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    David Zavimbe gets booted out the door and Lucas Fox steps in to become Nightwing What follows is a story we ve all seen before with some hokey villains thrown into the mix Lucas Fox is basically Bruce Wayne if his parents were still alive There s a lot of drama between Lucas and his dad because he s not living up to his father s expectations It s not interesting As Batwing, Lucas fights these dudes in ant suits and then a lion version of a centaur It was really dumb Then there s a half baked Zero Year story where Lucas and his friend are learning to fight but his friend is continuously picked on so he takes some drugs and goes all Carrie on his schoolmates Finally Lucas ties up his ongoing plot by taking out the guy behind the ant people and lion centaur guy.This is about what I ve come to expect from Palmiotti and Gray, boring warmed over plots.

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    I was going to give this one star but a few things in the last couple issues kept my interest.So the Batwing title has, up until now, been all about the Batman of the Congo and sometimes other countries in Africa The character, David Zavimbe, was great, and his allies and enemies were compelling and fitting The biggest conflicting aspect of David Zavimbe that sets him apart from anyone else accepted into the broader Bat Family is that he was forced to be a soldier as a boy, and killed lots and lots of people which we don t see too graphically but it s alluded to The impact on his psyche, and that of his friends who were similarly orphaned, tortured, forced into cruel situations for survival, etc., are very real and powerful, serious issues The fallout, and his fight against the corruption within his police ranks and the complexities of power shifts throughout Africa were key to making Batwing such a good comic.So when I got halfway through the first issue in this book and saw the direction new writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray were taking the Batwing mantle, I was rather furious I can only imagine something like this playing out in the DC offices DC Editors This African Batman thing really isn t selling We have a theory that people who buy comics just don t care about diversity, and can t relate to a vigilante in a country other than America.Jimmy Palmiotti Hey guys, you just need to realize that our readers aren t that intelligent either, and we need to take every comic book back to the days of corny one liners, lengthy exposition, and villains whose sole purpose is killing and world domination, and to give the artists something cool to draw.I don t know for sure if that s what happened, but Palmiotti made Zavimbe quit and Batman immediately makes Luke Fox son of Lucius Fox the new Batwing The Congo connection is only by indirect coincidence from there on out, as it would make little sense to have an African American city boy go play superhero in a place he knows nothing about Luke s specialties are MMA fighting and, of course, designing super futuristic techie things, like 75% of Batman s sidekicks partners, not political science At one point, Batman has Luke down to the Bat Cave and tells him, I want you in Africa Luke replies, Why, because I m the black one and Batman just grins and says Funny That s it Literally, Luke is asking a question that deserves to be asked, but Palmiotti doesn t take things seriously, so he dismisses it as quickly as possible, and then throws Batwing into some of the most played out, cliche, pointless scenarios against inept but powerful villains.So I blame the writer s mostly, and the editors or whoever makes these calls, for fucking up a previously great book that Judd Winick was doing Also, whoever is illustrating this thing now doesn t seem to know how certain rather important things look Specifically, Luke Fox is an MMA fighter, but when he s shown throwing a powerful punch, he always leans forward and kicks back his opposite leg up in the air, like a yoga pose, or someone who can t fly imitating how Superman flies I m not an expert on fighting techniques, but I think I ve watched and learned enough to know that balance and keeping your legs grounded is super important, so this leg lift thing looks ridiculous and is just one reason to hate this comic now.Aaaaand now I m going to read Volume 5 because it s the last one and I had to get my library to have them all shipped from other libraries around the country because this book apparently sold so poorly that even Denver Public Library s massive comic collection doesn t have any of them.

