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The Elmo Jenkins Trilogy (Elmo Jenkins #1-3) summary The Elmo Jenkins Trilogy (Elmo Jenkins #1-3) , series The Elmo Jenkins Trilogy (Elmo Jenkins #1-3) , book The Elmo Jenkins Trilogy (Elmo Jenkins #1-3) , pdf The Elmo Jenkins Trilogy (Elmo Jenkins #1-3) , The Elmo Jenkins Trilogy (Elmo Jenkins #1-3) 7ea8d0f1cc With Over Five Star Reviews The Elmo Jenkins Trilogy Includes All Three Full Length Elmo Jenkins Novels Ordained IrreverenceSome Things Never ChangeThe Old Man And The Tea You Get Over Pages Of Hilarious Anecdotes, Touching Stories, And Spiritual Insights All Woven Into The Day To Day Life Of Young Minister, Elmo JenkinsHere S What Readers Are SayingThis Book Ordained Irreverence Was A Joy To Read It Was Full Of Humor And Heart The Characters Came To Life Between The Pages And Reminded Me Of All The Diverse People You Find Within The Walls Of The Church It Made Me Smile As We See Through The Characters The Creativity Of God The Elmo Jenkins Books Are Some Of The Most Entertaining Books I Have Ever Read I Can T Put Them Down I Have Readno Devoured Both Books They Are Every Bit As Much Fun As The Previously Unmatched Mitford Series I Hope To Read Of This Series Very Soon You Re Sure Enjoy Elmo S Adventure From Beginning To End OBT Bookz

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    Delightful readingMcMillan Moody has taken a huge cast of characters, made them memorable, and kept me entertained and connected throughout the three books I feared reading it, lest it turn out to showcase all the worst about church , so I was delighted to find the characters presented realistically, not pure saints but definitely not pretend Christians with the devil s work on their minds Highly recommended to anyone who has enjoyed the Mitford series or Phillip Gulley s Harmony series.

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    These 3 books are delightful, and brought me to a happy place.

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    EnjoyThis series is so good I could hardly lay it down The characters are real and are fun Spiritually on target, too.

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    Loved all three booksWonderful sense of humor The balance between seriousness and some humor was perfect Looking forward to the next three books.

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    This book is about a young man finishing seminary, doing an internship, finding wife and landing a good job That sounds pretty dull and boring but Moody adds a lot of humor along with a lot of different personalities that make this book very funny and interesting The cast of characters that Elmo meets up with have to be based upon real people because you cannot make this kind of stuff up Anyone who has spent anytime in workings and behind the scene decisions and actions of the church will enjoy this book For those who just attend a church, a lot of this book will be over your head and you will not appreciate the dry wit and humor that deals with business meetings, settling disagreements and balancing budgets For the pastors and church leaders out there, this book will lighten your day and bring a smile to your face I really enjoyed all three of these books and am glad that I found them all together so I was able to seamlessly read through the entire series I would like for Moody to continue this series along maybe with Elmo becoming the new associate paster at First Church and then at a later date becoming the senior pastor at First Church or at another church The potential for books is there but there is also enough of a closure at the end of this one to satisfy your needs If you are part of the leadership of any church I highly recommend this book.

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    And Then There Were ThreeElmo Jenkins is a charming church worker We meet him in seminary needing a church internship to complete his studies He has a questioning mind and a sense of humor that will take him through many challenges within the church and in his personal life.I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys great writing and interesting characters You don t need to be christian to be drawn into the stories Anyone who is looking for a light hearted read will find it in these three books.

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    Elmo Jenkins is a last year seminary student who gets a choice opportunity to do his internship at First Church, a large, traditional church His office is a broom closet He falls in love with one of the secretaries It s been long enough since I was on church staff 29 years that I found it funny I really like the fact that Elmo stays true to his call and finds it strengthened during his internship Through the series, Elmo experiences and deals with real situations in the relationship of a staff member, other staff members, and the church There are successes and confrontations.

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    This series, written from a 1st person POV, traced the maturity of a young seminary intern to a pastor in a large church, dependent on God The short chapters and lighthearted writing made it an easy, recreational read for my busy schedule I really enjoyed this series The plot was light, and fairly predictable, but what I liked was the character development The theology came through without being preachy I found myself having devotions through this book without even realizing it.

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    I picked up these books hoping for a clean read after having to put down several in a row I wasn t expecting to find it as engaging and funny as it was Moody s characters are very relatable and likeable There were several typos, but I enjoyed following the story of Elmo finding his footing as moves from seminary to ministry enough that even those didn t turn me off.

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    I totally fell in love with all the Elmo Jenkins series Very entertaining series From his first day as an intern at First Church to the last cup of coffee at the restaurant with his friend and mentor, these stories kept my interest and made me laugh, cry, and shout I have read a couple of of the Elmo books, and intend to keep on until I have them all

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