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Full Dark explained Full Dark , review Full Dark , trailer Full Dark , box office Full Dark , analysis Full Dark , Full Dark 13f1 Hunted And Unable To Protect Herself, A Sorceress Named Ashlyn Struck A Deal With The Embodiment Of Her Worst Fears, An Ancient And Powerful Vampire Named Brennen In Exchange For That Protection, Brennen Demands Blood, And Over The Years He Has Grown Addicted To The Rush Of Magic Inside Her Veins They Live In A Dangerous Underground Of Monsters And Supernatural Beings This Community, Collective Known As The Hidden, Has Only One Rule Remain HiddenAshlyn Discovers She S Being Followed By A Young Detective Named Hayden, Who Seems To Know She Isn T Human Forced To Play Double Agent Between Two Rival Factions Of The Hidden, She Desperately Tries To Protect Hayden Before He Follows Her Into The Middle Of A Supernatural Civil War

  • ebook
  • 251 pages
  • Full Dark
  • Ty Lawrence
  • English
  • 10 June 2018

About the Author: Ty Lawrence

Ty Lawrence is an oil painter and art school dropout in Oklahoma City, who loves all things supernatural and science fiction She lives with her husband Jay, daughter Sairen and smokes an electronic cigarette as if the thing was packed with heroin.

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    Full Dark by Ty Lawrence is not what I expected when the publisher first offered me a copy for review In the modern supernatural world populated by fantasies of sexy vampires and alpha weres, Full Dark is entirely different in ways breathtaking, horrifying and deeply disturbing on a visceral level This is a world of darkness, a Dante inspired fantasy of blood and death In these pages, the dreams of the Dark Ages are born anew, brought forward into modern times These are not the fangs of teenage dreams, nor the fur and claws of the sexy wolf This is black blood and torn flesh, torture and enslavement and pain Ashlyn is a sorceress in a world that makes her a victim, her blood a narcotic to vampires At a very young age her family is slaughtered and she is taken from her home to be savaged by a group of feral vampires Rescued by the Master Vampire Brennan she is still a captive, kept for her addictive blood But at least she is safe from the rouges who would keep her chained and savaged Called The Hidden, the supernatural exist in a dark and dangerous world, hidden amongst the humans, who know nothing of their existence Or do they War is coming in this dark and hidden world And while war foments Ashlyn has become a pawn of forces out of her control, forces who wish to use her, or hold her for their own And the relationship between Ashlyn and Brennan becomes even strained as Ashlyn strains against Brennan s control, while knowing that her only safety is actually within his care Further complicating matters is Lord Sorcerer Finn, a sorcerer of great and terrible power, who controls the Vox, the lands inhabited by the supernatural Hidden, who has his own agenda, and a strange and terrible control over Ashlyn This is a magnificent and terrible story The characters are than just well written The reach out of the pages and pull you into their story, whether in hate or admiration, and often in both at the same time Ashlyn herself tugged me in both directions A victim for so long, she made me deeply sad one moment and furious the next She is deeply scared, reaching for a life she will never have while turning her back on the one she might, a life of strength and control over her own fate Desperate for a humanity that is not hers to have, she protects the police officer, Hayden, who has secrets of his own which will put him directly in the sights of Brennan And in so doing, places herself in tremendous danger on his behalf.This is a multilayered tale of power and depth that I would not wish to have missed A tale of bitter and broken characters, of hate and pain, loss and death and the choices one must make to survive And yet, through it all, there is a thread of love and warmth which can be found in the worst of situations But can one learn to accept that love, and what will one do to protect those whom we love

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    Ashlyn wakes up one morning soaking wet, and in her clothes, but isn t sure how she got that way It s normal for her to wake up after sleep walking, and be a bit confused, but it s never been this extreme Was she capable of attacking someone while asleep, she doesn t think so, until the cops show up at her door.Ashlyn is a sorcerer, which vampires love because of their blood which is like a narcotic, and extremely addictive What happens when Ashlyn finds out she might have actually attacked a large group of hellhounds, vampires and other supernatural beings, but can t remember any of it What has she gotten herself into, and how will she get herself out of it.This book was extremely interesting, with a great spin on the typical vampire books Not may vampire books that I have read have had sorcerers incorporated into them It has great imagination and a great amount of detail Almost too much detail, since there is a lot of filler and extra information included all throughout the book that seems to go on and on, when I was mainly interested in the main plot of the story.I did enjoy reading all of the book, I just wish the theme would ve stuck with the war that is approaching them and left out a lot of the extra info that seems to just take up time and space Overall I would give this book a 5 5 It s got great detail and creativity that made this book a one of a kind read.

