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Dawn Any Minute pdf Dawn Any Minute , ebook Dawn Any Minute , epub Dawn Any Minute , doc Dawn Any Minute , e-pub Dawn Any Minute , Dawn Any Minute 6f25ce012e0 Alice Has Too Much On Her Plate As The Owner Of A Children S Party Restaurant, She S Understaffed, Overextended, And The Frequent Brunt Of Parents Complaints At Home, She Has A Relationship That Never Worked, An Ailing Great Aunt, And A Daughter Whose Personal Crisis Threatens The Entire Family But To Forty Year Old Alice, Scarred And Traumatized By A Tragic Accident In Her Teens, The Present Is Far Easier To Handle Than Memories Of Her Past When A Stranger Arrives With A Legal Document From Years Ago, That S Only The Beginning Of A Series Of Events Which Upturn Her Life And Bring The Devastating Past Back Into The Present When Someone Long Gone Returns To Her, Alice Feels That A Miraculous Turning Point Has Arrived, And That She Has The Chance To Embrace The Life She Dreamed Of Before Everything Was Shattered She Finds The Nerve To Compete On A Television Cooking Show, Where She Encounters A Man Who Could Become Her Business Partner, But Who Wants Much, Much Can She Allow Herself To Take Necessary Risks, In Order To Cast Away Her Hand Me Down Life And Find Success And True Love, Or Is She Destined Always To Be That Wild, Headstrong Girl Who Can T Resist Making Faulty Choices Dawn Any Minute Is A Story Of Awakenings, In Which Hearts Long Slumbering Arise From The Ashes To Claim A Bright New Day

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    Alice is a woman who is tired of her life She owns a business but struggles to keep up She is in a relationship with a guy named Robin but the pair are mostly annoyed with each other Combine this with a secret past and a person from that part of Alice s life coming back into the picture, and thus comes together the plot of this romance novel Much of the beginning focuses on the dynamics of Alice s relationships, especially her relationship with her twenty two year old daughter Skye One of the sub plots of the novel revolves around her daughter and whether there was a mix up at the hospital Alice isn t sure Skye is her biological daughter However, the two are close and Skye tries to get her mother to open up and try news things.This is how Alice makes it onto a cooking game show which is where the real romance and plot twists begin There she meets someone who helps her expand her business and also offers her much But Alice is torn between several men and her struggle with her past Not to give anything away, I ll say the story becomes an engaging exploration into the conflicts and passions of a woman with much potential she need to discover for herself Dawn Any Minute has a solid narrative, distinct characters and a creative plot It s rich on dialogue which in the first part of the book can sometimes devolve into bickering than is needed to show the family dynamic The novel is far better than most of the 1 Kindle books out there, so if it s on sale or giveaway, definitely get it It s worth the cover price at 5.

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    Should Alice Live Safe Or Take The Biggest Risk Of Her Life Alice had a personal policy of staying under the radar she didn t take risks, didn t do ANYTHING that would rock anyone s boat, especially her own The only problem was, her business was in trouble, her daughter was in trouble, and her relationship was in major trouble Then it gets worse, her aunt gets dementia and Alice s life gets even worse To top it all off, the past she so desperately tied to forget now starts to crash in on her Finally, there is a glimmer of hope, but is Alice prepared to take the risk I absolutely loved this book From the opening page I become enmeshed in Alice s life As I met the people in Alice s life and learned about her, I became and curious about her past I not only wanted information, but wanted Alice s life to start working for her I wanted her to shed all the dysfunctional people in her life and to start living for herself instead of putting everyone else first.Definitely a fabulous read You too will be rooting for Alice, hoping she will make the right decision

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    A multi layered story of self discovery and loveI can t tell you how profoundly this book affected me It seemed simple enough, but the I read, the I felt it hitting me, right in the gut The issues Alice deals with are so compelling, and I really wanted her to find the happiness she deserved She s the sort of character I d like to have as a friend, and I felt a genuine connection with her and her story At one point I found myself sobbing So many exciting twists came along to keep me on my toes, and I didn t want to stop reading until I saw how it all worked out And let me tell you, that was a fantastic ending Great characters and a story you ll want to read than once A huge thumbs up.

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    I enjoyed this book, although it was one I walked away from several times because it seemed to get bogged down I am glad I finally picked it back up and stuck with it because it was definitely worth it.This was not the story of a perky 20 30 something finding the hunk of her life and living happily ever after This is the story of a woman who has lived a not so easy life, always working to please and appease others instead of following what her heart wants, until now This is the story of her Light Bulb moment and how she takes control of her life so speak, and how this decision effects those who have used her, and those that have loved her, all along.Not my usual cup of tea, but I enjoyed it all the same.

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    A beautifully written book that engages you start to finish.This is a wonderful book I found it enthralling from the first page and as I read and it just became interesting There were several super surprising twists, and some heartbreaking moments as well I really connected with Alice, the main character, as she tried to make her life happier and fulfilling and kept hoping she d choose the guy I wanted her to be with Fantastic story, wonderful ending I love this author s books she always makes me FEEL, and I m always happy to read her next book This is a story any woman could relate to and love.

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    A Wonderful Story of TransformationI m a big Nancy Frederick fan I ve read all her books, including her fantastic text on astrology which is how I found her It was so exciting to discover her novels as well.Dawn Any Minute is her newest book and I think her best It s a story about a woman who experienced a tragedy in her teens and sleepwalked through the next twenty years until something big happens, causing the past to come back so that she could choose a future that would actually be her own instead of the life other people fashioned for her Alice is a fascinating character spunky, funny, and hard working, and I kept rooting for her also to be happy There s a wonderful love story in this book but I wouldn t call it a romance novel It s contemporary fiction and contains deep and profound ideas, complicated family dynamics, and a difficult situation with an ailing elderly aunt All together, it s a deeply profound, thoughtful, and heartrending story that I already want to read again It s rare that a book is both a good time and something that makes you think That s what this book was for me HUGE thumbs up

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