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    This is a fabulous and beautiful read This is a memoir that takes us on a journey to find that true place we can call home The book could be about any of us Who hasn t felt empty and disconnected at some point in our lives Rapoport DesPres struggles, but never gives up, on the search to find a home that will make her feel whole again Her writing is both lyrical and accessible This book will appeal to you if you are a regular reader of well written books or a serious writer literary type.Just buy it and get ready to go on a special journey of words and life experiences.

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    Read a complimentary advance galley in preparation for author QA

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    I don t read many essay collections, I like longer forms, but the name of this one struck me just right It wasn t long before I found myself enveloped by a sense of warm familiarity the mark of an excellent writer, the ability to make the particular universal with well chosen words that lead you right into the heart of the matter My favorite story was the one with the blue jay of the title, when the author comes across a blue jay standing in the middle of the path on the opposite side of the road staring intently at her, Its bright blue plumage seemed to defy the dreariness of the day, even though the tuft of feathers on top of its head had been flattened in the downpour and lay bedraggled against the bird s head and neck Each essay had this same kind of particularity along with layers of meaning that had me eager for the next Beautifully written.

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    Cathartic for the author, no doubtI believe it s beneficial to write down your joys and problems and it s especially helpful if your life is filled with turmoil and pain So this book, actually a diary of anguish and hurt, was certainly a cathartic experience for our author.I had trouble reading straight through this and after the first 27% I had to skip ahead to see if there was anything different from the beginning quarter Unfortunately it only seemed to become darker and depressing I m sure there s some benefit in this reading and this author is well spoken, but I can t really recommend this book.

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    Message from a Blue Jay is a chronicle of its author s journey through a sort of mid life crisis This is accomplished by a series of essays on a variety of subjects written at various times in her life between the ages of 39 and 49 She seems to have suffered through a mild but lengthy depression that was exacerbated by a tumor earlier in her life whose removal rendered her unable to have children and by the death of her mother in law shortly after marrying her second husband.The best of the essays is the one about her encounter with the blue jay on a rainy day in January The next best is about her neighbors in the aftermath of a hurricane.I found many of the essays kind of depressing, although, to be fair, she seems to have made a concerted effort to find a positive lesson in each situation with which to move forward They are all well written By the last one, she seems to have once found a certain joy in life, if only for a brief while.

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    Moving and PersonalAs a would be writer of as yet unpublished memoirs, this book resonated intensely Ms DesPres is a talented authorr who transmits a broad gamut of emotions with a sense of utmost honesty The only very minor criticism I have is an occasional overuse of adjectives but this is, of course, a matter of style and taste I will definitely seek out other books by this author

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    Solid memoir of finding one s way Enjoyed it.

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    I can t remember how I found this book But the important thing is I found it It was one of the best pieces of writing I ve had the pleasure of reading in a long time As a writer, I enjoy finding fun stories similar to my own that make me feel connected to the literary world, that somehow justifies my placement among other writers Message From A Bluejay didn t do this for me Instead, Faye Rapoport DesPres s exquisite work demonstrates to me how much attention my writing needs.Genre I write action adventure novels, and thus usually read action adventure novels I stepped out of my inner circle and ventured into nonfiction I m SO glad I did Message From A Blue Jay is a memoir cataloguing real events, poignant moments of solitude and reflection, spanning a lifetime, from a car ride with her father to a middle aged concert with her husband A Boston concert Fun fact Boston s first album was the first ever CD I bought This is a nonfiction work that studies key moments in one person s life, an ordinary person who struggles with confidence, love, illness, and who searches for meaning in a world riddled with solitude and pain Writing Style The story is told in a series of essays written throughout DesPres s life The essays describe singular moments, independent struggles, that when read individually mark one particular time in the author s life, but when taken together, encapsulate the troubled soul of a woman longing for something that s been missing Each essay stands alone Stories within a much larger and sadder story I related to DesPres s essays in a real way Perhaps this is because I ve experienced many of her themes and felt the same pains she explores in her writing.Voice For me, a memoir is only as strong as the voice telling the story No matter the story, the writer must connect with his or her readers We must care for the storyteller We must feel close to her Faye Rapoport DesPres accomplishes this I fell in love with her in her writing I wanted to reach out to her and let her know she isn t alone, that there are others in the world going through similar struggles Her honest and sincere prose allowed me to connect with her in a real way, and I came away from the novel feeling like I d experienced the struggles she detailed.Memoirs aren t for everyone Some readers prefer forgetting the pain in the world Message From A Blue Jay may not be for those readers But I love this novel I m astonished by the writing It brought me closer to my humanity and helped me understand my own struggle a little bit better And somehow I hope the quality of this work rubbed off on me and improved me as writer You should definitely check it out.

