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  • 08 December 2017

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    OK reresding this and had to give it another star as I still like it so much despite his cowardly cheating ways so 4 Emily and Adrian Essentially the H is a cheater There s just no if and or buts about it Emily marries Adrian, whom she s loved for years He up and disappears in London for no reason leaving her behind A snake in the grass cousin is becoming and of a bully and she longs for children, so 3 years later, she goes to London to demand his help When she finds him, she realizes that he is almost entirely blind and turned himself into a drunken wastrel She figures that to get him to love her, she will pretend to be a stranger and become his mistress.Adrian, begins to have feelings for her but he still has feelings for his wife You can see how his morals are in question He leaves his wife because he is too vain and full of pride to let her know about his illness But he still sleeps with the occasional courtesan after leaving her behind SO even though he does redeem himself in the end, it just kinda stuck in my craw The story isn t so simple and the affair between him and his mistress wife leads to some erroneous conclusions that lead him to realize how selfish he has been It really could ve used an epilogue.

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    I feel like I shouldn t have liked this book as much as I did After all, there were plenty of things that were really kind of wrong with it The whole using Adrian s blindness thing was really kind of shitty, and I m not sure that, after all was said and done, it should have been excused the way it was Yes, he neglected her for three years and kept his blindness a secret from her But two wrongs don t make a right, you know Also, the virgin to her own pleasures sex Hurl And he actually said he would make her submit to him with pleasure I had to forcibly set that one aside and excuse it as being probably pretty fairly accurate for this relationship s situation, as well as the ignorance of the times The biggest crime of the story, however, was that I just didn t quite believe that they had really loved each other originally, before all the separation and crap I mean, maybe I missed a chapter where we were shown how Adrian had secretly lusted after his friend s sister but it was indecent and he was ashamed and she was just a shy, innocent young thing so he couldn t touch her, blah blah blah Instead, his unrequited love for his wife, whom he voluntarily abandoned, just kind of got dropped in there towards the end Convenient yet not quite believable.And yet, despite its flaws, I did enjoy it A lot Even though I think maybe I shouldn t have I mean, maybe it s hormones again, but I totally got a little teary about Emily s insecurities and feelings of abandonment So, yeah between how much I did enjoy it and how much I think maybe I shouldn t have, it gets a solid 3 stars.

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    This was a tough book to rate I wanted to take it as a brainless and even whimsical storyLady Emily hasn t seen her husband in three years and when she finds him to try to talk him into getting her pregnant, only to discover that he s gone blind and doesn t recognize her Here s what I finally realized the problem was It s hard to take a story as simple and brainless when it deals with serious and complex issues, then treats them very lightly This book was just too easy It was too easy that Adrian didn t recognize his wife, too convenient It was even unbelievable And then a week with his mistress actually his wife was enough to convince him his life was worth living after all, and that he can get along as a blind man Then when he learned the truth that his mistress and his wife were the same woman, it was again, far too easy.

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    le do en Oct 2012

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    Lady Emily Longesley married the man she had loved all her life, Adrian, and hoped for a happy marriage Only several days after they were married, however, he removed to London, and she hasn t seen him in the three years since.Discontent with the state of her marriage, Emily goes to London to meet with her errant husband, and bring some kind of resolution to her situation When she arrives, though, she finds that he is blind, and does not know her voice So, she schemes to hide her identity, and trick her husband into falling for her, while he believes that he has found an irresistible mistress Lady Folbroke s Delicious Deception by Christine Merrill is a regency romance, heavy on sensuality and light on plot.Not being a regular reader of romance, I was a little shocked at the bluntness of it scarcely thirty pages in, Merrill casually writes that Adrian sagged against Emily so that he could suck and bite at the tops of her breasts as though he could not wait a moment longer to bare them, and take the nipples between his lips This sets the tone for the whole book, which is a series of such scenes, interspersed with some development of the characters or the plot.The character development is, until the end, fairly good Emily is swept up in her scheme and Adrian, all unknowing, falls for it completely, in a very believable progression There is perhaps an anachronistic degree of modern sensibilities toward the treatment of the blind, but that is easily forgiven Sadly, Adrian s realization or, perhaps, revelation that he loves Emily, who he does not realize is the same woman as his new mistress, is not so believable If we are to judge the man by his actions, he has given little indication of such feelings, and we have not been sufficiently privy to his thoughts to learn of his feelings in that way.The plot is very thin the summary I gave earlier is essentially complete, save for a few events and minor details Emily masquerades as a nameless married woman, seeking to have an affair with Adrian since her own husband is inattentive The bulk of the remaining events are either the two of them meeting or arranging to meet It is not a plot worthy of either the characters it contains or the three hundred pages that contain it.Despite the weakness of its plot, Lady Folbroke s Delicious Deception is a fairly entertaining read It seems that the Kindle edition is only available outside the United States, so the rest of us will have to get the paperback edition, instead Read it if the premise interests you, but otherwise, give it a miss Disclosure This review is based on a copy acquired free in a promotional giveaway.