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    Batwing Welcome to the Family picks up where the previous volume left off, collecting the next eight issues Batwing 19 26 of the 2011 on going series and collects eight one issue interconnecting stories.This trade paperback has David Zavimbe as Batwing retiring from the Batwing mantle and passing the role to Lucas Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, who happens to be a colleague of Bruce Wayne at Wayne Enterprises Based now in Gotham City, Luke Fox as Batwing is fighting against rather forgettable villains like Lady Marabunta and Lord Lion Mane Additionally, we have a Zero Year tie Batwing 25 and his teaming up with Pippi Giovanni as Legionary to take down Charlie Caligula in Rome Batwing 26.The team of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti penned paperback For the most part, it was written somewhat well I had wished that the first issue, Batwing 19, was collected in the previous trade paperback, as it dealt with the concluding story of the previous story arc and feels misplaced here.Lucas Luke Fox as Batwing is an interesting choice of a replacement We get to know the Fox family as he has two sisters Tam and Tiffany and his parents Lucius and Tanya who are intertwined with Bruce Wayne Not sure how I feel of having Batwing taken out of Africa, since the first three trade paperbacks enforced that Batwing was the Batman of Africa.With the exception of one issue Batwing 20 , which was penciled by Julio Ferreria, the entire trade paperback is penned by Eduardo Pansica Since he was the main penciler, the artistic flow of the trade paperback flowed exceptionally well For the most part, I enjoyed his penciling style.All in all, Batwing Welcome to the Family is a somewhat good continuation to what would hopefully be an equally wonderful series.

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    An enjoyable comic Sad that the first Batwing retired, but good that the other Batwing took his place I wonder if Luke s will find out he is Batwing.

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    The original Batwing quits and Lucious Fox s son takes on the identity.

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    This bitter taste in my mouth This is what disappointment tastes like, isn t it sigh Such a goddamned waste of such a great start Well now I m just grumpy I don t think I could find any part of this that I enjoyed The art was substandard especially on those expressions, holy flippin heck The first issue in particular had some eyebrow raising panel This in particular bothered me, because even if I didn t really enjoy the last volume, the solid art got me through to the end This time I was annoyed pretty much right off the bat.As for our new Batwing Luke is just an asshole, which is appropriate seeing how far up his own behind he is Obnoxious to the extreme, this one It got difficult to read after awhile between the constant horrendous flirting and the ego the size of Nunavut that, if he stopped for two seconds for some self reflection, he would realize he doesn t even vaguely deserve Can you get that I m not the biggest fan Really Well, congrats, you re intuitive than Luke His character is a dealbreaker for moving on with the series for me.The plot was honestly boring, which is impressive with how many explosions there were I didn t give a single shit about the Fox s family drama get that the hell outta Dodge And a bunch of things that made zero sense were just glossed over for plot I guess An attempt at character development I have no clue For instance Luke s ex s Father dies, she comes over in tears, he smells like a dumpster diving homeless guy, and yeah Sex is definitely the next logical step there Naturally Also Luke taking his mask off in an alleyway with people nearby without even looking around first, wtf There are other examples, but I m not wasting my time flipping through this thing again.The dialogue with every character was also just off David talking to Matu was cringe worthy and ooc And speaking of, are you fucking kidding me guys view spoiler with Matu dying hide spoiler

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    Bardzo przyjemny tomik Wraz z Davidem rezygnuj cym z roli Batwinga, komiks porzuca dramat i powag na rzecz l ejszego klimatu Lucas Fox spisuje si wietnie jako bohater tej serii Nieco gorzej wychodz mu relacje z rodzin , kt r zaniedbuje na rzecz walki z przest pczo ci , w czym r wnie jest amatorem Fajna akcja, ciekawe postacie, oby tak dalej.

