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Her Dragon To Slay (Dragon Guards, #1) chapter 1 Her Dragon To Slay (Dragon Guards, #1), meaning Her Dragon To Slay (Dragon Guards, #1), genre Her Dragon To Slay (Dragon Guards, #1), book cover Her Dragon To Slay (Dragon Guards, #1), flies Her Dragon To Slay (Dragon Guards, #1), Her Dragon To Slay (Dragon Guards, #1) a460a94610aae Lots Of Sass And The Patented Cock Of Her Eyebrow Have Gotten Kyndel Through Most Anything Life Has Thrown At Her But Will Her Moxie Help When Her Destiny Falls At Her Feet Over Years Of Honor And Commitment To His Ancient Clan S Guard Have Made Rayne The Fearless Leader All Are Proud To Follow Into Battle When The Long Foretold Pull Of His Mate Makes The Calm, Cool And Collected Commander Rush Off To Find The One Who Can Complete Him Will He Be Able To Save Her From His Enemies In Time The Chemistry Between This Strong Willed Curvy Girl And Fierce Warrior Makes All The Difference In The World Where Nothing Is As It Seems The Existence Of An Ancient Race Of Honor Clad, Tradition Bound Protectors Might Be Hard To Accept But Now The Dead Are Coming Back To Life And Holding A Knife To Her Neck There Are No Coincidences The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes Can These Fated Mates Defeat Their Greatest Enemies And Get Their Happily Ever After Warning This Book Contains Several Love Scenes And Is Intended For Mature Readers

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    DNF 50%I give up I just can t take any I m not one that easily gives up on a book But this oneman, this one is a total bust for me I often don t rate books I don t finish, but since I m quitting this because I m so not enjoying it, I m rating it too First off, it s almost entirely tell, with almost no show Of that tell, I m estimating at least 80% is either internal monologues or narrative info drops Not fun Plus, those bulky drops often show up in the middle of what little outside someone s head action there is, shattering any tension that might have a chance to build There has thus far been no character development or world building Rayne drops out of the sky and saves Kyndel from an attempted rape Of course he did, sexual victimisation is the cheapest way to imperil a heroine, so why not Doesn t matter that it s totally random and not relevant to anything else in the book The H and h lay eyes on one another and BAM lust love No need to, you know, exchange even ten words because the Universe made her just for him.This is an insult to woman I do not exist solely for the benefit of my husband Nor do I want to be told repeatedly that the heroine in a book was literally created for a man, as if she has no worth or place outside of him or, you know, on her own Gag She takes him home to tend his wounds, they each live in their heads some , then he starts having sex with her while she still asleep That means no delicious build up, but importantly, hello, there is no consent there, that s assault When she wakes up, she s still only a passive participant Everything is done to her She doesn t actually take any action or show any agency She is simply the static representation of a woman that the man gets off and gets off on Plus, the sex is NOT SEXY Her juices were constantly flowing, flowing, flowing and gushing and joining them together and all I could think was, Someone get the poor woman a Kotex or something On top of that, he kept pressing, pinching and biting her clitoras The clitoras has something like 8,000 nerve endings Pressing it like a doorbell or pinching it like a schoolyard bully just sounds painfuland if you bite that sucker, you re likely to find a woman s foot knocking your teeth in Not sexy Plus, she was supposed to have had so many orgasims I seriously envisioned her in seizures.In the end, I just couldn t take any in the head monologues about either character s history or cheesy dialogue Especially since the book is PAINFULLY REPETITIVE The reader is told the same things over and over and over and over again, so it s highly likely that the next dozen or so internal monologues would just be and and of the EXACT SAME THING we d already been told anyway I have the rest of this series They were all free at the same time But I m pretty sure I m never going to read them.

