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The Shivering Sands summary The Shivering Sands, series The Shivering Sands, book The Shivering Sands, pdf The Shivering Sands, The Shivering Sands 425bb10175 A Coastline Rich In Ancient Ruins, A Family Scandal, And Forbidden Love Are Buried In The Shivering Sands In This Gripping New Novel Of Suspense, Victoria Holt Again Spins Her Enchanting Web Of Romance And Terror Caroline Verlaine, Lovely Young Widow Of A World Famous Pianist, Comes To The Legend Haunted Stacy Estate To Investigate The Sudden Disappearance Of Her Sister, Roma As Caroline Falls Under The Strange Spell Of The Stacy Family And Its Macabre Past, She Becomes Aware That Her Sister Must Have Discovered Some Deadly Secret Among The Famous Nearby Ruins A Secret That Probably Cost Her Life, And Now Threatens Caroline Herself

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    An old fashioned, Gothic style mystery suspense novel by the prolific Victoria Holt, written in 1969, and set in what appears to be the late Victorian era in England there are trains but no automobiles girls put their hair up at age 17 Caroline Verlaine, a young widow and very talented pianist who had let her own career lapse in favor of supporting her husband s, takes a job at the mysterious Stacy mansion on the Kent coast in order to quietly investigate the disappearance of her older sister She s hired to give piano lessons to four somewhat odd young girls and to play occasional recitals There are lots of interesting characters living in and around the Stacy estate, and everyone seems to be keeping secrets of one sort or another There are also a couple of potential romantic interests to enliven matters although not too much Don t read this one for the romantic feelz, is what I m saying.I had fun trying to suss out who was the murderer with some success and why with somewhat less success It was a little far fetched in the end, but not so much that it ruined the fun for me I also thought The Shivering Sands made some good points about the choices we make in life and the consequences of those choices Two paths are opening up for you, Mrs Verlaine You will choose You chose once before Oh Mrs Verlaine, you are not as wise as you pretend to be Once you had a big decision to make and you didn t choose your music Were you right or wrong Only you can say because it is what you believe to be right which will be right for you It s enjoyable reading for retro Gothic suspense novel fans, but I wouldn t particularly recommend it if you re not a fan of the genre.

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    One of Holt s best, The Shivering Sands is a romance, a mystery and a darn good read Caroline, heartbroken over the death of her spouse, a brilliant pianist, and running out of money takes a job at the estate nearby where her only sister has gone missing Caroline s sister is an archaeologist and was studying the ancient Roman ruins near the Stacy estate, where she seems to have vanished into thin air Roma, Caroline s sister, was a practical, strong woman, not given to running away from her duty, so Caroline gives her life a new purpose in searching for her.Soon Caroline meets her 3 pupils, all girls and all having a tenuous link to the estate, Alice, meek and mild, is the illegitimate daughter of Sir William, the patriarch Allegra, is the illegitimate daughter of Sir William s son Napier, and Edith, the only grown woman of the 3 and married to Napier It is all a sticky wicket and Caroline has to balance her piano teaching with searching and asking questions about Roma, without giving away the fact that they were sisters.She is drawn to the cynical, brooding Napier who, like Caroline, has a dark history and one he would like to forget Caroline finds herself feeling sorry for Napier who is reviled by all for accidentally killing his older, much beloved brother Beau when they were teenagers Pity isn t all she feels for him and she treads a thin line, knowing her only real goal is to find out what happened to her sister.