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    Reprints Batwing 19 26 June 2013 February 2014 David Zavimbe s story has come to an end and a new Batwing is needed Luke Fox, the son of Bruce Wayne s closest aide Lucius, is just what Batman is looking for An MMA fighter with a degree, Luke is also looking to help the world Christened the new Batwing, Luke is out to fight crime and when he brings down a diamond mine tied to an international crime organization, Batwing finds himself with a target on his back that he cannot shake.Written by Jimmy Palmioti and Justin Gray and with art by Eduardo Pansica, Batwing Volume 4 Welcome to the Family is a relaunch of the Batwing title Following Batwing 3 Enemy of the State, this volume introduces the new Batwing Batwing 25 January 2014 was also included in DC Comics Zero Year collection.Batwing was a character that was kind of interesting but just didn t quite work Judd Winick was never the greatest writer and tells very simplistic comic book stories which isn t always a bad thing Jimmy Palmioti and Justin Gray kind of follow in his footsteps in their writing style but a change up of the character does help.The decision to bring Batwing to America kind of defeats the purpose of Batman, Inc ok, he s supposed to be international but he spends a lot of time in Gotham In getting rid of the Batman, Inc aspect of the book, the series actually improved Lucius Fox has always been a good supporting character for Batman and it is fun to see his family heavily tied to Batman It kind of reminds me when Phil Urich became the Green Goblin at Marvel but that didn t turn out well I hope Luke Fox has a better run.The art for the series feels very 90s I like how Batwing s costume has almost evolved to Batman Beyond s Batman costume you even see a little preview of it Batwing 24 What really sells this collection is the two great Batwing covers by the late, great Darwyn Cooke who really seems to have fun with the character s design I just wished he had done a few issues.Batwing 4 Welcome to the Family is an improvement It isn t perfect but the series is going in a better direction in this volume Unfortunately, Batwing was doomed and the series ended not long after this collection Batwing 4 Welcome to the Family is followed by the final volume Batwing 5 Into the Dark.

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    The first Batwing was an honest cop in an otherwise crooked force in the DRC A former child soldier, he used Wayne granted technology to fight crime, warlords, and corruption He had his own supporting cast and a compelling set of circumstances I wanted to read, read, and keep reading about David Zavimbe.All of a sudden, he gives up the mantle under weird, ambiguous reasons and Batman dubs Lucius Fox s son Lucas the new Batwing Lucas is not only a genius and an early college graduate who is also somehow a MMA sensation he s a ladykiller with a strong sense of justice and fairness He s a male Mary Sue, and the writers beat us over the head to show us how pure he is He and his girlfriend haven t had sex yet He agonizes over being a good son while still neglecting family duties in order to play hero If I wanted to read about a young genius superhero with angst over how he balances his family life, his love life, and his superhero life, I d read Spider Man And if I wanted to read about a hero who s little than the black best friend to an established superhero, I d read early Falcon stories Or early John Stewart stories Or early Steel stories Or War Machine stories The villains are fun and the story wasn t a mess, but still what happened Was writing about the DRC, an African nation that actually exists, difficult than writing yet again about Gotham, an American city that s actually fake Was it too boring to write about fleshed out characters of either gender Did the tired tropes that dominate the new Batwing s life seem fresh and exciting What happened

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    This book has a lot of different Batman concepts meshed into one The brand new costume design for Batwing looks very similar to the design of the Arkham Knight character, from the video game The costume also resembles a suit that we saw in the very first episode of Batman Beyond, that Bruce made, to make up for his failing strength At one point, we actually do see the Batman Beyond suit in the lab that our main character uses Why do I bring all of this up well, I am not sure why they decided to take the book in this direction I could assume that the original, African setting and character, from the first few volumes might have turned off your typical super hero comic book reader Sure, we like Diversity in our books, whether the character is African American, Hispanic American, or Chinese American, but the keyword there is American , and the stories have to take place in America I think that DC didn t want to let the series die, since they had been getting a lot of flack for their lack of diversity, and decided to keep Batwing as a black character, but tied him much tighter to the Batman mythos being the son of Lucius Fox, and having him live in Gotham With all that being said, I felt like the book had a lot of cliche narration, and way too much narration to begin with Speaking of Cliches, the book also featured every possible cliche you could find when dealing with a new, young adult super hero It was fun, but nothing special.

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Batwing, Vol. 4 download Batwing, Vol. 4 , read online Batwing, Vol. 4 , kindle ebook Batwing, Vol. 4 , Batwing, Vol. 4 5124dbffbdd4 Once A Member Of Batman, Incorporated And Deputized By The Dark Knight Himself, BATWING, The Batman Of Africa, Has Quit A New, Different Hero Has Emerged In His Placebut Will His Actions Do Harm Than Good And What Is His Connection To Bruce Wayne And Gotham City Writers Jimmy Palmiotti And Justin Gray Blaze A Fresh New Start For The Ard Hero In BATWING VOL