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The Goddess Club chapter 1 The Goddess Club , meaning The Goddess Club , genre The Goddess Club , book cover The Goddess Club , flies The Goddess Club , The Goddess Club f7e2bec266d48 When You Commit Murder, You Kill The Best Part Of Yourself Emily Alice Ovenden Slices Into The Psyche Of The Modern Woman In This Unflinching Account Of Revenge The Goddess Club Is An Account Of How A Group Of Women Come Together, Plot, Conspire And Act Without Due Respect For The Consequences Of Their Actions Ovenden, Author Of The Ice Room, Continues To Explore The Relationship Between The Waking World And The Unexplained In Her Second Novel Which Gives A Chilling Account Of Obsession, Betrayal And Modern Day Witchcraft Author Of The Ice Room This Second Novel Is Powerful On Every Level

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    This is Emily Ovenden s second novel and for me this works well Her first book, The Ice Room, had something of ghosts in it and books about ghosts, like those of vampires, are an acquired taste.In The Goddess Club a killer title are four modern women who fall into ancient habits and for a while think they can cure their bruised hearts, but as in so much of life what we do haunts us.I really enjoyed reading The Goddess Club It slides effortlessly along with such guiltless ease you almost agree with the women as they plot, plan and execute.Enjoy yourselves we published both Emily Alice Ovenden s books and hope to read her third in 2016

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    My first time reading a book by a singer I listen to I know of her from her two bands and so when I found out she was putting out a book her second actually I thought I d check into it I liked the book, quite good actually Without giving too much away it s basically a story about one woman who gets drawn into another woman s small circle and then things turn dark until a sacrifice is made I m not sure who was actually sacrificed the one who was killed or the one who died later on to free the women There s also a few things that were left unsaid, why the body was never found, what exactly happened to Ria For the most part I enjoyed the book, my only problem with it were the instances of the narrator foreshadowing events with I know now what happened But that s only a minor quibble I did enjoy the book and it was the first one in the past few months I did enjoy reading and wanted to find out what was going on with the characters All in all a pretty good book by Miss Ovenden I just hope she doesn t give up singing

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    I have always been fascinated by psychology, particularly the darker side of the human psyche and the factors that can lead ordinary people to commit terrible acts A key flaw of many fictional portrayals of the minds of killers in my experience is that, whilst clearly displaying a great deal of academic knowledge, the writer will often distance themselves from the character in a way that displays a lack of empathy To truly connect with the darker side of human nature is a daunting and terrifying prospect, requiring a great deal of courage and intuition Emily Ovenden achieves this with great style and eloquence in The Goddess Club.The plot is written with great subtlety, with the seamless descent of the four main characters into conspiracy to murder driven by the ever increasing influence they exert over each other The story begins with the familiar scenario of a group of disillusioned women finding strength in friendship, and drifts effortlessly onto sinister ground as the darker aspects of their personalities take over.

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    The author is a woman, the principal characters are women, and their disappointed expectations are the heart of the matter Even the cover design is the most attractively stylish depiction of well, femininity that one may hope to come across So is this chick lit If so, it must be a reflection of the genre seen in a very distorted looking glass A bloke might like to think of women as kissy cuddly, caring creatures, possessed of soft, entertaining bodies ok, a rather shallow bloke, that is , but the ravaged emotions of these ladies allows Ria, as alluring as a siren and herself a jilted victim, to lead them towards a solution which is proactive in the extreme The men they ve pinned their hopes on have no appreciation of the suffering they ve inflicted, and even seem to believe that their talents excuse their selfish inadequate behaviours However, for the women, their sanity may ultimately be the price of deliverance and freedom.Reading this, I got the strong impression that many aspects of female psychology were being explored within, and being male I m going to be non committal about how well this works I thought it was well written with usually effective descriptions of scene and sensation But I d leave the assessment of overall success to others with the appropriate qualification again, see the front cover

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    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway, so I thank Daniel for sending it to me I ll be honest, I had a hard time getting into this book Perhaps because it was written in the past tense And then the author would foreshadow events but with it written in the past, it was odd It wasn t until the last two two chapters that I was fully engaged, and the authors writing finally came alive for me I m glad I finished it.

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    The reviews were mixed so I have this book a chance but the truth is about halfway through I wanted to stop Some of it was ok but the other parts were boring alternatively just not what I m interested in I was not taken up with the lead characters and in fact did not enjoy a single character s personality Unfortunate because there were fleeting moments of it having potential.

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    Very intriguing I loved the way the author captivated my attention when I was able to sit down for the few spare moments in the weeks I had to read I felt as if I were living the life of Beth.

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    Read this in one go I feel like i must have missed something all the other reviewers saw I thought it was really boring, it took so long to start, and when it finally did it was such a small start one could easily miss it.

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    I won this through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.

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