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When in Rome chapter 1 When in Rome, meaning When in Rome, genre When in Rome, book cover When in Rome, flies When in Rome, When in Rome 64baa45d96176 Murder Takes A Roman HolidayOn An Exclusive Guided Tour Of Rome S Ancient Ruins, A Motley Crew Of Tourists Gets Than The Price Of Admission For Amidst The Serpentine Passages Of An Underground Crypt, The Shady Tour Guide Disappears, A Mysterious Murder Occurs, And Inspector Roderick Alleyn Undercover On An International Drug Bust Must Focus His Keen Eye On Than Just Rome S Breathtaking Sights

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    Last read 13th November 2013 Beautiful writing it conveyed most powerfully the sense of Romebut let down somewhat by it s dated air Set in the 1960s, use of words like groovy and turn on for drugs made me flinch a bit especially when the 1930s set books seem timeless, somehow The usual suspects, homophobia, snobbery and xenophobia rear their ugly little heads you read Ngaoi Marsh despite these, not because of them, though they are instructive in their way of a world view that seems so ludicrous as to be near extinction.

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    As When in Rome, written in 1970 by Ngaio Marsh opens, famous author Barnaby Grant is visiting Rome, where his greatest novel, Simon, is set, when he loses the briefcase that contains the only manuscript of his book He is relieved greatly three days later when Sebastian Mailer returns the book and asks Grant to read his own novella, which contains a minor theme from Grant s book A year later, Mailer uses this to argue that Grant plagiarized from Mailer s book and uses that to blackmail Grant into becoming the special guest of Mailer s exclusive and highly expensive tour under the name of Il Cicerone, highlighting locations featured in Grant s book.Read the rest of this review and other fun, geeky articles at Fangirl Nation

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    Een vriendin zat in Rome met een boek over Rome dat haar verveelde Zij kloeg haar nood en ik als rechtgeaarde biepjuf ging op zoek naar boeken die in Rome spelen.Ik zag de naam van Ngaio Marsh en herinnerde me het plezier dat ik in een grijs verleden aan haar boeken beleefde Prisma detectives, als ik me niet vergis.Heb dit boek met veel plezier en heimwee naar Rome gelezen, maar eigenlijk is het een niemendalletje.

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    A very satisfying detective story in the classic mode Published in 1970 and presumably set then, given the reference to the musical Hair, but feels old fashioned than that due to the manners of the characters involved.I will be looking out for further Ngaio Marsh books, particularly those set in New Zealand.

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    The Inspector Alleyn mystery series by Ngaio Marsh is one of the classics, like Agatha Christie s mystery books or those of Josephine Tey to name a few I ve enjoyed 13 of the books so far, all entertaining and excellent mysteries When in Rome is one of the later books, originally published in 1970 and it finds Alleyn on his own, working undercover for Scotland Yard and Interpol in Rome.Alleyn is trying to find out about the drug syndicates, led by a man known as Ziegfeldt His syndicate has changed its routing of drugs and Alleyn believes his contact in Rome is a man by the name of Sebastian Mailer, a British citizen Mailer has other side lights besides dealing drugs they include blackmail and murder.Mailer organizes a tour of the city, which includes visits to shady night spots Alleyn instigates himself into one of the tours The other members of the tour all have their own secrets maybe being blackmailed or trying to purchase drugs from Mailer It s an interesting group and becomes interesting when a body is found and Mailer disappears.There is your kernel of the story and mystery and Alleyn must tred carefully and ensure he doesn t interfere or upset the Italian authorities in their own investigation Marsh almost sets the story up as a play, as she does in many of her stories She provides the Cast of characters and then enjoyably presents them and develops them As in all the Alleyn mysteries I ve read so far, the Inspector is smart, intuitive and capable He must work without his intrepid sidekick, Fox for this one, although we do see him briefly even just as a corresponder to Alleyn As well, his love, Troy is only another character we see at the end of Alleyn s correspondence, but that suffices for this story As always, enjoyable and caringly presented It s not necessary to read in sequence although I d suggest reading the first few to get comfortable with the story style and the various characters that people Marsh s excellent mystery series 4 stars

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    I was interested to see this book described as her best by her publishers I m reading through all the Alleyns in order, and this one is enjoyable but I don t agree it s her best Others in the series are cleverly plotted Death and the Dancing Footman for example or a interesting setting the ancient British rituals in Death of a Fool were far exotic to me than 60 s era Rome , and including Troy as an on rather than offstage character is always a plus I missed her in this book Also and this is my final nit to pick with what is a good book the Golden Age authors can get into trouble as they write plots and characters to keep up with the changing times The Margery Allinghams of the 30 s and 40 s were delightful those of the 60 s not so much I hope the rest of the Alleyns don t go that way.

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    The setting for the murder is so evocative I wished I could see it But when an identical fictional church was the setting for the first murder in Elizabeth Peters The Seventh Sinner, a little research showed that it s the Basilica of San Clemente that s being described With two such authors plugging it, this is going to be high on my list of sites to visit if I ever get to Rome

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    Readable and competently written but not one of my favourite Ngaio Marsh novels The Roderick Alleyn books fall loosely into the country house murder tradition but in this one it all seems a bit tired.

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    I love Ngaio Marsh and have most of her books Having said that, I must add that this book was a huge disappointment It is one of her later books She is writing in a decade in which she is not quite comfortable and it shows Plot was very thin as well as character development.

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    Servicable if dated lots of late 60s slang mystery from Classic Mystery Queen of Crime Marsh The star attraction is the city of Rome itself.

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