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    I absolutely loved this book Aside from being a little repetitive in the beginning, I don t have one bad thing to say about it Julia Mills simply took my imagination to a whole nother level and for that, I thank her Her Dragon to Slay is a beautiful interspecies love story that has a hint of Comedy and innocence to it I thought it was very cute and romantic It is a story about a curvy woman with trust and insecurity issues being swept off of her feet by a big gorgeous goofball with a big secret to share with her This story is really unlike anything that I have personally read and I must say that it has opened my eyes to a whole new realm of reading Kudos to Julia Mills and I am very impatiently waiting for the next book in this series to come out.

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    The ARC was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.Holy Mother of All Things Hot I loved this book Truly loved it Rayne is the personification of Beautiful His heart, his mind, and his soul are as beautiful as his physical body He loves Kendyl with everything he is She was created just for him, and he knows it I love Kendyl she has a heart of gold and just enough vanity to make her interesting without being whiny The story contains some smoking hot love scenes, but has a lot of story too I just love books like that I like all the dragons in the Guard, and hope they each get to tell their own story This debut novel by Julia Lake Mills was fascinating, beautiful, engaging, and worth every single second of my time I highly recommend it to all PNR junkies Thank you Julia, for allowing me into your amazing world of dragons 5 Stars

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    Her Dragon To Slay was a fantastical, romance novel all about dragons.Warning Spoilers ahead Be warned.I found this book free on , so I figured why not I loved Katie MacAlister s dragon series, and I wanted to fill my shelf with a few books about dragons, so this seemed like the perfect fit And, indeed it was This book was fun, delightful and full of ooey, gooey romance.It s definitely your typical fantasy romance they fall in love fast, there s some really hot sex scenes and there s some fantasy and action mixed in as well Julia Mills does a great job weaving the dragon half of the story with the romance side I loved the mythology Julia created for this world, and I would like to see of it in the future It can seem a little cheesey if you re expecting an Oscar worthy styled novel, but to me it was fun and entertaining It kept me interested to the point I devoured it in one sitting.There are also many funny and comedic moments mixed in This is not a serious fantasy novel, it s lighthearted and fun.So, you may be asking at this point what s the cons 1 Character development is low but it s a book that s less than 200 pages and involves a lot romance involved 2 Repetitive Yeah, this book is a little repetitive If you re just reading it for a fun ride, it s cool It didn t bug me because I wanted an escape from reality, but to some people this might be a major no no.3 Potential rape Rayne gets a little to sexual with a sleeping Kyndel, and we re not to sure if she actually wanted it despite her body behaving But later she s madly in love with him in about two seconds, so it could be warranted I don t even know That part left me feeling really icky reading it It just didn t seem right.4 Male oriented story This one kind of bugged me, and looking at other reviewers it bugged them too The woman exists for the man in this story, and it definitely fills some fantasies for some people but in today s culture it doesn t sit perfectly This can be a con or a pro, depending on how you want to look at the story.Overall, this book was delightful It had me whisked away to another world and not worrying about reality It d be a great book to read if you love romance, dragons or a sexy read.Three out of five stars.

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    Usually I only read about the normal shifters, but this book looked interesting I m not normally into any books that have to do with dragons This book completely captivated me and I loved it I love the love story between Rayne and Kyndel Can t wait for the next one I loved Kyndel s sass and her attitude and how she seemed to keep Rayne in his place.

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    Favorite Lines No matter how humble, there s no place like home, The one female in the entire world created just for him She is the other half of his soul, the completion of the man and his beast She provides them with peace, love and light She grounds them, makes them whole She is the single most important person to both entities in this world and the next The Universe is all knowing and all powerful She knows what each person needs and She creates their perfect compliment in the form of their mate She has no regard for species or location, only that every dragon shifter, be they Guard or not, have that one person that truly completes them She makes no mistakes These bells will always be ringing What a fabulous debut book for this talented author I mean who doesn t love big sexy alpha DRAGONS Yummy Rayne is a Dragon Warrior who has found his mate, they met under less than normal circumstances but, he will not let her go and neither will his dragon Kyndel can t believe this gorgeous man literally was dropped right at her feat She never opens her heart, kind, or home to anyone but, Rayne literally makes her feel safe and cherished than she has in all her life She s doesn t know why but, she s decided to live for once She s a woman that doesn t take any crap, she s a spitfire and I loved reading about her He tells her the most amazing things but before she can even think on them they are running from crazy hunters Along the way she falls for the dragon but will hose hunters stop her from getting her happily ever after Ha you gotta read it find out It s a great story, with hot dragons, realistic woman, and oh my so YUMMINESS This author has no problem opening the doorway to her world I look forward to returning soon The details, the way she describes ever part of this book makes it so easy to close your eyes and see those beautiful dragons, the world they are in, and the hotness of those warriors I was given this book by author in exchange for an honest reviewFOUR DRAGON FAIRIES