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest Read for the Unapologetic Romance Readers Halloween 2018 Reading Challenge for the category of A romance written by an author who is dead As if I needed an excuse to read gothic romances well, I do, which is why I m taking part in a Halloween Reading Challenge designed to celebrate all things paranormal, dark, and spooky in my favorite genre romance.Victoria Holt, who died in 1993, was one of the obvious go to choices for the author who is dead category Not only was she exceptionally prolific, she was also a writer in two of my favorite vintage romance subgenres pulpy gothics and pulpy historicals the historicals were written under the penname, Jean Plaidy The only problem with that is that being so prolific means that sometimes, quality takes a nosedive There are Holt novels that I loved and then there are Holt novels that left me shaking my head and going WHAT.THE SHIVERING SANDS has a kind of silly title, which made me think of the Shifting Sand Lands level from Mario 64, and an equally silly premise Our heroine, Caroline, was the only non archeologist in her family She loved music One day, both her parents died tragically on their way to a dig, leaving her archeology loving sister, Roma, and her both adult orphans to pave their own way Roma continued doing her thing and became a prominent influence in her field, whereas Caroline decided to give up her passion to be supportive of her man, Pietro, whom she obviously still respects despite him being a grade A jerk who says things like you are worthy of me He dies tragically too, and Caroline fiddlefarts around until Roma goes missing on a dig in Kent, after which Caroline decides to go play some Scooby Doo and figure out where her sister went.WARNING SPOILERS Being the widow of a famous pianist and a pianist of some repute herself gives her easy entrance to the family who owns the lands where Roma was investigating And this family this family has one of the most confusing vipers nest of a relationship tree that I have encountered in a while She becomes piano teacher to three girls, one of whom is the vicar s daughter Silvia The other two girls, Allegra and Alice, have TWO different mothers Alice is, I believe, the illegitimate child of the vicar s daughter s wife and the Stacy patriarch, Sir William Allegra is the daughter of the black sheep son of Sir William, Napier, and a gypsy woman This means that Alice, while being young enough to be Napier s daughter, is actually his step sister and Silvia s half sister There s this crazy old woman named Sybil who likes to paint creepy paintings, and I think she is Sir William s spinster sister, which would make her Alice s aunt, and Allegra s great aunt Napier, meanwhile, is engaged to Sir William s rich ward, Edith, which has put him back in his father s favor, because he has been ostracized for several years due to his possible murder of his younger brother and family golden child, Beau, which led his mother to commit suicide BUT WAIT, there s As it turns out, Allegra is actually Beau s daughter, not Napier s, so she is his niece, and not his daughter And Alice isn t Sir William s child at all, but the child of a criminal If that doesn t give you a headache, I m not sure what will But man, I had a hell of a time trying to keep track of all these people.THE SHIVERING SANDS is one of my least favorite Holt novels It s so boring and slow to start that I skimmed for the first 150 pages or so Then she employs this gross trope she s done in a couple of other books of hers that I can t stand The heroine falls for a MARRIED man and Holt legitimizes this relationship by killing off the wife somehow so he s freed up for the heroine The author did this in THE DEVIL ON HORSEBACK as well, which is another book of hers I wasn t crazy about It was even annoying here because the wife was killed in a series of 80s slasher movie esque murder sprees, as well as the heroine s sister which bummed me out I was hoping she d be returned safely To the author s credit, I actually didn t guess who the killer was until the reveal, and the heroine ends up in some pretty serious trouble at the end Too bad the previous 200 pages before the grand reveal didn t make me care Also, F that hero, who is just as judgy and pretentious as her ex husband He doesn t have any of the rugged gothic charm that some of Holt s other heroes have, and the excessive name drops of Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre didn t win this book any favors, because all it did was remind me of other, better gothic romances that I could be reading instead.I m even annoyed because usually I only spend 1.99 on an ebook, but since this is an author I usually like, I bit the bullet and spend 2.50 or whatever it was this ebook cost when it was on sale So the fact that I did that and had this book blow so much was the straw on the camel s back, as far as I m concerned If you want to get into this author, I d recommend starting with THE PRIDE OF THE PEACOCK, MENFREYA IN THE MORNING, or ON THE NIGHT OF THE SEVENTH MOON Stay away from this one, though, unless you want to be annoyed and confused, like I was.2 to 2.5 stars

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    There was no sign of her It was as though she had just walked out into nowhere The quick run down on the plot heroine Caroline comes to the Dover Coast in search of her sister who vanished without a trace sister was an archaeologist working on local digs Caroline studied music, and she comes to the Napier household in the guise of a piano tutor for the young ladies in residence at the manor In true Victoria Holt fashion, it doesn t take long for things to go bump in the night is there a ghost , a brooding hero did he do the dirty deed and there s mystery and suspense a plenty for our plucky heroine to deal with.And then there s those shivering sands But it was low water and I saw the sands lovely looking clean golden sand, all rippled There were deep holes and these were filled with water and the sand moves as you watch and forms itself into strange shapes, like monsters some of them with claws waiting to catch anyone who wandered there and pull them down shudders I loved this one, and Holt kept me guessing until the very end and fooled me Kindle copy obtained via library loan.

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    What a tangled web she weaves And what fun for the reader to untangle slowly along with Caroline This hits all the right buttons for me We have intriguing conversations, mysterious goings on but not too dark as to be depressing, a variety of strange characters, tons of atmosphere, strong female protagonist with a passion music This actually keeps reminding me of Rebecca but I like this much better I was not bored for a minute with this and it is not as dreary I love that so much happens never a dull moment There are so many possible culprits here and I thought I figured it out but nope Just a little bit of innocent romance is the icing on the cake Not to mention, castles, seaside, Roman ruinsWe never really know when this takes place exactly but I would put it in the mid to late 1800s There is a Wilkie Collins reference and no cars, only trains A couple little things I would change Why does the protagonist always venture out alone in the night repeatedly when she knows there is danger afoot Why does the right person always appear at the right time Why does Caroline not show emotion with respect to the disappearance of her sister Still, I am thrilled to have read my first Holt, she is a top notch writer and I will surely read many My copy 2013 advertises that her books have sold over 100 million copies I had no idea pulls head out of sand 4.5

