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Olsens Nation chapter 1 Olsens Nation , meaning Olsens Nation , genre Olsens Nation , book cover Olsens Nation , flies Olsens Nation , Olsens Nation aaa02d0987144 BACON IS BANNED AND THE GOVERNMENT IS RUNNING HOG WILD The Government S Cheap And Accessible Care Act CACA Has Put Healthcare In The Toilet But President Bodvar Olsen Is Forging Ahead With Still Government Controls, From Dietary Mandates To Restrictions On E Mail Jokes Now, As The President Jets Off To Golf Outings And TV Talk Shows, Seven Unlikely Protesters Are Heading For Mexico Their Goals To Cross The Border For Quality Medical Services And To Focus Media Attention On The Government S Invasive Policies Marvin, A Government Health Official With Secret Doubts About His Job, Is Duped Into Making The Journey By His John Wayne Quoting Neighbor, Who Needs A Colonoscopy Without A Two Year Delay Also On The Trek Are A Retired Supreme Court Justice A Disgraced Lawmaker Who Yelled Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire During A Presidential Address And Marvin S Plugged Pug, Lex, Who Needs His Own Scope Job In Hot Pursuit, A Relentless Operative From The White House Office Of Truth WHOT And His Team Race To Head Them Off At The Pass Marvin And His Companions Must Elude The WHOT Men, Armed Only With Their Determination And The Prohibited Pork They Distribute To The Bacon Starved Citizens They Encounter Along The Way, Marvin Begins To Appreciate That Freedom Is Than Just Another Word

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    I have read three anti Obama satire books since the beginning of 2013 Although I like that my fellow conservatives libertarians are developing a sense of humor, political satire is probably one of the hardest genres in fiction to get right Most indie writers especially are prone to including long political rants in their books, and aside from being a general purpose turnoff, this is especially detrimental when it comes to works of humor With that in mind, I think Mr Quarles has come very close to succeeding in the politics humor balancing act The book, while funny, is not especially over the top One can see that most of the outrageous parts may actually be coming to pass over time ban on fatty foods , and some have in fact already started wholesale surveillance The characters, although archetypal, feel real enough The physical jokes, complete with a farting dog on a road trip, seem to have come straight out of old time comedies, lacking the edge of nastiness often found in current stories Structurally, the book is sound, moving along in a lively manner, interspersing action with human interest side stories, but never losing sight of what it is There are rants, to be sure, but the author mostly manages to get around the potential reader annoyance by actually CALLING them rants and having the characters complain when they happen, just like regular people would in a similar situation There are also many political references to real people and events, but it is not necessary to have Drudge Report as your home page to understand them Plus, the most low information voter can still enjoy the characters even without knowing who their real life counterparts happen to be.I have taken off one star mostly because of the ending, that, while brilliant in its final irony, has still left too many questions unanswered as to what happens next, including the fate of some of the characters I like a little closure in my books, just as a personal preference, but it may not necessarily bother others If you are in the mood for some laughs at the expense of our overgrown government, check this book out and decide for yourself.

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    What a ride I don t get the chance to read conservative satire much, and this novel provided plenty of snorts and guffaws Acronyms such as WHOT White House Office of Truth are two parts hysterical, one part ominous Marvin and his band of merry medical procedure desirers, race across the southwest, eluding WHOT agents with the skill of Get Smart, in a mission to get across the border into Mexico to receive adequate healthcare They are living in a US not so far removed from how most of us imagine universal healthcare working in our country Just when things get too tense to take bean counters deciding our medical fates the author gives you reprieve with antidotes such as banned bacon two parts hysterical one part ominous This was definitely a fresh and amusing take on a very serious topic, which I enjoyed thoroughly until the end Without spoiling the ending, I will say many loose ends remained and I was left wondering about the main characters and how things were going to turn out for them Perhaps there is a sequel coming Hmmm

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    This book is pretty hilarious It is a satire on our nation and its current president We don t want to do anything that will harm our bodies so even pork is outlawed I really enjoyed the author s sense of humor The book is easy to read nothing serious about it Caveat Some cussing and inappropriate scenes for children in the book It is an easy read, but not children s material.

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    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway which in no way interferes with my book review I really enjoyed reading this book The concept was great We here in the United States need to start listening before our future is told in this book Is a good read for everyone that is interested in preserving our freedoms and the ability to make our own choices regarding health care.

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    This is a wonderful book If people won t pay attention to what is serious, maybe they will pay attention to what is funyy Great job Randy I look forward to .

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    Sorry it took me so long to finish this So much has gone on this summer that I couldn t spend as much time on my favorite pass time This was a great book and I highly recommend it Great story and wonderful play on words I could be a little partial because the author happens to be from my hometown and we live pretty close Once again read this book

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