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    I really liked this book When Emily came to London to finally confront her husband about his neglect, she did not expect to find him blind and doing his best to kill himself He didn t recognize her when she found him in the tavern, so she decided to take advantage of that and become his mistress in an attempt to make him fall in love with her She also couldn t stand to see him in such a hopeless condition and decided to use her position to show him that he could still have a good life At the same time, Adrian had spent the last couple years avoiding everyone and drinking to dull the pain of losing his independence When Emily rescued him, she bullied him into making changes in his lifestyle, and he began to see that perhaps his life wasn t ending after all He also began to realize that he still loved his wife, and what he had done to her by abandoning her I loved seeing her efforts and the way they paid off, even though I could see where it was going to cause problems when the deception ended The confrontation brought me to tears, but the ending was worth it I m looking forward to the next one in the series.

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    Es el primero que leo de la autora y no me ha desagrado.La premisa es interesante, sobre todo, teniendo en cuenta que rompe con los estereotipos de h roes perfectos Adrian es ciego, por lo que le da otro toque diferente a la novela La novela es entretenida y se hace amena, a pesar de que a lo largo de la historia no hay muchos acontecimientos pues todo transcurre en pocos d as y sus encuentros son algo repetitivos.Los personajes se quedan un poco planos, algunos acontecimientos son absurdos y el desenlace final lo considero precipitado y poco elaborado La pluma de la autora es ligera aunque en algunos momentos consigue confundirte en las explicaciones.A pesar de todo es una novela diferente que te hace pasar un rato agradable.Seguir leyendo novelas de la autora para encontrar su estilo de forma definida.

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    Is it just me, or has Harlequin Historical kicked up the heat notch a bit I m not complaining, in fact, the extra sizzle I have been reading lately really adds to the stories As it does here I enjoyed Christine s Merrill s book Yes, the heroine snares the hero in a deception , but it works Also loved Folbroke with his failing vision Well crafted with believable emotions and love scenes, I heartily recommend this story, and book 2 in this series

