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  • 06 October 2017

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    This was a great sequel to Game, Set, Match I hope you plan to continue with the series because I can t get enough of this little tight knit family Thanks for incorporating Izzy, Jason, and the kids into Mismatch This was a great read I Absolutely loved Jessica and Eli s story After reading Izzy and Jason s story I felt that Jessica deserved to find someone to love her unconditional as well Nana has a unique writing style that I love I have read other books written by her and Mismatch is one of my favorites The characters chemistry Oozes from the pages forcing you to fall in love with them This is a must love for anyone that loves to read about True Love.

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    This was one of my ooh moments when I requested the book from NetGalley and I am thrilled that I was approved Exactly what the doctor ordered, a clever, well written contemporary romance that combined artists and international intrigue with a female lead with a thing for bad boys Jessica is from an art supporting dynasty struggling to find premiere artists to keep her fledgling gallery and representation agency afloat When a hot tip on a new controversial artist leads her to the most erotic performance art she had ever seen, she meets the man that will turn her inside out Introduction of Jessica and Eli, and later the interactions with Simon was an interesting twist on the switching twins story, and the true intentions were honest than most experiences people have with that sort of story line Emotionally, both Eli and Jessica have a ton of growing up to do, but their strong voice shared through their point of view provides several easy reasons to empathize with them yet another reason to like the story Nana Malone has a knack for seeing and sharing the humor in situations, and there were some pretty ridiculous situations, she also managed to add some important points about artistic technique and forgery that should have everyone looking deeper at the painting on the wall This was a read that kept the fun and light tone of a mind candy must read summer book while providing characters that grow before your eyes, separately and together I can t wait to read the first in the series just got it and I will be looking for Simon s story soon I received an eBook from NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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    This book was fun How to do the review without spoilers because some of the characters are not mentioned by name in the blurb I loved Mismatch It is another one I would put on my list of books to take to the beach with me for an afternoon of reading while getting a tan, if it wasn t raining constantly in Iowa right now That list is going to be renamed to my list of books TBR while staring out at the rain pouring down AGAIN While it is light reading, there is still a little mystery there has to be, Eli is an art authenticator who consults for the FBI , a smidge of deception technically the whole romance is built on deception from the beginning , a couple of really steamy scenes that I wouldn t let my teenager read , and a HEA to wrap it all up.More or less, I would say this is one of those perfect romance books where the hero is hot and a little mysterious, the woman is beautiful and is being deceived, and the romance all comes together the way it should.Nana Malone, I can t wait to read Game, Set Match and then see what comes next for you Thank you to NetGalley for sending me MisMatch A Humorous Contemporary Romance Love Match to read I enjoyed it.

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    ARC given by of CrushStar Multimedia LLC via NetGalley I found Mismatch a cute surprise It is very much a light and fluffy read Prefect for what I call waiting room reads No real brain work involved just mind candy.My only negative was that I have many laugh out loud moments while reading Mismatch that I don t think were intentional Pardon me while my juvenile giggles return..,i Her release slammed through her quickly with the force to make her limp For whatever reason all I could think was is she walking somewhere he had himself sheathed in seconds.The animal was out and free Okay wipes tears the animal was out and free And my absolute favorite the made me laugh out loud She was blonde She d lost the wig in the hair tugging Okay I guessed I missed the part beforehand that said she was wearing a wig Don t get me wrong I am just having a little fun For whatever reason these quotes just triggered my inner juvenile and I just couldn t help myself Light easy fluffy reading.T 2.5 Stars out of 5 www.KTBookreviews.blogspot.com

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    This is general escapism reading It s quick, it s light, and it s well written The cover is fun too.This book belongs in your summer beach tot Bonus, if you re single, a beautiful woman laughing is always sure to get a guys attention.There s the expected silly lines that borderline on peer fluff, but there s a good dose of intentional humor.The most important thing is that Nana Malone is a talented writer that allows you settle into the escapism without being drawn out by a lot of cliches.Don t expect a lot of analyzing with this one, just some good ol fashioned, leave the planet behind, join some one elses reality, fun.Note I received a copy of this novel in exchange for a review Opinions and words are my own.

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    Jessica Stanton, an artist manager with a flare all her own, meets Eli who she thinks is Samson, his twin and goes on a whirlwind sequence of events There are a few plot twists that you couldn t see coming and can t help but to keep turning the page while trying to solve the case that Eli is working on Though Eli isn t Jessica s type , she can t deny the attraction and magnetism between them and takes a chance on the artist The ending had me questioning if I had any detective skills at all, because I couldn t have guessed what happened I can t wait to read the next book.

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    Sexy, sweet and hot I could not put it down I honestly think I fell for Eli in the first three paragraphs.

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    Quite enjoyable I always enjoy reading this and re reading this.

