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Six Ways from Sunday explained Six Ways from Sunday, review Six Ways from Sunday, trailer Six Ways from Sunday, box office Six Ways from Sunday, analysis Six Ways from Sunday, Six Ways from Sunday bc81 Take One NFL Tight End, And One Marine, Add One Week And Watch The Sparks FlyBowen Murphy Craved Two Things, Football And Dylan After High School He Had Football But He Lost DylanDylan Sunday Walked A Different Path, One Laid Down Before Him By His Father And His Grandfather Losing Bo One Day After Discovering They Shared Than Football Wasn T Part Of The Bargain Six Years Of Missed Connections And Finally Dylan Is Able To Come Home To The Man He Left Behind The Spectacle Of The Biggest Game In The NFL Is Only The Beginning Of One Sizzling Week After That Time And Fate Would Decide If Bo And Dylan Would Walk The Same Path, Or If One Of Them Would Make The Ultimate Sacrifice Warning Bittersweet Tale Of Two Hot Men, Making Up For Six Years Of Separation May Not Be Suitable For Sensitive Readers Contains Scenes Of Male Male Sexual Practices

  • Kindle Edition
  • 227 pages
  • Six Ways from Sunday
  • Mercy Celeste
  • English
  • 11 April 2019

About the Author: Mercy Celeste

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Six Ways from Sunday book, this is one of the most wanted Mercy Celeste author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Six Ways from Sunday

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    When I saw the word bittersweet in the blurb for this book, I hesitated and waited to read it I should have known better This is Mercy Celeste The woman can do no wrong She never disappoints And she certainly didn t disappoint here I fucking loved this book and can highly recommend it to M M romance lovers everywhere There is a very scary, angsty part to the book, but rest assured that Ms Celeste will make it all OK You will cry, rest assured, but you will get your HEA And it will be worth every tear This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    4.5 Stars This is fully developed short story packs a punch A gripping emotional beginning that pulls on your heart and makes your toes curl The author grabs the reader from the first sentence Then the story continues to play with your emotions until the bittersweet end, but have no fear, the epilogue will bring it back around and leave you smiling The author handled the issue of homophobia very well, in a short, but very telling scene It was realistic picture of what happened when Bo reflected on his treatment in the NFL after he came out this in itself was a devastating scene, when you read it you will see why It makes you wonder what the heck is wrong with some people and their absurd thought process Just because someone is gay, doesn t make them any less the person they were before, nor does it mean that they suddenly are attracted to every one of the same sex It s ridiculous, ignorant and unfortunately the belief of way too many people Have a box of tissues on hand you will need them to mop up the tears of sadness and joy Buddy read with Kris and Vicki Thanks girls

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    This was a great read There were parts where I wanted .but for the length it was a really emotional, sexy, sweet friends to lovers romance You couldn t help but root for Dylan and Bo I really wanted to continue on with the series, but frankly I m pissed to hear of the direction the author took parts of Dylan and Bo s story in the subsequent books Why ruin a perfectly good couple

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    4.5 Stars WOW This was such a great read Mercy Celeste s signature writing style sucked me in from the first paragraph A fantastic friends to lovers story The perfect amount of steam, emotion and a touch of angst Bowen and Dylan s story hits you right in the feels right from the beginning I loved the absolute honesty between the two No secrets, no hiding their feelings.just raw and honest emotion The story spans about 8 years, but you are connected to these characters and their love in every momenteven with the time jumps The story is a little over the top with certain plot points, but like I said, Mercy Celeste s writing style easily pulls it off If it weren t for real life, I would have easily gobbled this one up in one sittingbecause when I wasn t reading, I was just itching to get back to the book I wish we were given a bit in certain scenes and certain points in their life that I wish were shown.but overall, a fantastic book that I highly recommend.

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    I have one question.WHO THE FUCK LET ME GO THIS LONG WITHOUT READING THIS BOOK This little book was amazing A MAZ ING It was hot It was sweet It was funny as hell It made me cry my eyes out It made me FEEL.Bo and Dylan were real guys who acted like real guys Their chemistry was off the charts The way they bantered back and forth was hilarious Their love for each other was boundless I am running, running to get the next book and all of Mercy Celeste s other books as well I am absolutely enthralled by this author

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    4.5 Stars Available on KUIt appears that I ve found a new to me safe author.This is my 3rd book by Mercy Celeste The winner recipe seems to be a constant.

