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    This book is a perfect choice to any fan of Star Wars If you only watch the films and this is your first novel, it can put you on track about what happened before, during and after the films, not only between the story of the book itself but also with a great resume after the novel where they give the highlights of each Star Wars era and even some recommendation of books or each of those eras and a complete list of all published novels so far Obviously this in the Expanded Universe s novels before of the adquisition by Disney of Lucasfilms and rebooting the canonical books And if you are familiarized with the expanded universe of Star Wars in novels previous to Disney s reboot , also this is a crucial book to get, since indeed it shows a crucible in the lives of the Big Three, Luke, Leia and Han You don t want to miss this The old gang is back and now they re old indeed The story is set 45 years after the events of Episode IV A New Hope Luke and Leia are 65 years old while Han is 75 years old They are older, wiser and resourceful Leia is now a full Jedi Knight with control over The Force and lightsaber at her belt Luke is the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order, leading them They have experienced heavy and painful losses in all these years sons, wife, best friend But there is something unchangeble, the strong bond that these three heroes shared with each other A bond even stronger than The Force The story begins when Lando Calrissian, now the owner of a mining company, is suffering pirates attacks Han and Leia go on the Millenium Falcon to help and to investigate Soon enough they realize that something bigger is going on and they ask for assistance Luke himself decides to go to assist.This is a great story for both generations of fans, the ones loyal to the original trilogy but also to the ones who joined the saga with the prequel trilogy.Since you will get recognizable elements of both trilogies here You will have characters from the original trilogy, besides obviously Luke, Leia and Han, like Lando, C3P0 and R2D2, but also characters from the expanded universe like Ben Skywalker Luke s son , Mirta Gev Boba Fett s Grand daughter and Vestara Khai, a Lady Sith with a complicated past with the Skywalkers So, what are you waiting for Go and read this entertained episode in the great Star Wars saga and may The Force be with you all

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    This book is the book that is making me give up on Troy Denning and his Star Wars books It is not good As a book that s marketing itself as a step away from the megaseries, it fails epically If you haven t read Fate of the Jedi then you be absolutely lost here The only people I would recommend this to are those who sincerely enjoyed that series and who actually want of the same with a side of Crystal Star.The Jedi are better than everyone message in the book frustrated me beyond belief and the last few chapters made me want to just throw up my hands and give up entirely Don t waste your time with this book Really If you want to read something newer, save yourself and go check out Mercy Kill or Scoundrels or Into the Void.