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    Full Dark by Ty Lawrence is not my usual genre I am ashamed to say the Twilight books which were only okay in my opinion are the only vampire novels I have read since my Anne Rice days Full Dark not only had vampires, but werewolves and witches and sorcerers, and yet somehow Lawrence has written a book that feels real and grabs you by the throat so to speak The main character is a sorceress named Ashlyn, who has a complicated relationship with a vampire named Brennen I loved Ashlyn She was a deep and realistic character and the dynamic between her and Brennen was so strange, but so compelling I love how the author weaves this fantasy world into an everyday existence Ashlyn works at a coffee shop and is much human and vulnerable at the beginning than her otherworld counterparts The writing is excellent, the characters are multidimensional and the plot is literally out of this world I really did not want to stop reading once I started I can totally see the movie for this book it would be awesome There is definitely some blood, gore and fantasy horror, the tone of the book is dark, although Ashlyn herself is not Even when she is down, you know she is not out Hope this one will be a series I would love to read by Lawrence.

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    Ashlyn is a sorceress but she is not a very powerful one Her life is spent enslaved to a vampire named Brennen who is addicted to her blood Ashlyn loathes him but knows that without his protection she will quickly held captive by another vampire who may not be as kind as Brennen Though Ashlyn s yellow eyes mark her as other, she wants nothing than to participate in the human world and pretend that she is not different.Ashlyn suddenly finds out her precarious her world is when she awakes one morning to find her house entirely empty Not only is Brennan missing but so are all of the children he sired Things escalate when the cops start sniffing around and asking questions Ashlyn can possibly answer if she wants to remain alive Full Dark is told in the first person and this would have worked if Ashlyn was even remotely an interesting character She spent most of her time simpering and being anything but active I understand that Ashlyn spent most of the book in peril surrounded by creatures far stronger than herself but she was nothing but a pawn throughout the story Even her one rebellion keeping a nosy cop alive was weak Ashlyn seemed to spend far too much time either screaming, drinking or crying Ashlyn existed largely to be a victim.The writing is a huge stumbling block in this novel It was either sharp staccato sentences which had no flow whatsoever, or extended of prose so purple it would make Barney envious Lawrence spent far too much time describing minutia that had no real baring on the story We didn t need to know what Brennan was wearing every time he was in a scene for instance Why was it necessary to tell us that Ashlyn was wearing all Black when that was her standard choice of clothing There were several female characters in the novel Ashlyn did have a very close relationship with Kaye but unfortunately the majority of their interaction seemed focused on taking about Brennan The same is true of Ashlyn s interactions with Elizabeth This of course does not rise to the standard of passing the Bechdel test Given that Ashlyn and Kaye were best friends, you would think at some point they could at least have reminisced about their childhood or some other event.Brennan was Ashlyn s captor who forced her to offer her to offer him his blood several times a day She consented because she had no choice and yet Ashlyn was constantly accused of being self centered and cruel because she could not love him The truth is, Ashlyn very much did have positive feelings about Brennan even after she found out that he had allowed her to be raped repeatedly for years Had the relationship between them been explained as some sort of stockholm syndrome it would have made sense but instead it read like far too many other novels in this series a justification of abuse as love In terms of racial inclusion we were treated to a token named man of colour in Lance Lance is the werewolf who Kaye was interested in and beyond that we learn nothing about him His presence in Full Dark took up exactly one paragraph This is horrible considering this novel is set in Texas When exactly did Texas develop such a homogenous population There were absolutely no GLBT characters in Full Dark and while this is common in the genre, erasure is not acceptable Read More

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