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    All of my rage Timeline errors, character names swapped out with others, repeated tense issues, incorrect comma usage, fragment after fragment, and finally, when the author said the character was sweating out Gator Aide rather than Gatorade, I d had it.

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    A Hearts On Fire ReviewFOUR A HALF STARS When you see Mercy Celeste as the author of a story, you should expect 1 hot sexy Southern men I adore 2 angst up the ying yang, where you are taken for a ride on an emotional roller coaster3 dirty talking fun P4 heart pacing, steamy sex with some form of biting I love that D Six Ways From Sunday had all four of those qualities in spades And for less than 90 pages, the ride is a fun, sad but most importantly memorable one.Bowen and Dylan have been best friends forever in a steamy Florida town We are introduced to Bowen learning his best friend and secret crush has enlisted in the Marinesand Bowen s on his way to college football and future NFL greatness But what both young men admit to each other that day is a love that deepens through out the years.They are separated for over six years, Bowen continues achieving NFL Superbowl heights and Dylan is no slouch in the Marine department either Can these first loves withstand the separation, military life, the NFL an entity within itself , being gay, etc Oh boy, do they The amount of passion these two men carry for one anotherlet s just say it comes across quite eloquently within the tale When these two meet again after all those years and can only share their bodies and hearts for just a week sigh My cheeks still hurt from grinning so much.And remember me mentioning that emotional roller coaster Mercy Celeste does so well She s done it again to the point where you think there can be no light at the end of the tunnel My heart flopped out of my chest and was making sad faces on the floor But Celeste was able to put it back in and I can function again Yes, there is a HEA, don t frown and think the worst, folks.As a MM romance reader, you can pretty much expect HEA for an ending HFN the less attractive brother is also accepted What makes for a great author, in my opinion, is one who can twist you up, spit you out and put you together again while still making you believe in the power of love I mean, that is the reason we read these stories, right Well Mercy Celeste has that in spades In fact, she s done it again I m going to go rehash some of my favorite parts Give this story a try, you will at the least be entertained, at the most, loving Dylan and Bowen.

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    Oh, I hear you Ron Burgundy This book was sweet first love, first sexual encounter with first love Happy Bo gets a scholarship and also gets to play football It was sad and brave Dylan enlists to serve his country but has to leave Bo behind, just when they discovered how much they mean to one another They always knew, but didn t, you know what I mean.It s also hot.Two men, two paths, time together, time apart, time togetherI loved Bo and Dylan Loved the connection It made me cry like a bloody baby So many emotions Something I thought might happen, but kept hoping wouldn t, kept me on the edge of my seat I lived Six Ways From Sunday so I can t give it any less than 5 stars Full spoiler free review at

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    For a novella, this one packed a pretty powerful and emotional punch These boys grew up together, living next door to each other and were best friends from the get go They both loved each other, but never come out to the other until it s too lateand Bo is leaving for college and Dylan is leaving for the Marines.Their tearful farewell is so emotional Bo is horrified that Dylan will be sent to war and killed His fear is palpable and you can t help but share in his pain Dylan promises to come back to him.Fast forward six years Their reunion is wonderfully surprising for Bo and the emotions felt between the two are still as strong as everas if it were just yesterday that their lives walked different paths Sadly, Dylan only has a week before he has to leave againand this is when the waterworks begin.Bo is counting down the days for when Dylan is free from the Marines and they start their lives together 18 months become 15 months, and 15 months become 12 months, and that s when my heart stopped I won t say to ruin the story, but trust me when I say it s a heart stopper and I was using every brain cell trying to figure out how this could have a happy ending Trust me when I say this review would have started out with a huge WTF if it didn t have one, so those that fear the words bittersweet are safe to read on.Side note Loved why Bo grew his hair, and I loved the tattoos True love there boys and girls.

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