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Floodland quotes Floodland, litcharts Floodland, symbolism Floodland, summary shmoop Floodland, Floodland 9080b8d5 What If The Sea Began To Rise And Rise Until The Land Began To Disappear A Brilliant Futuristic Fantasy By An Acclaimed New WriterGlobal Warming Has Caused The Sea To Rise Until Cities Are Turning Into Islands And Civilization Is Crumbling Ten Year Old Zoe Discovers A Small Rowboat And Keeps It A Secret Until She Sets Out Alone On The Great Sea To Find Her Parents She Lands On Tiny Eels Island, Where She Must Survive In A Nightmarish World Run By Wild Children, And Stand Up To Its Boy Leader, Dooby Zoe And A Boy Called Munchkin Escape From Eels Island And Cross The Sea To The Mainland, Where They Find Not Only Zoe S Parents But A New Family And A New World

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    My biggest complaint about FLOODLAND is that it is too short and as a result it suffered from not being able to give enough information to the reader to totally be at ease with what was going on Ten year old Zoe lives on Norwich No, that s not a typo Norwich has become an island as the ice caps melted and sea levels rose inundating much of Britain and the rest of the world Supplies were running out and six months previously when the boat came to drop off supplies for the last time Zoe s parents make it out but she is left behind Zoe now has to fend for herself in a settlement which is growing smaller each day, while the people become savage and desperate Zoe finds a boat and rows off to find her parents Half way to what s left of the mainland she comes across another small isle that is dominated by huge Cathedral A grimy, miserable and unpleasant place the young population is starving and under the thumb of a thug called Dooby They call themselves, the Eels and do battle with at least two other groups called Cats and Horses When I say do battle I mean heads being chopped off and torturing of spies Zoe is forced to stay on the island when her boat is hidden, and life is very, very dismal However Zoe is a gutsy little girl and survives long enough to find her boat, make an ally and to escape in the middle of a battle and continue off to find her parents FLOODLAND is unrelentingly miserable and dark with a lot of unanswered questions I found the end to be a bit of an anti climax after all the drama building in the first of the book I understand Zoe is only 10 so should only have the understanding of a 10 year old and the book is aimed at older children rather than adults but I still would have liked the book to be longer to give of a background because even young kiddies like to know why Despite its bleakness the story itself is very good and has a very believable plot it s just that Zoe is all over the place as far as her character goes and on top of that it seems like the story starts and ends in the middle FLOODLAND is Marcus Sedgwick s debut novel and he has gone on to write 32 , this is my first experience of his work.

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    Floodland is an interesting story about a young girl called Zoe who lives on a deserted island, Norwich Norwich is deserted because of high sea levels Zoe s parents left on a supply ship without realising Zoe was still on the island She manages to flee Norwich on a derelict boat called Lyca Zoe makes it to another island where she is faced with danger This story delves into Zoe s adventures where she meets lots of fascinating characters along the way.This book is great for whole class reading, used in a year five class who absolutely love it The children are always excited to see what will happen next The story is bursting with adventure and a class have lots of characters and situations to explore Great for boys and girls.

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    I fell in love with this story Based in a post apocalyptic world the future of the world if global warming keeps happening it approaches many themes Family and the connection with Zoe s parents is one Community, and how a disaster impacts people s sanity and kindness.Journey, how through everything Zoe is smart and manages to escape The language in the book is simple to read but very descriptive, using lots of metaphors and personification I am using this book as the basis for a unit of work on placement and very excited to see how the children s work turns out.

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    A basic but profound look on a world overcome by the seas of global warming This book is touching in a basic way The story it tells is basic The characters are basic But the book itself is a little work of art in how it portrays the possible collapse of civilisation Maybe it will happen And everything else will be washed away You could read this book in a couple hours It s subject matter is definitely significant than half the books on our to be read list So why not Take a glimpse of our future.

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    Recommended for ages 10 to 13, this book falls into the category of Surviving Environmental Catastrophes Set in the near future, global warming has caused the Earth s sea levels to rise and flood the coastal nations around the world Zoe s family is last to leave their flooded town in England, and she is sadly separated from her parents as they get on the last boats She is fortunate to uncover a small rowboat submerged in the mud, and fixes it up so she can escape her town and find her parents Zoe faces many challenges on her journey, particularly when stopping at a small island of an old cathedral that is overrun with wild children competing for space and resources.It is an interesting premise and provides a glimpse of how rising waters could change life as we know it from a 10 year old girl s perspective I really liked the story but found the characterizations a bit flat and the ending unsatisfying However, I think pre teens will like this book and find it a thought provoking adventure story.

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    This book is an insult to sci fi It makes no sense whatsoever

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    I enjoyed this book the fact it was a middle grade book meant it was shorter and did not go in to the depth I would have liked but I enjoyed the stories I just wanted from the characters

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    By far one of my favourite short novels Floodland takes us through the adventure of Zoe as tries to find her parents who accidentally left her behind whilst trying to escape the floods of Norwich in a boat evacuation As we follow her on her quest, the characters and situations she gets put in are the real source of entertainment for the reader Her struggle and determination are very quickly felt by the reader as well as her relationships with Munchkin and William Personally, I see this book as a great whole class read for yr5 6 children Zoe s choices are excellent for class debates, as Zoe is of the same age as children in these year groups, the children will very quickly relate to her and find themselves living through the adventure as though it was real.Sedgwick s brings the fantasy to life through his use of imagery Throughout the story his descriptions and attention to detail allow the reader to not only visualise the scenery but also feel Zoe s emotions His style of writing is easily adaptable which gives children the opportunity to enhance and explore different writing skills through reading teachers could ask children to write their own descriptive pieces following the writing style of Sedgwick.

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    I read this over a weekend so I could use it as a stimulus for the English work the children in the year 6 class I was working with were going to do Although, the purpose of this was to read the book and create activities around it, I found that I was drawn into the book and constantly wanting to know what was going to happen next Zoe, is a strong character and I like the way the author has shown this throughout the book He has shown that strong can have many different definitions I would highly recommend this book not only to use as a stimulus but as a read because it really gets you thinking.

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    Set in a world that has suffered from the Ice caps melting, we are taken on a journey that looks at what the world might be like if everywhere flooded It reminded me of zombie apocalypse films where humanity either turns on each other or works together I couldn t put this down and would recommend it for any ks2 teacher The themes it throws up link to a number of topics from rivers, oceans, humanity, and global warming I would probably use it as a class read at the end of the day alongside another text, or as a discussion point especially in pshe or science.

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