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Hide of a Life War explained Hide of a Life War , review Hide of a Life War , trailer Hide of a Life War , box office Hide of a Life War , analysis Hide of a Life War , Hide of a Life War d09d Teen Wolf AUWe Have Received Confirmation That There Is A Hostage Situation In Progress At A Warehouse Compound Two Hours Out Of Los Angeles, Following A Multiple Vehicle Pileup On Highway This Morning The One In Which Stiles Has Lived To Legal Adulthood And, Along The Way, Become A Bit Of A Badass HimselfWords Complete

  • ebook
  • 78 pages
  • Hide of a Life War
  • Etharei
  • English
  • 10 March 2019

About the Author: Etharei

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hide of a Life War book, this is one of the most wanted Etharei author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Hide of a Life War

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    Stiles and his dad get taken hostage by drug traffickers Stiles gets to be a total badass before the pack comes in to rescue them.I loved the action in this one and Stiles is awesome I also really liked seeing Stiles and Derek s relationship develop through the flashbacks.Loved it

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    4 Starsmainly for BAMF Stiles And for Stiles in general being so competent, so observant, so protective All the things he s learned via those crappy situations he kept being caught up in in canon this fanfic really did come together here I actually hooted when the other wolf mentioned the legend of a human just as dangerous and deadly as the rest of his pack.The story structure was confusing at first but once I figured out what was going on, the non linear aspect really led itself to rounding out the tale it wouldn t have been as good, as engaging and enjoyable, had it been laid out chronologically And gah That ending, with the whole family at Stiles house for Movie Night LOVED IT Also really loved that flashback to Night at the Movies because of course Lydia would appreciate the show Damn, I m on a roll with my recent reads I m guessing there s a bookslump on the horizon for me nothing works this well for long

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    Stiles and his daddy are taken hostage by drug smugglers In LA Or something like that Who gives a shit, it s A.W.E.S.O.M.E It s like a little movie The ending is rushed yes but still, awesome.Also, it s told nonlinearly That s important.Which leads to the nonawesome part it s really hard to tell when the scenes shift I had to reread the beginning about 2.5 times before I finally realized what the hell was going on It s much easier to read this one online than the downloaded version.Still I LOVE IT.4.5

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    Another Sterek winner, I m on a role this week.So, so, so clever and really well written It just all came together so seamlessly Amazing Stiles and the Sheriff find themselves caught up in a hostage situation while on their way for some father son bonding in L.A What follows are some pretty awesome flashbacks and some full on kickassness Seriously loved this Stiles was amazing, Derek was amazing, the Sheriff was amazing, Scott was a douche Which is all pretty standard but the story was great, lots of action and some really sweet moments My only issue with this is that it took me getting halfway through the first flashback to realise it was a flashback Just a note A full stop at the beginning of a paragraph indicates a shift in the timeline I was drinking wine while reading it so I think that s why it took me a little longer to figure out or at least I hope that s why.

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    This thing is all kinds of awesome All the kinds.It s narrated in short scenes alternating past with Stiles and the pack back in Beacon Hills and present with Stiles and the Sheriff being held hostage and it s just so plausible in the context of Teen Wolf if, you know, the producers actually had the balls to go all out and let the badassery flow free This is one of the few stories I can remember perfectly even years after first reading it, so I wasn t as anxious and scared and all over the place as the first time 2013, for the record , but I was still so fucking excited I m still hyper right now This does things to me.The relationship between Stiles and the Sheriff, the pack bonds, the Sterek situation and the whole action side of the story are on point and somehow work together perfectly, never overshadowing each other It might all feel a little rushed to some people, but that s because it s basically just one big adrenaline kick, and the amount of detail and backstory provided was just right, if you ask me.Also, badass Stiles I live for this Especially when it s done this well Slipping in a rec for another action packed BAMF Stiles if that s your jam The Division is also awesome and you should definitely read it.

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    Stiles finds trouble, but where s the pack Entertaining, but the timeline jumping was confusing Might work better visually than it did reading it That said, less Sterek time as a good portion of it they are separated Plus, less Stiles snark, but he is a BAMF 3.5 Stars

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    I would have liked

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    4.5 StarsWow That was pretty freakin fantastic For some reason this hit all my buttons It was close to canon Stiles and Derek are already in a relationship The Sheriff has a great supporting role The pack has a freakin reputation It s deep with the feelsAnd the best part as you probably already know is that Stiles is at the center He is the compass, the unsaid leader glue that holds the pack together Again this shows Derek and Stiles as a couple, and that dynamic is tender, fun, intense and it is AWESOME

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    Loved this fic it s non linear, telling the story of the hostage situation with flashbacks of the pack and Derek and Stiles relationship.It has the Sheriff in a great supporting roleStiles being bad arse and essentially StilesDerek being protective and growlyScott being an idiot but sort of redeeming himselfThe pack have themselves a reputationThere s action and feels and I liked it.

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    Stiles and his dad are taken hostage by drug smugglers Before the pack comes with a rescue, Stiles has to take the matters into his own hands Which means there s a BAMF Stiles

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