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    Crucible is the latest entry in the post RotJ SWEU Set in 45 ABY, a year after the conclusion of the Fate of the Jedi series, the novel focuses primarily on Luke, Han, and Leia as they help Lando face off against the ruthless Craitheus and Marvid Qreph, who are aided by both Mandalorians and Sith.All the usual Denning tropes are in play gratuitous violence, fetishistic sexualization of female characters, and Jedi who are casually written to be way too focused on vengeance and retribution The most glaring problems with the novel, though, are the weak plot, bizarre climax, and the all too familiar place the characters find themselves when everything is said and done view spoiler More than once the protagonists voice fear of the Qrephs because they re apparently extremely intelligent and always one step ahead The problem with this is that while we re constantly told that the Qrephs are geniuses, they don t display any particular cleverness and are actually pretty dependent on Vestara Khai It doesn t help that we ve seen the Skywalkers and Solos face off against Palpatine and Thrawn, villains that actually were cunning The Qrephs need to be dealt with, true, but the level of fear and lack of confidence espoused by the heroes seems disproportionate to the actual threat.The idea that it would be possible for the Qrephs to conquer every single aspect of the entire galactic economy is ludicrous, but the biggest downfall to the idea of the brothers as legitimate adversaries is that they re basically a couple of Bond villains After Mirta Gev and her Mando mercenaries with a timely assist from Vestara barely manage to capture Han and spirit him away to their secret base in the heart of the Chiloon Rift, the Qrephs hook him up to some machinery in order to make a map of his brainwave patterns, apparently with the ultimate goal of getting Han to admit that he shot their mother Rather than do something sensible like lock Han in a cell and torture him in order to get their readings, the brothers set up an elaborate game of sabacc in which the bets are questions and the loser has to answer them The Qrephs initial questions for Han are How did you feel when Chewbacca died , Why didn t you mourn your son Anakin s death as deeply as you mourned the loss of your Wookiee friend , and Why did you love your son Jacen less than you loved Anakin While this is ostensibly done to produce stress in Han and help the Qrephs get a handle on his brainwave patterns, the choice of questions smacks of Denning clumsily forcing an opportunity to address fan site message board criticism of Han s characterization in the NJO and LotF The entire sabacc setup is absurd and convoluted and eventually brings Han into contact with fellow prisoners Jedi Knight Ohali Soroc and mad Mandalorian Barduun, which of course leads to the trio s escape.Denning leaves a few plot threads hanging When Han denies shooting the Qrephs mother during their sabacc game torture session, Marvid tells him there is a twelve point two percent chance he s lying, and adds that they ve killed every other suspect, 15 beings in all Obviously Han didn t shoot their mother, so who did We never find out I understand how it would be difficult to fit that information into the flow of the story, and with the brothers dying at the end of the book it s certainly not important in the grand scheme of things, but given that it s the impetus for the Qrephs actions throughout the entire novel, the fact that it gets completely dropped two thirds of the way through stands out.Additionally, early in the novel, Luke visits with Senator Leuwet Wuul to gather information on the Qrephs Wuul s young relative, Suuas, is caught spying on Luke and Wuul for the Qrephs, and Wuul promises to take Suuas back to their warren clan for judgment Later, Mirta Gev tells Han and Lando that Wuul and most of his staff were killed in an explosion on his yacht The Qrephs seem to believe that Wuul is dead, but the issue is never addressed again, so his fate remains unclear The Qrephs secret hideout, Base Prime, may or may not be on Mortis the answer is left slightly ambiguous and probably hinges on whatever plot Denning comes up with for any future books , and eventually Luke, Han, and Leia end up chasing the brothers through a metaphysical gate and into a place where somehow, in Luke s words, they are literally made of the Force After a skirmish with the Qrephs that leaves all five characters grotesquely wounded and near death, dark side spirits offer to end their suffering Our heroes all reject the shadows and then are healed by Force, while the Qrephs accept and become powerful dark side Force users.In the showdown that follows, Luke and Leia defeat and destroy the Qrephs and begin to disintegrate and become one with the Force Leia only manages to come back to herself and re form her body when she hears Han speak her name, and even then she returns as she was at the end of The Empire Strikes Back Han then has to give her A Concise History of the SWEU up till the present day, watching while Leia ages before his eyes and finally comes back to herself as she was before she began to drift apart into the Force Meanwhile, Luke has had an epiphany about the nature of the Force The dark side was as necessary to life as the light side was There was only the Force , and when he finds Han and Leia, He looked a little older than before the explosion, and perhaps a bit wiser and at peace with himself That wisdom leads Luke, Han, and Leia to realize that they need to take a break, an announcement they make to Ben, Tahiri, Lando, Ohali, Jaina, and Jag The Jedi Order was strong and vigorous The time had come for him to step out of the way, to let his creation grow into something larger than himself Therein lies the novel s biggest weakness After the 22 books that make up the Dark Nest trilogy, Legacy of the Force, Fate of the Jedi, and Crucible itself, we re right back where we were 10 years ago at the end of The Unifying Force the Jedi Order is strong, Luke has a new understanding of the Force, the Big 3 are taking a step back, and the next generation of heroes are coming to the fore except Mara Jade and Jacen Solo are dead, Ben has replaced Jacen in the narrative, and all the surviving characters are 15 years older It s as if everything since Dark Nest has been nothing but an exercise in creating scenarios to air pet theories on past events without really accomplishing anything beneficial to the EU or meaningful to the readers.Seems worth it, doesn t it hide spoiler

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    I was really disappointed in this one.It s a fast read I can give it that Exciting, even, at points But just not really that great.Between this and the Fate of the Jedi series, I think I m ready for the inevitable reboot of the EU that will come with the announcement of the sequel trilogy As someone who has loved the Star Wars novels, that s something I never thought I would say It just feels like the current EU authors are floundering about with no idea of what direction they want to take the stories in.

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    I really wish I could have liked this book than I did Troy Denning has written some of my least favourite Star Wars EU books and this continues that trend First the villains the Columi were just so bizarre and I had never heard of Columi before and there was little explanation to what they were Second we have the return of Vestara Khai working for with these beings for an inexplicable reason, which I presume will be revealed at some point in time Vestara has always been irritating to me as her character seems to worldly for someone that grew up on a backwater planet totally cut off from the rest of the galaxy Now she has plans for galaxy domination Sure Lastly the ending was totally bizarre Enter a hippie dippie realm of pure force Seemed way to out there even for Star Wars Also this seemed to set up Han, Leia and Luke s swan song as it seems this weird hippie experience they had convinced them that retirement is a good idea Is this really going to be the end for our fearsome threesome

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    This feels like it got thrown together really fast The plot seems to have been pulled out of a grab bag You ve got Han Solo s past catching up with him, but also cyborg clones cloneborgs , and the metaphysical stuff from the clone wars cartoon we re trying to make relevant to the entire setting plus picking up on dangling threads from the last 2 events without actually resolving them It s messy, very messy.Every new character comes off flat, and the plot goes from setup mode to climax without a lot of ramping up It seems like it the second it gets going it s done.On the plus side, Denning seems to have realized the bloah is never going to catch on as a made up swear word.postscript is anyone else sick of of Ship it s not like it s interesting as a badguy sidekick he just exists to cock block the heroes until the end of the book literally deus ex machina.