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    Mismatch is a sassy romantic comedy that has plenty of humor and steamy romance that will keep the reader thoroughly entertained.Mismatch is the second book in the Love Match series that picks up where Game, Set, Match book 1 left off, but this book focuses on Jessica Stanton Set in trendy LA and written in the third person narrative, author Nana Malone weaves an engaging tale that follows the introduction and relationship development of two very different people Jessica Stanton and Eli Marks.Jessica Stanton is an artist entertainment manager who is trying to build up her struggling art gallery and artist management company She s too focused on her businesses to go looking for love.Eli Marks is an expert art authenticator who consults for the FBI on art forgery cases Between his work and keeping Samson, his twin artist brother in recovery and walking the straight path, he doesn t have time for love.When Jessica goes to a nightclub to check out Samson s show and recruit him for her artist management company, she meets Eli, who is not her usual type of guy he is too conservative, she likes bad boys with tats and piercings Instant mutual attraction leads to an intended one night stand that becomes anything but that, turning this mismatched couple s world upside down with a chance of finding true love This was such a fun story to read Author Nana Malone weaves a story that has sassy humor, mystery and hot sex and passionate romance scenes interwoven into one heck of an entertaining read Jessica and Eli are very different people, a mismatch that find themselves undeniably attracted to each other Jessica is a reformed misfit whose love of tats, piercings and colored wigs had her marching to her own beat Eli is a conservative and serious type of guy that has always been his twin brother s protector Both have secrets and walls that they ve never let anyone breakdown, that is until they meet each other With a high profile case of art forgeries and deception comes threats can Eli protect his brother and still find true love with Jessica I loved both Jessica and Eli, their chemistry was palpable and their humorous dialogue and sensual interactions kept me engaged and wanting Jessica is a saucy, in your face, tell it like it is woman, I found myself immediately liking her As for Eli, he s simply yummy hot, hot, hot I loved the development of their relationship, and I really enjoyed how the storyline alternated between their perspectives It is so easy to get caught up in their story and the art forgery case, that before you know it the story ends leaving you wanting With a quirky realistic cast of characters who will keep you in stitches with their dialogue and interactions a richly detailed setting and description of the art industry and an engaging storyline that mixes romance and mystery Mismatch is an enjoyable contemporary romantic comedy that will put a smile on your face.Even though I did not read the first book in the series, I feel that Mismatch can be a stand alone read, but to do it justice read the books in order I definitely will go back and read the first book, and I look forward to reading books from this author If you want a fast paced, fun, sassy, humorous and sexy story, then Mismatch is a must read, you won t be disappointed.Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author via Reading Addiction Blog Tours in exchange for my honest review.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot

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    Jessica raised in a family famous to become involved in the art world, but she wants to make a name for herself She invests all she has, and with the help of her friend Izzy and her husband, Jason, and open as partner an art gallery But she needs an artist to make her grand opening, and it happens that the third time an entrepreneur art competitor stole her client.Far from being lost to the crying, she goes after a new and talented client.Samson Marks is brilliant with his painting, and his stage performance attracts crowds.But on the same night that she will know her potential new client, Jessica comes across a man who takes the shaft and they end up in bed.Eli was not looking for a woman He was too busy in recent years helping his brother to restore his artistic career and stay out of trouble and drugs.One night of his brother performance, Eli meets a woman who snatches away, with her pink dress and her piercings They end up in bed.What Jessica did not know was that Eli and Samson were brothers twins, and she ends up thinking that the two are the same person, which hurt her professional decorum She could not work with a client she had f But Samson, who passed for Eli, who passed for Samson confusing, no manages to convince her to continue representing him.At the bottom Jessica knew there was something wrong about Samson The eyes maybe But the pretense is maintained for some time.Meanwhile she finds herself involved in a case of forgery of a work of art and her mother midlife crisis.The book has an interesting catch.The beginning draws attention and the first time she and Eli fuck Wow It s there hot But as the story went on, my interest was waning And I was wondering why I loved the cover quite in the style of Sarah Mason s books, which I love , the synopsis caught my attention, the characters are strong Eli is one of oh my god male character.Maybe it was a bit by dialogues, perhaps because I think the main couple was so mismatched maybe that s the reason for the book name , the type unlikely to be together in real life, I did not feel connected to them.But I admit that the story has some funny parts and the author writes well Probably I will read some of her other work to try to stop the bad impression.What I felt this book was the same way I do when not even a good cast can save a bad movie..3 STARS.

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Mismatch (Love Match, #2) characters Mismatch (Love Match, #2) , audiobook Mismatch (Love Match, #2) , files book Mismatch (Love Match, #2) , today Mismatch (Love Match, #2) , Mismatch (Love Match, #2) 238e5 Spunky Artist Manager, Jessica Stanton, Isn T Looking For Love She S Looking For A Savior When A Business Rival Steals Yet Another Of Her Rising Stars, She S In Danger Of Losing Everything She S Worked So Hard For And The Only Person Who Can Save Her Fledgling Business Is The One Man She Shouldn T WantArt Authenticator, Eli Marks, Doesn T Have Time For Love He S Too Busy Saving His Brother From The Demons Of His Drug Addicted Past For The Past Ten Years He S Cultivated A Fa Ade To Keep His Distance From Everyone Else But When A String Of High Profile Art Forgeries Threatens The Security Of The Only Family He Has Left, He Must Turn For Help To A Woman Who Breaks Through His Carefully Constructed Fa Ade Every Time She S NearWill Jessica And Eli Save Each Other Or Will Secrets And Lies Stop Them From Finding True Love Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN

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Nana s love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she borrowed from her cousin It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen She s been in love with kick butt heroines ever since With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.Waitin