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    A MESSAGE FROM A BLUE JAY LIFE, LOSS, AND ONE WRITER S JOURNEY HOME is an honest and brave memoir told in personal essays Faye was born, and raised, against a backdrop of loss, and for much of her life, she s had the sense that she was always holding the carrot of happiness just beyond her reach Her father is a Holocaust survivor She grew up without her extended family She had a hysterectomy as a young woman She watched her mother in law die from a brain tumor She is also a rescuer of stray cats and caterpillars, a seeker who has learned that one of the advantages of oversensitivity is the ability to feel immeasurable joy, too Sometimes love can be discovered while feeding a cat, singing ABBA songs in a car with a friend, or when your husband brings you a cup of coffee, all the while knowing you cannot save the world, and you can t stop death Yet, how do you carry on The title chapter, where a blue jay startles her by hopping across a road toward her in the pouring rain, is astonishing When the bird is at her feet, she can t help but ask Are you here to tell me something Incredibly, the bird hops onto her boot She knows it s ridiculous For some people a blue jay is just a blue jay, and death is just death I am not so sure She realizes she has to let go of the things she cannot change and create meaning in life.Faye is a truth seeker In an essay on memoir, she stated, The best teaching writers I ve worked with often tell me that writing personal essays is, at its heart, a form of inquiry You start with the intention of revisiting a memory, re telling an event, or relating an observation, but really you are searching for what it all means Your goal is to find, as essayist and memoirist Vivian Gornick would say, the story behind the situation The process is never as simple as you think, at least for me it isn t But in the end, if you stick stubbornly with your subject and explore it with all your guts, you learn what is behind your need to write about it and it s not always what you expect And, in MESSAGE FROM A BLUE JAY, Fay shares this time and place with strangers, this era that is and has been my life in a way that gives us surprising inspiration It s a memoir of great hope against a backdrop of loss.

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    Normally, I don t like reading memoirs They seem full of self pity, half lies, and extenuation People who write memoirs want to make money by telling their or less exciting life story I ve never understood the concept of writing a memoir.Why would anyone want to read someone else s life story, unless that someone is Henry Kissinger or Kofi Annan What could there be in a normal person s life that would make it so interesting that someone else would want to buy and read it Why would I read how a stranger travels to London, visits a dying mother in law, or tries to save a feral cat What is the allure Here s the thing Faye has written a memoir, and it s about all those things traveling to Europe, dealing with uterine cancer too early in life, watching her mother in law die, and yes, talking to a blue jay in the middle of a downpour on a lonely road.She writes about growing up and feeling ugly don t we all , and about herself as a young woman, trying to find herself in a world full of turmoil and imponderables.What sets Faye s memoir apart though is that she looks beyond what meets the eye, is apparent, and finds meaning She is not afraid to learn from what she encounters Every essay in this collection tells a small story, but each is also a lesson that Faye learned, and shares with us.That blue jay on the road It teaches acceptance We don t have control We don t control our deaths, we don t control much in our lives We need to accept them as they come Life isn t about control it s about letting go, about gracefully and patiently accepting what comes our way.Faye Rapoport DesPres is an excellent writer.In fact, she s one of the best writers I ve read Her style is poetic, lyrical, observant, and lush, but never excessive, never florid Her sentences have a lovely cadence, a natural flow, that make them dance easily through the reader s mind.A memoir Yes, Message from a Blue Jay is a memoir A memoir I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Message From a Blue Jay - Love Loss and One Writers Journey Home summary pdf Message From a Blue Jay - Love Loss and One Writers Journey Home , summary chapter 2 Message From a Blue Jay - Love Loss and One Writers Journey Home , sparknotes Message From a Blue Jay - Love Loss and One Writers Journey Home , Message From a Blue Jay - Love Loss and One Writers Journey Home 405f200 From An Astonishing Blue Jay To A Lone Humpback Whale, From The Back Roads Of Her Home Town To The Streets Of Jerusalem And The Tower Of London, Debut Author Faye Rapoport DesPres Examines A Modern Life Marked By A Passion For The Natural World, Unexpected Love, And Shocking Loss, And Her Search For A Place She Can Finally Call Home In This Beautifully Crafted Memoir In EssaysThree Weeks Before She Turns Forty, Nothing About Her Life Fit The Usual Mold She Is Single, Living In A Rented House In Boulder, Colorado, And Fitting Dance Classes And Nature Hikes Between Workdays At A Software Start Up That Soon Won T Exist While Contemplating A Sky Still Hazy From Summer Wildfires, She Decides To Take Stock Of Her Nomadic Life And To Find The Real Reasons She Never Settled Down The Choices She Makes From That Moment On Lead Her To Re Trace Her Steps Both In The States And Abroad As She Attempts To Understand Her Life But Instead Of Going Back, She Finds Herself Moving Forward To New Love, Shocking Loss, And Finally, In A Way That She Never Expects, To A Place That She Can Almost Call HomeReaders Who Love The Memoirs And Personal Essays Of Such Rising Contemporary Writers As Cheryl Strayed, Joy Castro, And Kim Dana Kupperman, Will Appreciate Faye S Observational Eye, Her Passion For The Natural World And The Creatures That Inhabit It, And Her Search For The Surprising Truths Behind The Events Of Our Daily Lives

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  • 286 pages
  • Message From a Blue Jay - Love Loss and One Writers Journey Home
  • Faye Rapoport DesPres
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  • 22 December 2019
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About the Author: Faye Rapoport DesPres

Faye Rapoport DesPres has spent much of her writing career as a journalist and business nonprofit writer In 2010 she earned her MFA from the Solstice Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College, where she focused on creative nonfiction Her journalism has appeared in The New York Times, Animal Life, Trail and Timberline, and other publications and her personal essays, fiction, and poetry have