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The Alehouse Murders summary The Alehouse Murders, series The Alehouse Murders, book The Alehouse Murders, pdf The Alehouse Murders, The Alehouse Murders c66acc0521 A Templar Treasure For Mystery Readers An Honorable Yet World Weary Knight Templar Solves The Mysteries Of Medieval England After Eight Years Of Captivity In The Holy Land, Templar Bascot De Marins Escapes With Injuries To His Body And Soul Now On A Sojourn At Lincoln Castle, He Hopes To Regain His Strength, And Mend His Waning Faith But Not Even The Peace Of God S Countryside Is Safe From The Mortal Crimes Of Man For What Appears To Be The Grisly End To A Drunken Row Is In Fact A Cunning And Baffling Crime

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    So I m doing some catch up reading for the Mystery Suspense Reading Challenge I started the year off good and then immediately got behind C est la vie My second read is The Alehouse Murders by Maureen Ash, part of the Templar Knight mystery series As you may have already guessed, it s a medieval murder mystery set in Lincoln, England, in the year 1200 I chose it mostly for the setting As you may know, I love medieval mysteries and I especially like anything from that particular time period It s the age of Robin Hood, and my favorite era.My overall impression of this story was that it s rather quiet The story is subdued and the sleuth, Bascot de Marins, is almost in the background compared to the other characters, particularly the suspects That might sound like a bad thing but it s really not It s actually fitting when you think about it What should a sleuth do but listen and watch, staying a little apart from everyone to see what s really going on I think this contrast actually makes Bascot stand out a little Plus, he s a likable character with a scarred history and personal turmoil over his past choices and future decisions He s compassionate and you can tell without a lot of smoke and flash that there is to him than meets the eye That was actually an unintentional pun he lost one eye in the Crusades And I really enjoyed the relationship between Bascot and his young, mute charge, Gianni Gianni, despite not saying a word, is also a lovable character from his behavior alone.As to the actual murder mystery, I had no clue whodunnit until the tale end I did guess before the reveal, but it could have worked out differently I have to say I was not into the story that much until the middle when an exciting twist is revealed At the start, I had no idea how it would all connect and it took me until about the half way point to really care that much Thereafter, Ash had my attention, and she kept it going with the palpable tension among the suspects There is very little action apart from the actual crimes, but you don t miss it There s so much tension between the characters from the start, and even between races with the included historical import of the Jewish community in England at the time.With all historical based novels, setting detail is important to inform the reader and ground you in that world and Ash does a stupendous job of doing just that It s easy to imagine the land, castle, and town I know different readers may prefer varying amounts of historical detail, but I eat up specifics, especially for this time period Along that line is a subplot that s entirely unrelated to the murder Bascot orders custom boots to relieve pain in his foot from an old injury It s a small thing, but the details and the personal nature of that side story has stuck in my mind And Ash does tie it in to the murder mystery via information from the shop owner s son.All in all this is a murder mystery grounded in details and subtleties It s a quieter read with a lot of personal touches that draw you to Bascot and his companion But the tension and unexpected twists really make this a mystery worth reading.

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    Bascot de Marins is a Templar Knight battling with his faith and the decision of whether to stay in the order or leave While he is contemplating his future, he is sent to stay with the sheriff of Lincoln England and his wife A string of murders occurs during his stay and he his charged with the task of discovering the murderer.It was such a pleasure to be transported to the times of Knights, castles, feasts and tournaments in England I think these kinds of settings are magical for me And Ash does a wonderful job of bringing them to life from the hubbub of the castle during the festivities, to the segregated elements of society the Jews and the lepers Bascot de Marins is a great protagonist, once again, a character battling internal conflict at the same time he s battling external conflicts I absolutely love Gianni Ash created him in such a way that you can t help but want to take care of him yourself, but he and Bascot seem to have a symbiotic relationship it s hard to imagine them parting ways I was equally entranced by Nicolaa de la Haye A strong, assertive female in this time period is attractive Since I m planning to follow this series, I hope to see development of her character Ash seemed to start to develop her, but then not really take it anywhere There were also great supporting characters that played rather minor roles Roget I found to provide some humor, even though he was supposed to be feared by all the people of Lincoln The way he used that fear was rather cunning And Lady Hilde played a great spy While I could see the end coming, I wasn t really paying a lot of conscious attention to it because I was very caught up in the development of the characters Language in sync with the time period would have been nice, but for many that would probably be a drawback.I really enjoyed this novel Parts of it made me think of The Sound of Music I will be checking into the next of this series.

