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Lasso the Wind summary Lasso the Wind , series Lasso the Wind , book Lasso the Wind , pdf Lasso the Wind , Lasso the Wind f26365d8fd Winner Of The Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award For Excellence In IllustrationShortlisted For The Retail Council Of Canada Book Of The Year For Children Award Can You Lasso The Wind Can You Whip It A Gale Can You Make Oceans BendTo Cradle Each Lost Whale Lasso The Wind Is The First Collection Of Children S Poetry By Renowned Poet And Playwright George Elliott Clarke By Turns Absurd, Witty, Playful, And Profound, Clarke S Poems Speak To The Vivid Wonder, The Bright Joys, And The Secret Pains Of Growing Up In This WorldWith Bold And Contemporary Illustrations By Susan Tooke, Lasso The Wind Is A Masterpiece

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    This is my second experience reading George Elliott Clarke, and I once again have found myself enjoying his work a great deal This is the first time I can recall reading a book illustrated by Susan Tooke.The illustrations here are colourful, vibrant, and lively They really bring the words to life, but also stand on their own as beautiful art The poetry itself is wonderful As an adult I found myself enjoying Aurelia s Verses the most, but I think I would have loved this book as a child The way Clarke alternates between whimsical tales and serious, realistic issues is clever, well done, and suitable for children of all ages I recommend this book for any children all ages who enjoy poetry I think adult fans of poetry would likely find themselves enjoying this one as well.

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    Eye popping illustrations that look as though they have been drenched in the sun accompany a series of poems that examine the natural world, freedom and incarceration as well as paying tribute to the poet s daughter as she moves from birth to nine I m not sure I see the connections among all the verses, but I did love much of the language, including this tribute to a chameleon The tears of a chameleon Mirror drops of watermelon unpaged The poems will certainly make readers think and gain new perspectives on their subjects.

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    A beautifully illustrated collection of verse exploring the natural world, and such themes as freedom, incarceration, and growing up.

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    THis book was bought for my one year old daughter, she is now almost two and it is easily one of her favourite books, she asks for it in her night time reading as lasso What is insightful book of beautiful poems to approach topics and enrich the mind of a child.

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    The author George Elliot Clarke is currently in his 3 year term as Toronto s Fourth Poet Laureate He is a well respected poet and playwright and is also the E.J Pratt Professor of Canadian Literature at the University of Toronto,I thought his latest book of poetry entitled Lasso the Wind Arelia s Verses and Other Poems would be an excellent choice for my Book Riots poetry challenge The book also featured illustrations by Susan Tooke a multiple recipient of the Lillian Shepherd Award for Excellence in Illustration, including the 2014 award Lasso the Wind.It turns out however that this book was George Elliot Clarke s first collection of poetry for children something I was not expecting I guess I might have wondered about the inclusion of illustrations in adult poetry Instead I thought it was a brilliant and novel idea to include illustrations in a poetry collection I think Clarke and Tooke have a great thing going and are on the same wavelength planning a future collaboration for adults something I ll be sure to check out.As for Lasso s poetry, I d say it was a mixed bag Some of the poetry seemed suitable for adults and a bit above the young target audience it was intended for There s the fun and really rhyming poems that children love and there s also almost rhyming poems used frequently in adult poetry Lots of the poems are creative and outlandish, very whimsical and imaginative Others are designed to make children think beyond the obvious words in the poem and include Clarke s commentaries about building and populating jails, global warming, poverty and people s skin colour as an example I thought it was excellent that Clarke was challenging children with poetry to make them think and ask questions and feel that these poems will also appeal to adults.Also included are Aurelia s verses a letter written to his daughter on the day she was born and also poems to her on a number of her childhood birthdays These poems were very poignant and touching.The artwork is outstanding Except for the Aurelia s verses section, where Tooke wisely chooses muted colours to match the reflection, softness and gentle tone of Clarke s special poems to his daughter, Tooke s illustrations are bright and pop off the page Tooke really captures the whimsy and essence of Clarke s non Aurelia poetry She works with collage, drawings, paintings, and digital imaging The impact is simply amazing See for yourself and be sure to click book illustration if after a few seconds you are taken elsewhere or don t see the title of Lasso and its cover The website will give you a taste but I guarantee that the illustrations are even impactful in the book itself in large and full colour alongside the words in a full 2 open page layout.5 stars for the illustrations 3 1 2 stars for the split personality poetry 4 stars for the total package I am looking forward to their next collaboration.Examples of the poems from Lasso The great gift of eyesightIs to spy stars at night In dozens or thousands While our hearts make amendsFor wrongs we wrought todayWhen, blind, we looked awayFrom light and stumbled throughMazes, crooked, narrow.____________________________________It is so appalling to be poor,One begs and begs, door to peep holed door.And when a dry crust of bread is given,One must kneel and shout thanks to Heaven.____________________________________In sleep I have my freedom still.Awake, I pace a prison cell.But my own jail is nothing real,Just my ideals impractical.A great 4 star collaboration Young or old Try it.

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    This title is nominated for the 2017 Hackmatack Award in the non fiction category.I find poetry, especially that written for children, difficult to critique One s reaction is very personal and entirely subjective For this collection, Clarke finds inspiration in his daughter and the world around him A couple of the verses touched on social injustice and inequality, but most were inspired by the nature around him Tooke s illustrations are vibrant and bold not always to my taste, but the ones that I liked the best I liked so much that I would consider hanging them in my home see especially the cover, wow I would recommend this one to any aspiring poets or artists, and also struggling readers.

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    really should be 3 1 2 Clarke s poetry is sometimes so dead on and sometimes so complex that I wonder what young people would make of his verses you really have to understand what poetry does to be able to appreciate this book, in my opinion The illustrations by Susan Tooke are fabulous

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