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  • 12 December 2019

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    4.5 stars What about Mama s family you asked Patrick as you kept walking She never said anything about them They died, he told you, and lifted you over a puddle too wide for your little legs to cross on their own So in the end you were like her you, too, were the last one left the second person is a great fucking tense i will have you knowIt is, indeed I m not usually a fan of second person narratives, but this was great I loved the backstory and Derek s inner voice so much Now you were all fire and blood you were a spark This fic heartbreaking and beautiful I totally recommend it 2nd read 26 12 2015

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    Melancholic Sterek.Told by Derek, it is very evocative Derek is haunted, not by ghosts, but by memories Still in that place of grief, even after all the years, where everything reminds him of someone a lost love one, a last moment you didn t realize was the last, harsh words and broken links He is drowning.The clever part is the story that emerges as he is sliding under And the realization that surrounded by severe ties there is still something unbreakable Stiles I was clearly in the right mood for this, but I think this one is pretty darn strong and gives a depth to Derek that I rarely see.

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    Bullet review because writing reviews on a phone is hard.This fic is so, so sad And so, so gorgeous.It s narrated in second person present tense, which is uncommon and somehow makes everything feel even dreamy, and it s Derek centric be still, my beating heart a dream come true.It s made up of short scenes from two different stories Derek s past with his family, reinvented and original and explored in depth, and Derek s present right at the end of season 2, with Stiles and his new betas and the looming threat of the alpha pack.I will not spoil anything about Derek s wonderful, complicated, difficult, fucking dead family I grieved , or about the alpha pack s actions, or about the half destroyed boy I will only say that it is, again, so, so sad, and so, so gorgeous, and it has a hopeful, tentative, incomplete, slightly heartbreaking ending that will make this story stick in my heart and brain even .A few minus points for unrealistic betrayals lips zipped, but it s really not worth worrying about.Highly original, spellbindingly is that a word written, and for honesty s sake not an actual romance yet , but full of love.

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    Update 03 31 2015 I am upping this to five stars I just can t stop thinking about it So Wow Beautifully observant Of life Of feelings Of the characters Of relationships In this fic, M_Leigh tells Derek s story using second person POV, which I felt worked wonderfully in this fic It is a very personal story and a very personal perspective which I believed allowed the reader to be exceptionally intimate with Derek M_Leigh juxtaposes moments and reflections from Derek s life pre season one from his childhood, to the fire, to after the fire, to the years before he returned to Beacon Hills against a post season two divergence in which he is spending time with Stiles preparing and dealing with the Alpha Pack This fic is calmly eerie I am not sure if because so much of it is spend remembering the dead, and with loss But there is this kind of lingering eeriness to it It is authentic and imaginative at the same time So true to the characters and so original in its creations M_Leigh explores canon while at the same time penning this divergence to canon that suits the show and a budding Sterek at the same time A lot of time is spent around the night before the fire and every action and thought that built to it as would probably be true for Derek to relive those moments over and over again, cling to them in a way But I didn t pity Derek in this despite his very raw POV that made him a sad character, but there were moments that tripped me up and made me catch my breath at the potent depth so blatantly written at times Moments when I was caught up in Derek s train of thought and then he would say something like this This is something you know when your parents die, you are always a child You were never younger than the day your family died or Your mother made chicken and rice and asparagus, and because you didn t know then that it was going to be the last meal she cooked for you, you ate it too fast without giving it a moment s thought or even the time he realized he is laughing in front of Stiles for the first time something he doubts Stiles has ever seen him do before M_Leigh s observations of Stiles through Derek s eyes are just as profound There is, in Stiles, a shaking trembling self that is going to turn into something strong He is going to be stronger for having had to fight against hating himself he already is stronger, stronger than any of them, stronger than you He is the thin thread of strength and the raw tragedy of death and you know him, you know him he s the better version of you This is a character study of Derek A budding Sterek is present and there is a very subtle promise of forever, but no I love you s It is filled with despair and loneliness and yet so much love lingering in his memories A bit of a quest for Derek trying to remember how to love and be loved how doing the right thing and not the selfish thing is the clearest path to love one can find within themselves even if that path of action still leaves you alone in the end But with hope, it won t At the beginning of the fic, M_Leigh writes I think it says a lot about me that I find Derek Hale DEEPLY HILARIOUS whenever he is actually, you know, onscreen, and yet I have written approximately 25,000 words about his HORRIBLE EMOTIONAL PAIN in a totally unironic manner I immediately related to this statement upon reading it and am so happy M_Leigh explored Derek in a manner much respectful than the show seems to or lacks to Why it is four stars instead of five view spoiler It is alluded that Scott and Jackson make a decision that I don t believe either would make It makes for an easy plot device, but Scott and Jackson in my mind would always stand with Stiles at least if not Derek as well hide spoiler

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    a not entirely successful but remarkably powerful experiment in second person writing.moving, despite a little bit of a heavy hand at the outset objectively this would usually rate a two or a three, but my fascination with the mechanics make it impossible for me to consider a rating any less than four.the author s thoughts on second person narratives

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    I didn t think I would like this story because of the second person POV, but the author uses it well I really felt drawn into the story rather than set apart from it The emotions are really well developed, and the original characters feel just as real, and fully realized as the cannon characters A mature, well rounded, and developed story.

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    Brilliant Will review once I read all the other connected stuff Wow.

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    first off this rating does not relate to the writing of this M_Leigh has way of writing Derek that is unique and very well done The writing is beautiful That being said, I did not really enjoy this I was bored and really this fic should fall into pre slash rather than a full fledged Sterek I can definitely see why people enjoy this one but I didn t love it.

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    Second person isn t my favourite narrative voice and I am afraid it kept me from fully appreciating the story.

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    First time that I come across a fan fiction told from Derek s point of view And with such emphasis on his emotional state The author took some liberties with the Hale family which I really liked Such a creative and well thought out family that at times, I didn t feel in the Teen Wolf universe any So kudos to Leigh for that view spoiler Let s get the bad part out of the way I wasn t a big fan of the to and back between present times and Derek s memories of his family simply because I was so curious to see what would happen in present time And there is just a tiny bit too much introspection and wallowing in pity and depression which I personally find hard to take that made me want to yell at Derek to just get his shit together and actively try to change something Albeit I do not understand the magnitude of his loss so I may be acting like an inconsiderate jerk.I was surprised to see that his father was the Alpha of the family too much Talia fiction There was so much anger in that man and I didn t quite understand what made him lash out and be so bad at loving his children The family dynamics I loved, though And Patrick Oh I know him from Play It Again and he was such a delightful addition Quite mysterious and so enthralling hide spoiler

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