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    I really enjoyed this book I thought Emily s behavior and reactions were realistic and justified given the circumstances and Adrian grew as a person and redeemed himself by the end When the book closes out their relationship is one of mutual love and respect such that I believe they ll live happily ever after There were a few plot holes and anachronisms that might have bugged me in normal circumstances but since the story was so well done I didn t pay them any attention.Ok so the story goes that Adrian and Emily are married but haven t seen each other for three years Their families have adjoining estates and the two of them were betrothed at birth Emily has been in love with Adrian for years but so in awe of him that she could barely speak in his presence He avoided the marriage for as long as he could, even joining the military and going off to war, but eventually did wed her as he was expected to However, after only visiting the marriage bed on three very unsatisfying occasions, he took off for London and never returned.Emily assumed that the reason he d abandoned her in the country was because he d found her so terribly lacking in some way and has spent the last three years desperately lonely However, she s also blossomed into a confident woman than the girl he d married, taking on the running of his estate and making all the decisions The one thing she hasn t been able to take care of, however, is Adrian s cousin, Rupert, who will inherit the title and lands if Adrian dies without producing an heir Since Adrian hasn t been seen in public for years and is always out whenever Rupert or anyone else goes to see him, Rupert has started suggesting that Adrian is actually dead and Emily is attempting to hide that fact in order to maintain her position as countess In order to get rid of Rupert and disguise the fact that her husband refuses to see her, Emily lies and says that not only is Adrian alive and well, but that she s expecting his child.While that gets rid of Rupert temporarily, Emily now has to produce a baby in a few months or the jig will really be up so she packs up and heads for London unannounced so that her husband won t have a chance to avoid her When she makes this trip, Emily is very angry with Adrian for his selfish behavior She expects to find him drinking and whoring full time while she, his faithful wife who still carries a torch for him, has been rusticating in the country and responsibly handling all his affairs And she intends to demand he do his duty to her and the estate by begetting her with child.I liked the way Emily behaved in this scenario She had every reason to be angry with Adrian for abandoning her the way he did and avoiding all contact with her for years And she s thinking about what will happen to her if, through no fault of her own, she fails to produce the next Folbroke male and the title passes to Rupert She d be driven out of her own home and forced to live as a dowager, alone and childless.When she arrives in London it s to find that her worst fears were true and Adrian is indeed drinking and whoring his way through life When she finds him, he s drunk and in one of the worst sorts of establishments where he apparently lets a room so that he can just stumble upstairs in his drunken stupor and then start again the next morning without having to bother with going home She also realizes at this meeting that Adrian is mostly blind And much to her dismay, he doesn t even recognize her as his own wife He s extremely forward with her, however, and makes no secret of the fact that he wants to get her into bed She s torn between hurt at his lack of recognition and elation that he s finally responding to her as a woman, the way he failed to do in their marriage bed.She manages to get him back home, with the help of his faithful secretary, Hendricks, and tells him that if he wants to see her again and hopes to bed her, then he d best be washed, shaved and sober the next time they meet As she heads home that night she thinks about the events and how her erstwhile husband thinks she s another man s wife and yet is so keen to get her into bed In a way, she s disgusted by the notion that he s so free with his favors and so immoral as to desire such an affair, but in another, she feels it might be the only way to reach him He s so convinced that his blindness makes him worthless as a husband and man that he s trying to kill himself through his behavior Deliberately drinking and gaming in rough places, knowing that someday he ll get a knife in the ribs or a bullet to the back of the head Emily still loves him, but is so angry that she feels her first priority must be to get with child by him, so she decides to continue the charade of being this other woman and allow her husband to unknowingly seduce her.I liked the way this played out After reading the back of the book, I was curious as to how the author would be able to establish things so that they were believable for a husband, even a blind one, to be unknowingly sleeping with his wife And what scenario would prompt a wife to perpetuate such a ruse And Merrill s explanation did a nice job of giving me that believable scenario I did find it a little hard to believe that Adrian couldn t recognize his wife s voice when he had no trouble identifying other people he d known for far less time and much less intimately, but Merrill did give the explanation about Emily always being breathlessly tongue tied in Adrian s presence so we ll let that slide.The rest of the book also plays out believably with Emily and Adrian having romantic trysts while also confiding in one another about their marriages Adrian fails to recognize his own behavior when Emily explains that her husband has abandoned her, which is a little hard to believe As time passes, Emily works to get Adrian to realize that his life doesn t have to end just because he s blind He meets most of her efforts with hostility because he fears being pitied above all else, but usually reconsiders that position after his initial outburst In just a few days Emily has gotten him to rejoin society and start thinking of the future As part of that revelation, however, is the notion that he needs to reconcile with his wife and therefore must give up his mystery lover.Along the way there is some drama over Adrian believing that his wife has finally cracked under the years of loneliness and taken another man as a lover Particularly as he suspects the man in question is none other than his trusted secretary, Hendricks And of course there is the inevitable showdown when Emily finally reveals that his wife and mistress are one in the same It was all handled very well and people had believable reactions throughout.The one place where I felt the anachronisms really got out of hand was in how blatantly sexual Emily behaved When she played the part of this mystery woman she greeted Adrian in either her robe and nightdress, or a gown under which she was stark naked For a well bred Englishwoman in the early 1800 s that s a level of wantonness that just can t be believed She also engaged in overt sexual acts with Adrian in the middle of the doorless sitting room with servants running around the house, and even had sex up against the wall in her brother s salon with him just down the hall It s too much to be believed Also, she received Hendricks, a man who is not her husband or a relative, in nothing but her robe and nightgown and was so scantily clad that she flashing him not just a view of ankle, but of her naked calf as well It s completely unbelievable for a respectable woman to even consider receiving a gentleman caller dressed that way.

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    Eu n o esperava realmente n o esperavaEu comprei esse livro junto com todos os outros da Harlequin que eu havia comprado anos atr s acho que em 2016 ou 2017 e estava guardadinho no kindle.Resolvi pegar para ler sem ler a sinopse e acabei me apaixonando Que livro delicioso eu n o esperava que fosse t o bom N o conhecia a autora e me surpreendi mais uma vez Adrian, conde de Folbroke, se escondeu da sociedade e se arriscava esperando a hora de acabar com a pr pria vida Depois de ser atingido na guerra, uma doen a de fam lia que deixava cego alguns descendentes masculinos o atinge Resolve ent o evitar a esposa e se esconder dela sem contar o problema que o aflige Emily, a irm do melhor amigo de Adrian e que sempre foi apaixonada por ele, est desolada por ter sido abandonada pouco tempo ap s o casamento e estar a tr s anos sem contato com ele, apenas com seu secret rio Mas o primo de Adrian, que o seu herdeiro, est atr s dela, incomodando a, querendo saber onde seu primo est e insinuando que ela havia matado marido, pois ningu m o via a muito tempo Ela ent o inventa que est gr vida para afast lo e vai atr s do marido para tentar engravidar dele ou faz lo voltar para a propriedade no campo que administrada por ela L descobre a verdadeira condi o do marido.Eu tive sensa es fortes com o enredo Fiquei ansiosa, me emocionei com algumas partes, chorei nenhuma novidade sou manteiga derretida mesmo , ri e torci muito Eu sempre gostei de mocinhos que tem algum problema e essa cegueira me emocionou demais N o consegui dar menos de cinco estrelas e recomendo para quem quiser e gostar desse tipo de livro muito bom e me surpreendeu mesmo.

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