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    First I have to say, beautiful cover Secondly, The detailed description of the large cast of characters really made me see and know each of them Kyndel is a breath of fresh air as a strong woman in her own right She is not some tall, slinky blonde She has curves and always felt a little over weight She has freckles and reddish hair with emerald green eyes She cares about the people around her and is quick to help those in need The only thing she is afraid of is walking alone in the dark, which is exactly how she meets Rayne Masterson He quite literally crashes into her life on her walk home from work in the dark It s all about the universe and destiny from there.Ryan commands the elite Dragon Guard of the Golden Fire Clan, Royce, Devon Lance such a joker Aiden and his twin Aaron.They are all Shifters They are being hunted and are at war, but that doesn t stop Rayne from claiming Kyndel as his one perfect mate and together with his brothers in arms face the many challenges that are coming.This is a steamy romance of two mates finding each other, a story of the unconditional loyalty of brotherhood and all the laughter, games and fun they have together This is also a story of unimaginable loss and betrayal, and let me just sayI never saw that coming I have got to read the next installment to see what happens, plus it looks like another mateing is on the horizon for one of our beloved Dragon Guards.This book was a gift, but like the gift of another Brilliant Author Thank you Julia Mills..Rock On

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    I loved Rayne he makes the cutest sounds when he s knocked out cold, she paused did he just growl She asked herself Well, not really growl, like a purr, a sound of contentment And the way he talks really gets your panties wet ladies, hold on for me, baby I have to taste you Ok And he puts her safety before anything else, we will finish what we ve started, of that you can be sure, but now we must meet my brethren and get you to safety Kyndel that little spitfire doesn t put up with Rayne s crap, don t you Mate me Rayne MacLendon I can shake hands with anybody I want to I will not be rude and the way your acting is pi ing me off He s a great mate as well, he thinks about things, Rayne immediately felt horrible, how had he not thought of feeding her All he had been able to think about was getting between her thighs What a sh ty mate he was turning out to me, didn t even think about making sure the single most important person in his life was nourished Well, that was never going to happen again He would see to all her needs I can t wait to read about the other guys s stories.

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    Kyndel and Rayne prove to be a smoking hot couple in Her Dragon to Slay The author, Julia Mills, has successfully created characters that were easy and fun to follow It s the authors character development teamed with her book concept that ensured that this book was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read.As a crazy, huge fan of shifter books, it was lovely and refreshing to be faced with dragon shifters Rayne was most definitely a sexy alpha that I enjoyed ogling, while Kyndel was a strong female lead The author builds in enough back story to establish a firm setting for this new series and introduces secondary characters that will no doubt take the lead in future instalments The book opens with a good love of tension and quickly turns to palpable heat These two aspects are common themes through the book that the author maintains and establishes with success An impressive first instalment to a series that I will happily follow.Reviewer BexDisclosure This book was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.

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    I enjoyed this first book by new author Julia Mills quite a bit The reader gets an excellent visual concept of Rayne, Kyndel and the dragons from their size to the brilliant colors I saw them flying through the sky, I saw them change I love that Kyndel is no shrinking violet and has a lot of sass and cockiness to help her deal with all the wild things she is told I can see her cocking one of her eyebrows and delivering a line or asking a question I think I fell in love with Rayne as soon as he gained consciousness To find that perfect love and have someone worship you like he does..Holy Wow I think the Dragon Guards are here to stay.I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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