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    I enjoyed so many things about this debut novel written by my colleague and friend Wendy Bergin and as I ponder how to write this review I am realizing that The Piper s Story is not easy to pigeonhole as this or that which makes it an even delightful book and one that would appeal to a lot of readers of genre fiction Romance, Historical Fiction,Paranormal, etc and those who dislike any or all of the above The novel begins in Belgium in 1940 during the Battle of Dunkirk, one of the bloodiest and most significant battles of WWII Ian MacGregor, bagpiper with the 6th Black Watch, a subsidiary of the British Expeditionary Force, is a witness to Nazi atrocities against the men of his regiment He is also seriously and permanently injured by some kind of malevolent supernatural being, present during the atrocities Ian survives the attack, disabled but emotionally whole,reunites with his beloved wife Barbara and emigrates to America However,the MacGregor family continues to be haunted by and threatened by the presence of this demon, bent on obliterating the MacGregor bloodline Most of the novel takes place in the present as Neal MacGregor, Ian s grandson who is unaware of the family legacy, is forced to fight the demon who threatens the life of his only son, Owen I enjoyed the main characters, the setting in the Pacific Northwest, the historical details and the use of music as an integral element in many different ways A very intriguing story that I think will delight readers of many different ages and interests.

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    I downloaded a copy of The Piper s Story by Wendy Isaac Bergin when it was featured in a Noisetrade newsletter This is my ninth book for the Read Scotland Challenge 2015 I liked by the cover art and was intrigued by the premise which struck me as being different from the horror norm The Piper s Story is quite different and is one of those books which is tough to pigeonhole into a specific genre There are horror elements, although not graphically gory ones, and an interesting historical storyline Romance features too, and a wonderful fairy tale sense which I found reminiscent of some of Neil Gaiman s writing and particularly enjoyed The whole novel certainly has a literary feel to it.We begin by being swept into the horrors of Second World War battles in France where a young Scottish piper is left for dead and must stagger, blind mute and alone, towards Dunkirk He has witnessed unimaginable hatred and violence leaving him haunted by a vision Decades later his grandson, Neal, starts also having horrific visions, but thousands of miles away and from another time The family s sixth sense has been passed to him too and Neal must find the source of his nightmare before time runs out for his young son.Bergin s descriptions of her monstrous creations are perfectly executed to create a truly threatening atmosphere and I found it difficult to set this book aside for just a moment I had to keep reading She intertwines romantic scenes and some great humorous moments as Neal fights his attraction to travel shop owner Sarah And there are some heart breaking moments as Neal s marriage to fun loving Vicky begins to implode I absolutely loved The Piper s Story Its multi faceted plots are well thought through and I would love to read anything further that Bergin writes.See of my book reviews on my blog, Stephanie Jane

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    Awesome read.

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    What a fantastic book History, supernatural, and romance all wrapped up in a gripping read Truly a must read

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