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    Fantasy Review BarnForgive the self indulgent review I will give my honest opinion for this newest Star Wars book, but I also want to chime in my thoughts on the Expanded Universe in general Specifically, with the possibility of a reset coming after the Disney buyout what I hope to see in the next go around First for a review of the book at hand I will not even begin to bother with a recap at this point, there is no point This book would be completely impossible to read without knowing the full and total backstory of all the Star Wars books before it, and even managed to throw some curve balls at me, a man who has been reading these books for over fifteen years.It was alright Meh may sum it up better Certainly an improvement over the horrible books I slogged through from Fate of the Jedi What I appreciated the most in this book was the smaller scale of the conflict While eventually it became apparent the fate of the galaxy could be at stake, most of the book dealt with a smaller conflict in an out of the way area of the galaxy This allowed the book to focus on a smaller cast, spend time with the characters, and lent a bit of believability to the scale of the threat that has been lost in the Star Wars universe for a while So that was nice, and something I want to get into after the actual review.What wasn t so nice was the stupidity of some of the plot lines My biggest gripe is a common one If an author puts a genius mastermind type character in the book they better be able to back it up I am not as a reader going to buy their skills if I don t see it on page Thus the two main villains of the book lost all credibility for me Their amazing mental capacities were mundane they were outsmarted at almost every turn despite us being told otherwise by the narration They were completely dependent on Vestra, the only compelling character from the Fate of the Jedi series Their insane method of interrogation involved a card game with a known expert on the game They backstab almost everyone they deal with yet still find people willing to deal Smaller gripes Han battling a force user and somehow getting a shot into his knee A space station that stretches time yet the author only using that detail when convenient, otherwise characters outside and in seem to be moving at the same pace The inconstancy with Mando s strength here vs earlier books specifically their lack of it.The final nail for me was an incredibly dumb ending Some type of timeless alternate universe where death requires specific circumstances otherwise people come back to life Or something Then because it is a timeless area one person has to tell another their entire history together because of unexplained amnesia but has time to do because time is timeless here They leave the area by wishing their way out, or clicking their shoes, or something equally outlandish, it didn t make much sense 3 Stars Doesn t really deserve it, but it was better than the Fate of the Jedi series throughout, so that is something.Copy for review received through Netgalley.Now, as promised, a quick word on the state of the EU and what could be a complete reset.My credentials Just a longtime fan who has been reading these books for over 15 years Truth be told I have not really enjoyed the new books since about half way through NJO, I just keep reading to keep up with the story Staring with Fate of the Jedi I have been and lost due to knowing nothing about the Clone Wars era EU.What got me thinking about this was how hopeful I was for this new book I saw what I would like to see if a reset happens in the blurb Specifically smaller scale conflicts rather than the constant escalation that has taken the EU beyond the point of silly A larger universe where every major threat wasn t dealt with by the same five people Of course I didn t get this from the book, but damn I was hopeful.So I will lay out what I hope for, and then leave it at that I want the SW EU to take the Warhammer approach It is time to leave behind the overreaching arcs, the characters we all know, and instead let every author do their own thing Smaller conflicts Bigger Universe The stakes can be just as high, but the later books have tried to focus on everything at once and ending being highly shallow Let s do books like the X wing series A small cast of unknowns doing to amazing things, but only within their own roles It doesn t always have to be about the fate of the entire galaxy, I would be just as intrigued it was about the fate of one planet, or one unit, or one family Yes it has been done in a couple books, but few and far between Larger conflicts have just lead to constant escalation to the point of pure silly Of course the worse example is the Sun Crusher as a one up to the Death Star But just as bad is the series of events leading to Abaloth, who is what exactly, pure dark side energy Drop the timeline characters The timeline was problematic early on as trilogies were squeezed between other books, and suddenly those later in the sequence had scenes that made no sense So drop it It isn t important if you re dealing with single systems or groups of people I have heard people say the best storyline in the EU is from the video game Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, was it hurt by not being in a known timeline I think not And it certainly wasn t hurt by not having a recognizable character The fact is focusing on Luke Leah Han has gone on for far too long They have their hands in everything and it is not believable It also makes the universe feel tiny, as no matter what happens you know the whole gang will soon be there Worse, with every author dealing with the same characters and timelines the better authors are forced to live with stupid decisions from lesser ones KJA turning Mara Jade into nothing than a prize Lando is hoping to win, with Zahn basically retconing the story line by making it all an act later on.Besides making compelling stories I see to major advantages to my suggestions The first is a new reader can truly start anywhere When reading NJO I often had to look up backstories from the silly Jedi Academy books that it was assumed I knew In the last installment I had to look up the Mortis Monolith And of course Aboleth requires a bit of back story for FotJ to click right The second is I can skip books that get universally bad reviews Read Zahn and Stackpole, skip KJA and Hambaly, and not lose any of the stories by doing so Feels good Of course none of this will happen The EU made a lot of money doing it the way they did, and I fully expect that once the new movies come out we will see a new set of books following the continued adventures of about six people as they save everyone from everything.The End.Oh, and I have said it before and not stuck with it, but I am so done with these extended story arcs My Star Wars reading will be limited to X Wing books and a few old favorites when I need a familiar face.

