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Strange Fruit, Volume I pdf Strange Fruit, Volume I , ebook Strange Fruit, Volume I , epub Strange Fruit, Volume I , doc Strange Fruit, Volume I , e-pub Strange Fruit, Volume I , Strange Fruit, Volume I 8e24a8da534 Strange Fruit, Volume I Is A Collection Of Stories From African American History That Exemplifies Success In The Face Of Great Adversity This Unique Graphic Anthology Offers Historical And Cultural Commentary On Nine Uncelebrated Heroes Whose Stories Are Not Often Found In History Books Among The Stories Included Are Henry Box Brown, Who Escaped From Slavery By Mailing Himself To Philadelphia Alexander Crummel And The Noyes Academy, The First Integrated School In America, Established In The S Marshall Major Taylor, Aka The Black Cyclone, The First Black Champion In Any Sport And Bass Reeves, The Most Successful Lawman In The Old West Written And Illustrated By Joel Christian Gill, The Diverse Art Beautifully Captures The Spirit Of Each Remarkable Individual And Opens A Window Into An Important Part Of American History

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    Most people are struck by the title Strange Fruit It brings back horrific memories of America s sordid past But Gill is not focused on that narrative His purpose is to uplift those that rose in the face of oppression and were able to cut the rope that lynched them Told in vignettes that celebrate unsung heroes of times past, Strange Fruit is a compilation of graphic stories fit for the entire family I used this book as bedtime stories for my children Before I knew it my husband was drifting in and out of the room listening in As a family we are looking forward to sharing of Joel Christian Gill s work Joel Christian Gill Are there are any carmel colored indigenous tribes in West Africa Probably not There are, however, countless accounts of the wholesale rape and torture of black women That means for black people the very violence that is embedded in American history is also embedded in our blackness our light skin, and soft features are from years of rape It is rather depressing, but also empowering, because it means that in the history of my skin tone there was a woman who survived, and thrived in the place where unspeakable things happened to her There are those who will say that I shouldn t think like that, or that I should not be so focused on race The problem is that if I never look in a mirror, or at a photo of myself, or I become truly blind to the color of my skin it will not matter to the world because America will remind me But, that reminder will also cause me to be aware of the fact that I am the product of perseverance in the face of tragedy Joel Christian Gill

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    Where do I start Honestly, I saw the cover a few times here and there on a few blogs very few but did not think anything of it at all The title was a bit of a turn off and I had not a clue to what was behind the cover Why was I put off by the title Well as a Black woman the phrase Strange Fruit coined by a poem Billie Holiday sang brings the worst feelings from seeing pictures of Blacks who were hung from trees Needless to say, I thought this book would be a downer But when I saw the book at the library something made me pick it up I had a Slap Your Self On The Forehead surprised moment with all the humor, informative and beautiful artwork on each and every page Black folks in the US have had a hard and long struggle just trying to make it to the American Dream Our struggle was and is still met with opposition on all fronts by violence and hate, but I think the worst is being forgotten This book reminds you of African Americans who might be forgotten by history and our children if not told Just look at Texas trying to rewrite their children s history books LORD Back to the bookI love it I love the short but informative stories told with love and understanding and like I said humor He even made the n word and Jim Crow easy to swallow without taking away their meaning The author Joel Christian Gill is a true artist in the purest form and this book should be a collectors addition to every household A billion years ago Ebony magazine made a set of encyclopedia books about African American history This should I hope be the first book in a 100 book series I would buy each and every single one This is a must read Yes go get it and read it now

