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    5 Stars Straightforward and to the pointthis author does not mess around Anger he could have handled, the pounding of fists and the veined fury of men struggling against the unfairness of it all Soldiers with hellfire still thick and fast in their blood But there was only the crying, and it was a terrible, aching, wrenching sound, from some place no man should have to visit He hadn t cried yet Not yet And he still hadn t looked in the mirror. A heartbreaking look at the harsh reality of the consequences of war This is one man s struggle to accept that his life is forever changed, and the woman that helps him to take that first agonizing look In the end I wanted to believeI had to believeI can t imagine what this author could do if she wrote a full length bookprobably knock our socks off Then again, she might have found her niche with the short stories Part 2 The Venus Effect I got both books for free, but now they are 0.99 However they are loanable, so you can share They are short, but worth every penny

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    This short story is terribly sad but filled with hope It deserves than 5 stars There is a follow up short called The Venus Effect free at as of yesterday that is definitely worth reading if want of James and Tammy.

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    Update This book is no longer, free But at.99, it s a steal wounded soldier, now in a battle with his own internal demons as he attempts to recover from his emotional and physical scars, finds some semblance of solace through his hospital s therapy dog program Will an enigmatic woman who volunteers for the therapy service be the key to helping him find peace, or will she instead just drive him to build a bigger wall around himself This published work is a short storyCheck out Karla s FABULOUS review

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    A very touching short story I wanted it to keep on going.

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    This short little story, certainly packed a punch with it s thought provoking words Thanks for the recommendation Karla

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Reflections download Reflections , read online Reflections , kindle ebook Reflections , Reflections 57905dcee1bf A Wounded Soldier, Now In A Battle With His Own Internal Demons As He Attempts To Recover From His Emotional And Physical Scars, Finds Some Semblance Of Solace Through His Hospital S Therapy Dog Program Will An Enigmatic Woman Who Volunteers For The Therapy Service Be The Key To Helping Him Find Peace, Or Will She Instead Just Drive Him To Build A Bigger Wall Around Himself This Published Work Is A Short Story