archive When American Historian Pandora Dory Ryan Finds A Very Rare, Uncataloged Seventeenth Century Nun S Diary Inside A Record Book At The Provincial Archives In Avignon, She Is Thrilled This Is Historian S Treasure But She Doesn T Know Yet That It Will Send Her On A Search That Brings About Changes In How She Feels About Her Profession, The Irrational, And Love With A Sexy Frenchman And It Will Take Her From The Archive On A Dangerous Adventure Into The Countryside Of Provence, Which, Beautiful As It Is, Has A Long And Bloody History The Archive S Dramatis Personae The Grumpy Archivist, With His Paper Clip Chains The Gofer, Who Smokes Gauloises And Gets Away With Far Too Much A Nun With A Sense Of Humor Who Harangues High School Kids About Sex The Nun S Glamorous Sidekick A Famous American Historian, Whose Requests For Documents Are Inexplicably Denied The Eminent Professor, Destined To Fall In Love His Nervous Graduate Student And That Sexy Frenchman, Who Isn T Who He Says He Is

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    Almost finished but I feel compelled to comment on the poor editing, at least of the ebook edition That, in combination with quite a lot of just poor writing, makes me grit my teeth in annoyance Grrrrrr Now that I ve finished The storyline is engaging, but there are many gaps quantum leaps unsettled details For example, how amazingly convenient that Dory was able to find the rest of the diary during her 1 night stay in the convent and that it had not been found by anyone else in hundreds of years And how did Dory fix the hole in the plaster We ll never know The reliquary went missing from the convent in the 1600s but how did it end up with the Vallebois family And on and on too many loose ends.

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    I am giving this two stars because I thought the plot was engaging and interesting It was a great blend of history and its relationship to events that follow But the writingyech Who edited this I was distracted by the poor word choices and the lack of development of important events while unimportant events received the best treatment The author definitely shows promise, but whoever her agents are, she needs some readers and editors that will help her out That said, I finished the book despite the underdeveloped writing, because I wanted to see how it ended.

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    Good story, poorly written.

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    An interesting premise destroyed by nearly unreadable prose.The premise an American scholar is in Provence researching the history of an order of nuns when she a discovers a seventeenth century diary from the convent and b becomes friends with a convent member who was in the French resistance during World War II Murders occur in the diary and in the current day that links all three time periods Not a bad idea but it s almost impossible to unearth the story due to dropped scenes and prose that would be improved by a simple run through the Microsoft Word grammar checker.

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    This was a good read I enjoyed it very much It s always fun to read a good mystery.

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    Nice diversionI had just finished reading a serious book so I was looking for something easy, and this novel fit the bill It s a fun book, reads quickly The story is a little improbable, but I was okay with that until the last few pages when it really got kind of ridiculous The beginning, where a young Jewish girl is being taken to a convent to hide from the Nazis, is compelling and drew me in but then was only peripheral to the story The narrator, Pandora Dory Ryan, is somewhat likeable but the background she tells about herself doesn t ring true with how she presents herself It s almost as if the author thought such a background sounded cool but really had no feel for it It doesn t matter much for the story but is just odd and a little offputting.Basically, this is a mystery, as the title says, and as such the characters aren t fully fleshed out It s about the story The seventeenth century diary Dory finds, which is pivotal to the story, surely would not be written in 21st century style, language, etc., with the diary writer actually writing at times in dialogue like it s a script, so this took away from any authenticity of the story.The Kindle version I read had some formatting issues, such as misplaced hyphens and lack of breaks where they were clearly needed, and though minor, they did pull me out of the story I probably only paid a dollar or two for it so I guess this may be expected, but I still wish it were cleaner.It was a good one time read.

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    An interesting journey into both history and the razor sharp, outspoken mind of an academic who s probably never going to make it in academia, A Provencal Mystery is a delicious read Devotees of intricate mystery plotting may stumble a bit with this one, but readers who long for a charming, idiosyncratic protagonist and reams of fascinating information will love it The perfect gift for that hard to buy for intellectual on your list You know, the one who speaks French to her cat and collects 16th century soup recipes, but pays the rent with her job as an insurance fraud investigator It s that kind of book.

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    I believe I might end up classifying this book as cozy lite It is certainly a murder mystery, but there is something unidentifiable to me that is missing The characters all intertwine in strange ways and they get somewhat difficult to follow in the twinings Bringing the centuries old diary into the mix was a nice idea but sort of lost cleverness when the full story was told None of the characters really ended up appealing to me in a I wonder what happened next sort of way I was easily able to move on to the next book.

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    I loved the descriptions of France and found myself oddly attached to Dory s dog Foxy But for the most part the book was underwhelming, the mystery confused, and the writing characterized by info dumps and telling over showing.

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    Very unique mystery It took a bit to get into it, but then held my interest.

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