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    Book 1 Templer Brescot MysteriesA very enjoyable Medieval mystery It is Summer 1200 AD and Templer Bascot de Marins has returned to England after 7 years of imprisonment and torture by the Sarceans while on Crusade with King Richard Bascot lost an eye and damaged an ankle through torture, and he has lost much of his faith in the Templer order Through rest and good meals Bascot is feeling physically better, but emotionally he feels lost, not knowing where his place in the world is any While he was imprisoned his family died, Prince John has become King, and he is not sure he has the belief system any that it takes to be a Templer Sent to the town of Lincoln by his order to recuperate as the guest of Nichola de la Haye, who has requested his assistance in solving the murder of four people at one of the local ale houses.The picture of The town of Lincoln and all of its inhabitants in medieval times is well researched and well written You immediately feel taken back in time with all its quaint beliefs and ways, and struggles to stay alive in that time in history Brascot is an extremely sympathetic character after all he has been through and you find yourself rooting for him as he tries to solve the mystery of the murders The mystery itself is well done with many twists and turns, and the answer was not too obvious, coming as a surprise I look forward to the next book in the series 3.5 stars

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    THE ALEHOUSE MURDERS Mystery Historical Bascot de Marins England 1200 G Ash, Maureen 1st in seriesBerkeley Prime Crime, 2007, US Paperback 9780425217658First Sentence Heat hung like a sodden blanket over Lincoln town and the surrounding countryside.Templar Bascot de Marins is recovering from eight years captivity in the Holy Lands He, along with his mute servant, Gianni, is recovering at Lincoln Castle and trying to decide about his future Lady Nicolaa is castellan of Lincoln Castle and responsible to the king for it s security When informed that four bodies have been found in the town s Alehouse, Lady Nicloaa asks Bascot to investigate This was a book desperately needing a cast of characters at the beginning I did find it rather difficult to keep track of everyone their relationships to everyone else That aside, I really enjoyed the story The author s research into the period was apparent, interesting and educational I appreciated seeing strong female characters in the 1200s What really held me to the story, however, was the protagonist We learn of Bascot s background throughout the story, yet felt I wanted to know His sidekick, Gianni, is a wonderful contrast to Bascot Even with my occasional confusion about some of the characters, the story s plot was wonderfully absorbing and great twists and revelations along the way I definitely recommend this book and am happy to know there will be other books in this series.

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    9 10It kind of feels like a grand statement, but this book really is a masterpiece It showcases some of the best writing talent in the game The mystery was interesting and the intrigue was very tangible, though it was honestly very understated overall This isn t a high tension murder mystery by any means Ash s characters plod through their daily lives with this murder to solve sort of butting into the things they were already doing There are no CSI Los Vegas dramatics though the twist reveal is very satisfying.But if any of those things sound like they are negative assessments, that couldn t be further from the truth For a book about murder, it was a rather pleasant read The plot didn t meander, but it did wander purposefully toward its conclusion without trying to pretend it was anything it wasn t This mystery wasn t what sold me on the book.The period writing is fascinating and the characters some of them real people that truly lived each had depth of character strong, clear, compelling motivations a wide array of humanizing traits and an integral part to play in a tight, well laid out story I have never seen character minutia presented so well, allowing the author to delve into clear and satisfying descriptions of the many characters that helped me tell them apart and remember all their old timey names, but also allow me to feel like I was really following the inner monologue of the current character Descriptions were not only skin deep, but also managed to paint a picture of the person and their relevant traits while connecting to the plot and moving it forward Very satisfying and certainly the first time I ve ever encountered this done so well throughout an entire work.This is another book for me this year that isn t going to change my life or stick with me forever, but I really admire the craft in the writing and look forward to continuing the series for stress free, compelling, realistic fiction.

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    An enjoyable murder mystery set in 1200AD Lincoln This is the first in a series featuring Templar Knight Bascot de Marins The author manages to evoke a good sense of life in medieval Lincoln and has created an engaging detective in de Marins I look forward to reading others in the series.

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    This used bookstore purchase has introduced me to a new series to follow Set in early 13th century Lincoln, England, the book features a convalescing Templar Knight investigating the murders of four people in an alehouse a crime that even without modern forensic techniques appears increasingly bizarre, given identities of the victims and the obvious suspect Sir Bascot, Lady Nicolaa, and various other figures historical and fictional make strong and believable characters The setting of medieval Lincoln, with its castle, town, and countryside are all unobtrusively described and given life The story even includes a visit to the small Jewish quarter the fact that one of the victims was Jewish was one of the bizarre things, given the culture of the time And did you know that prostitution was regulated in the England of the 1200s Me neither.Anyway, I plan to look up of these there are six of them as of this writing, the last published in November 2011.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this atmospheric mystery, set in England after the Anarchy and during the Crusades A Templar Knight who was injured and lost an eye has returned from crusading but his quiet recovery in Lincoln castle is disturbed by the lady castellan asking him to look into a foul deed Four people have been found killed in an alehouse As an outsider, the knight isn t suspect or related to anyone, and he also isn t busy preparing for the three day fair.The research about Lincoln is great and we see the origins of common phrases I also found village scenes like walking around in the computer game Oblivion, which well reconstructs medieval town life Characters are plentiful and well described, and we really get a feel for the times The murder is quite complex, maybe a little too much so, and there are lots of clues and suspects Have fun I ll certainly be reading by this author.

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    A good mystery and the author knows her historical setting well I just wish I came away with a better sense of what the Knights Templar were all about Fighting and serving God, I know, but I wanted some insight into how Bascot understood how those two things went together I guess I m unfairly comparing this book to Margaret Frazer s Sister Frevisse series, which were as much about why and how a woman became a medieval nun as well as solving mysteries Having said all that, I ll likely try books in this series.

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    Meh Part of the problem was a mismatch between the book and me I m not so keen on the grittier end of things, and this definitely leaned that way Also, most of the characters were kind of awful people Part of it was the writing way too much was carefully spelled out as if the audience was particularly dim I won t be tracking down of this series.

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