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Vile Wasteland pdf Vile Wasteland , ebook Vile Wasteland , epub Vile Wasteland , doc Vile Wasteland , e-pub Vile Wasteland , Vile Wasteland 9b355516265 When A Sheltered Bunker Babe Enters The Wastes Of Society, She Realizes That The World Is Far Harsher Than She Could Have Ever Anticipated Trading, Bartering And Kicking Ass On Her Way To Security, She Works To Save Her People From Starvation In The Bunker Yet She Faces A Ticking Clock, And There S Something Not Right About Anything She Finds Filled With Lust, Flings, And A Determined Young Heroine, Vile Wasteland Seamlessly Combines Action, Adventure, And Sex Welcome To The Vile Wasteland

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    Enjoyable There is lots of different taboos happening in this book I am a sucker for a sexy taboo book But I admit to thinking at the end of this book isn t there supposed to be I guess I just wanted a bit resolution. I had so many questions After the rape scene and her dad turning off her contraception, is she pregnant Where are Jarago and Bren I secretly wanted Bren to get ago, I mean everyone else did God I am evil As much as this was and interesting dark erotic book, it felt like it could have been , well for me anyway.

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    This is my second book first was Outcast I am in love with these writers It almost remind me Varian Krylovs writing but shorter I wanted Of both books I get the style of writing but I really wanted to read , it was that good Great storyline and great style of writing.

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    Weird Does not follow traditional romance formula even for erotica Heroine sells virginity to one man, then sleeps with another and then is raped by a third that is related to heroine o.O

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    I read this book under a different title I have no idea whether the authors updated the book or not I do know that I liked the story line, action, and characters.

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    I received this book from the goodreads first reads program An enjoyable read that ends rather abruptly It left a lot of unresolved issues including what happens to her people The entire storyline was about her trying to save them, then as soon as she finally gets a chance to the book is over As erotica it delivered with sex galore, but as a story it came up a little short.

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