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    This is the latest book in the expansive Expanded Universe of Star Wars That is stuff which is not movie canon but generally stays consistent within it s own existence The EU has been around for a long time and it s built up a pretty complex continuity at this point which can be a problem.So the core audience for this book is pretty specific People who not only love the movies, but also have at least somewhat kept up with the expanded universe And it shows because this book reads like a bridge novel between a bunch of adventures and the next adventure Which is exactly what it is.Allowing for that, how does it do Well it does give us a high action, comparatively stand alone story for the majority of the novel And while it does rely on what s come before, there s plenty of recap built into the novel so you don t get lost.If anything it s guilty of over recapping and in particular there are far too many movie references Right from the beginning when we re told a bar reminds them of Mos Eisley Let it go We know it s Star Wars You don t need to hit us over the head with it.Still we get Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Princess Leia and of course Luke Skywalker all back together again, along with some of the new blood the novels have introduced over the years And it definitely has the swashbuckling Star Wars feel to it Plenty of action, plenty of danger, just a hint of spirituality in The Force.Speaking of which did we have to be told it was Force lightning every time, or that Luke sensed it in the Force, or that they Force jumped, or that they were using the Force in their words I know they re Jedi, I get how it works.The writing in the book is functional, even a little pedestrian really It does what it needs to do It delivers the sort of plot a Star Wars fan is going to want It just doesn t bring much in the way of style with it.Bottom line, if you enjoy the Expanded Universe and the new adventures of Luke Skywalker you re probably going to like this If you like Star Wars you d be better starting off earlier in the series really, but if you want to jump in, you ll likely enjoy yourself.

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    I gave trying to keep up with the extended chronology of the Star Wars universe a couple of years ago when I realized I was far too many books behind to ever fully catch up.That doesn t mean that every once in a while I m not browsing the local library or bookstore and come across the latest Star Wars novel and I don t feel a twinge of wanting to spend some time with old friends again.In many ways, reading the extended universe novels, I feel like that person who moved away from a group of friends but has dropped by again after a couple of years for a visit I recognize them but I don t really know them any They ve continued to grow and have a certain code that I can t or don t understand simply because I wasn t there to experience things with them That s kind of how I felt about Star Wars Crucible.I recognized my old friends, but we d grown apart And while they were willing to fill me in on the broad strokes of what had happened since we last visited, there were still nuances I was missing And that led to my not necessarily enjoying this novel as much as I could or should have had we kept up a bit better.There s some interesting stuff going on here with Luke, Leia and Han all stepping in to help out Lando But so much of the backstory went over my head that I got frustrated and ended up skimming large chunks of the novel There are some nicely written action sequences and the story moves at a brisk pace But I couldn t help but feel a bit left out of things.I also am not sure how much of an incentive I feel to catch up on what s gone before now simply because I have a feeling a lot of this continuity will be tossed aside when the new movie opens in 2015.

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    REBOOT REBOOT REBOOT Oh please oh please oh please oh please o great gods of Disney o great Pluto, o great Mickey, o great Oswald, o great and glorious all father Walt PLEASE put this pathetic excuse for an Expanded Universe out of its bloated, Denning Dumbed Down, sad, sad wasted existence and reboot the entire thing, now that it resides in the hallowed halls of the Mouse.In my dreams, the EU is reset to just after Vision of the Future I d love to keep Survivor s Quest, but I d gladly sacrifice it if it meant everything else published by Del Rey was wiped off the continuity map but I will settle for resetting it to the end of Return of the Jedi if I must Yes, I would give up Mara and Karrde and Thrawn and Corran and Mirax and Winter and Rogue Squadron.Just as long as EVERYTHING touched by Shelly Shapiro and especially Troy Denning is relegated to the dust bin of never really happened AU, and Luke, Leia and Han can have continuing adventures that actually, y know, fit into the universe shown in the films I m not even going to stoop to comment on this steaming pile of bantha poodoo Suffice to say it s of Denning s trademark misogyny, torture porn, and utter disregard for movie continuity Go write some game modules, Denning, that s all you have talent for your writing is the epitome of moving cardboard pieces around a two dimensional space Shame on Del Rey and LFL It s your turn now, o wonderful world of Disney don t fuck it up.

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