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    This book has finally been released YAY I hope you love it It s definitely a fun twist on the adventure of one of my favorite fairy tales ever.

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    I really liked this book i have never read a retelling of the twelve dancing princess before but as always Jenni james does not disappoint with this one and I would highly recommend it

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    I ve read several of these books and have enjoyed them all I was excited to get The Twelve Dancing Princesses because it is one of my favorite fairy tales and I love to read re tellings of this one in particular.Princess Cascadia Casey is one of the princesses and has been making frequent trips to the garden lately to be around Aleck, one of the gardeners During one of their conversations, she lets him in on the secret happening in her house the princesses shoes are all worn through every morning, as if they ve been dancing all night, but none of them remember leaving their beds The King will allow whoever solves the mystery to wed one of his daughters so Aleck promises Casey that he will try his best to solve the mystery.We meet Aleck s family and see how they play into the story The basics to this fairy tale are all there but there some twists and the reason behind the dancing is original The length is perfect for me I was able to read it in one sitting and, since it is short, the story moves quickly I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end This is a great collection to read if you enjoy fairy tale re tellings I m excited for the books that are still to come and look forward to reading I received a copy of this book via Singing Librarian Book Tours for an honest review My opinion is 100% my own.Mel s Shelves

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    I have always liked the story of the twelve dancing princesses, so I thought it would be fun to read this one Ugh Ugh, ugh, ugh How has Jenni James got all these books published The basic bones of the story are there, but her explanation of why the princesses are dancing is dumb, the hero is insipid, and can I just say, I have almost never read worse dialogue in a book Ghastly, do not recommend.If you want to read a great retelling of this story, check out Robin McKinley s version in the book A Door in the Hedge.

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    This was a very quick read for which I am gratefulthe dialogue was as if the people lived I older days but it just bugged me I m not planning on reading any in this series any time soon Ages 8

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    Not one of the best in the series but it was ok

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    This book was slightly better than the others, but not by much I actually sort of liked Aleck in the beginning when we learned about him and his family Once Casey came into the picture, I started to dislike him as the book went on The plot line is once again rushed, the characters have almost no depth, the villain is defeated in just s few pages, love that isn t really love like infatuation , etc Oh and also this charming line Shh Listen to me, you headstrong woman This author is in the same league for writing bad fairytale retellings with Melanie Dickerson.

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    This started out so good but as soon as he got into the castle it was like everything sped up super fast and he was a different person with his thoughts and actions Disappointed in how the ending happened.

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    I enjoyed this retelling of the twelve dancing princesses I have always loved the fairy tale ever since I saw the Barbie movie I loved the twist she put on this story with the dancing enchantment and the romance I m now caught up to book 12 in the series.

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    This book is perfect for many fifth and sixth grade girls It takes a fairy tale and turns it into a chapter book As an adult, I felt it was a little simple, especially the ending, but I would give it to any girl of that age who was interested.

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