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    I stumbled upon this hidden gem while doing the Read Harder challenge The task was to read a non super hero comic that debuted in the last year I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that someone recommended this book and that my library had an e book copy to lend Though I think oddly titled, the intent was to reclaim the phrase or at least to add a new interpretation Strange fruit for me has connotations of lynching Strange fruit here is meant to connote uncommon or unfamiliar sweet, juicy stories These are tales from the margins Not widely know moments in African American history Though honestly Major Taylor is a HUGE legend among avid cyclists like me There is an entire line of cycling jerseys designed around him and named for him. The illustrations were really great and the stories were interesting and for the most part hopeful and positive The book does have some glorification of violence and some abuses of trust and use of deception which might not make for the best lessons even though they were a factual part of history Overall, I think it s a great find and I learned a thing or two myself 4 plus Stars

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    If he d featured uncelebrated women of color, this book would ve gotten the full five stars.I genuinely hope volume 2 will be for the women.This is so wonderful So many of the stories I had to hide behind my computer screen in case my coworker saw me tearing up At the same time, there s humor, and heart The subject of Jim Crow is done in such a glorious way, an evil flock of crows coming after people Two Letters was my favorite Both the story, and the style It probably did the most damage to my tear ducts.So well done Such heart wrenching stories, told in a way that is educational and occasionally entertaining I cannot say enough how lovely this is.Again, though, Mr Gill Women of color next volume, please thanks.

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    Fantastic The biographies are very well written It took a few pages for the art to grow on me, but by the time I finished the book I loved it And the people that Gill chose to include are somewhat unusual and obscure, as well as being incredibly interesting Maybe the best thing is that this is volume one, and there will eventually be at least one .

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    This is beautifully illustrated and extremely readable What I like about this is it features well known stories, like that of Henry Box Brown with less well known stories like The Malaga of Maine I would say this is appropriate for grade school aged children

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    I don t think I can review this book I have mixed feelings regarding this book However I suggest you to read once It s a great read

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    Joel Christian Gill accomplished his task with this graphic novel of telling the stories of 9 exceptional African Americans and their quest to always move forward Each of these people were new to me, and told in snapshots through colorful illustrations that was both enjoyable and easy to retain Each of them, sparked in me, the need to learn and know about them The bibliography is well documented as well, making my forward quest easier in search of about each person.

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    Like Nate Powell s March series, this is a historical work focusing on African Americans, few of whom I knew about at all The stories are about told in much depth, but they are of essentially unknown uncelebrated, as he says people vs., say, the well known Sen John Lewis, featured in The March, Lewis s first person story but the stories are often compelling and worth retelling, such as Henry Box Brown who mailed himself in a box to freedom, and lived to write a book about it Or Henry Bucky Lew, the first African American basketball player Or Richard Potter, a magician, whose greatest illusion wasn t revealed until he was on his deathbed I won t tell, read the book , and Theophilus Thompson, who went from slave to chess master Great stories, and just introductions to their stories, so you can look deeply elsewhere, but with images to urge you along that path And stories of both hardship and horror, not just inspirational coffee table stories such as happens with Rosa Parks picture books Gill doesn t ignore the pains to focus on the gains, shall we say, though the tone is still generally light.Now, these stories are directed to a younger audience, maybe meant for teens, but the tone seems younger Dean Gill is Associate Dean of Student Affairs at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and this indicates he s an older gentleman I note that because I felt like the humor and dialogue moved in an older person s direction, an older person talking not to sophisticated teens but young children The art is bold and colorful, though I wasn t in love with it generally Gill knows composition, but this feels a little simple and cartoony for me Again, it s part of the package, meant to seem lighter and colorful and less oppressive than it might be Balancing compositional principles for his audience I get that This is volume 1 in a long series What a contribution to history an imagined set of ten of these would make to American classrooms I ll read , that s for sure.

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    I really wish the illustrations on the inside matched the illustration on the cover Based on that cover, I expected something adjacent to Rick Geary s style instead, this reminded me of Trickster Native American Tales and District Comics in style, as well as form.This is a collection of underexposed nonfiction stories about Black Americans We meet Henry Box Brown, the first known black magician, a black cyclist, and and These stories absolutely need to be told.Personally, I just don t really enjoy digital illustration in quite this style But that s a personal issue.

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