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    2017 Summer Lovin Reading List In many ways, this is a very dated Gothic romance after all, it was first published in 1969 I m pretty sure that I read it as a teenager, but it must not have been part of my personal collection, because this reading felt like I was enjoying it for the first time There are enough differences from Holt s usual romance formula to make it feel a bit fresher plot wise too.A young widow, Caroline Verlaine, takes a position as music teacher at an estate close to excavated Roman ruins where her sister had been working as an archaeologist, only to disappear under mysterious circumstances Concealing her relationship to the missing woman, Caroline tries to trace her missing sister There are no poisonous distant relatives, exiling Caroline to a tedious life of uninspired pupils, penury, and living below stairs She has freely chosen her position for a specific reason, she has an undeniable talent for music, and is therefore much less rebellious than other Holt heroines Of course, further disappearances occur and there are mysterious goings on that lure Caroline into dangerous situations If I have any complaints, it is that the ending was a bit abrupt and completely predictable I felt the heroine s choice should have been just a bit difficult, requiring a just bit agonizing than occurred The book ends suddenly with Caroline s choice, giving no insight into what happens to numerous other characters who formed an integral part of the story.Still, in this genre, this was a very enjoyable novel.

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    I usually stray away from the romance genre, but I love these old Gothic mysteries and this one is no exception The Shivering Sands is eerie, suspenseful and subtly haunting in its plot and assortment of original characters.

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    Victoria Holt really was the queen of the Gothic romance Spent many enjoyable hours reading her novels over the years They are a little dated now but you can never detract from a story well told Many reviews already on offer but if Gothic romance with a well plotted mystery component is what you are looking for then this novel does deliver Love the air of sinister foreboding and isolation Also enjoyed that the culprit wasn t readily apparent Enjoyed all the characters on offer here.

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    Oh My Another shiveringly good book, of which I ve no idea what to say What can one say when a book is so good Caroline Brandon was the black sheep of her family She had dared to turn her nose up at archaeologists and therefore, her parents as well as her older sister, Roma Their one comfort was that their daughter was musical, amazingly so Caroline gave her family up for music, only to give her music up, for Pietro.Selfish, Passionate and Brilliant Pietro Only to lose him, the only person who understood her, knew she would never be as good as him, knew she was not an artist, just a performer Gullibly she swallowed his tales, and believes that she wasn t and never would be anything above the average Now that Pietro was gone Roma was her only comfort Roma, whose worth Caroline never fully realized till now Roma, whose only fault was that she couldn t understand why everyone didn t love Archaeology She brought Caroline out of her doldrums, set her almost free from Pietro s grasp Then Roma too, is gone Caroline must and will find out the truth of her disappearance, she won t believe the stories she has been told, they just can t be right So she goes to Kent, the very place her sister disappeared, but someone there doesn t want her to know, and they will do anything, anything at all to stop her By the time she finds the secret of The Shivering Sands, it may all be too late Worse, insanity may be hidden in the crevasses of Kent s countryside, waiting for her to pass within reach of the long, entangling fingers The sea is a very long way down, and the sucking, bubbling sands are ready for another burial to be hidden in their depths The White Cliffs of Dover Loved it, words can not describe the tingling sensation The Shivering Sands gave me I am afraid that if I let myself put faces to the names that it will be too real, that the terror will over run me and I too, will be like the masts sticking up awkwardly from the sea I didn t always like Caroline, she was an idiot Why did she marry that Pietro He thought he was better than her, and I hated his high handedness Some of the other characters I didn t like either Napier was unknowingly cruel though how he didn t realize it I don t know His wife would be reduced to a shaking leaf because he was trying to help her through her fears He only made them worse All because he wanted a wife he could be proud of What about her What kind of husband did she want Did he think of that No Arrgh Other than that, I only liked Alice, she was so sweet Innocent Pure Obedient Grave Alice This poem Alice quoted sums the story up From my study, I see in the lamplightDecending the broad hall stairGrave Alice and Laughing AllegraAnd Edith with the golden hairA whisper and then a silence Yet I know by their merry eyesThey are plotting and planning togetherTo take me by surprise Page 56 As for the murderer, he she was delightful unexpected and creepy.PG for talk of Love Children, Mistresses and of course, murder As well as a hand reading , however it s a bit like Mr Rochester s gypsy game in Jane Eyre

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    Plenty of Gothic fun and suspense I found it too implausible for full enjoyment, but once I deliberately suspended disbelief it was an easy and diverting read I have too literal a mind for some kinds of books and I tend to take a very dim view of abusive men with dark pasts My inner Mr Spock kept getting in the way, too, noting that there were rather too many crazy people wandering around Lovat Mill, that everyone seemed to be hiding an improbable number of secrets, and that quicksand does not work quite the way the book suggests You ll enjoy it if you re in the mood for dark heroes, dark shadows and a spooky tale well told Content rating PG No sex or bloody scenes, but a nasty murderer, suggested paranormal happenings and plenty of nut cases and out of wedlock babies.

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