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About the Author: Mike Mignola

Mike Mignola was born September 16, 1960 in Berkeley, California and grew up in nearby Oakland His fascination with ghosts and monsters began at an early age he doesn t remember why and reading Dracula at age 13 introduced him to Victorian literature and folklore from which he has never recovered.In 1982, hoping to find a way to draw monsters for a living, he moved to New York City and began wo

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    Hellboy Masks and Monsters is a reissue of two brief runs of comics Mike Mignola was involved with in the late 90s The first teams Hellboy up with Batman and Starman in a mystery that begins in Gotham and takes them to the jungles of South America to fight off Nazis and a Lovecraftian horror The second has Hellboy go up against the Ghost and a mysterious figure in a mask.The first story is cool if only to see Hellboy and Batman fighting side by side but Batman feels ultimately under used and is all too quickly taken away and replaced with the lesser known character, Starman For Mignola, it s a familiar story with Nazis up to no good, resurrecting some unholy terror to carry out some mad plan of Hitler s so we see Hellboy smash his way through the usual line up of baddies until dispatching the inevitable ghoulie at the end.The second story has Ghost inadvertently sending herself and Hellboy to an alternative dimension Mignola this time scripts it and hands over drawing duties to another artist It s not a bad story but if you re unfamiliar with Ghost then her motives in this story will seem confusing and might be difficult to follow.Masks and Monsters is an interesting reprint of some obscure comics Mignola did once upon time and a lot of new fans might find it enjoyable Not the best book to start with if you re interested in discovering what Mike Mignola is all about but it has its moments.

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    lgin ti, ama ald m onca iyi yorumun ard ndan beklentilerimin birka t k alt nda kald Maskeler ve Canavarlar, toplamda iki ana maceradan olu uyor K rm z tenli, devasa kahraman m z nce Batman ve Starman ile, daha sonras ndaysa Ghost ile birlikte ser vene at lm ken okuma f rsat yakal yoruz.A k as Batman le ya ayaca maceray daha ok merak ediyordum ama ortalamay ge meyen, ok s radan bir konu buldum ne yaz k ki kar mda Ne Batman ne de Gotham asl na sad k bir bi imde yans t labilmi Mignola n n Batman i yorgun, h z nl ve yapt i ten b km biri Batman e yak mayacak laflar ediyor Sonra da tam da i lerin k z maya ba layaca yerlerde bir anda sahneyi terk edip yerini Starman e b rak yor Hik ye de klasik bir Hellboy maceras ndan teye gidemiyor Lovecraft n canavarlar ndan birini uyand r p Hitler in planlar n y r rl e koymaya al an Naziler te yandan Ghost la birlikte ya ad ser veni sevdim 1930 larda ya anan kanl bir mafya cinayetiyle ba layan yk , g n m ze ve alternatif boyutlara ba lanarak ortaya okumas gayet keyifli bir hik ye sunuyor Bilmiyorum Belki Ghost karakterine Batman kadar a ina olsam bunu da be enmeyecektim Ama tam aksine beni ald , g t rd ve bir g zel e lendirdi.Hellboy la tan mak i in ideal bir cilt olabilir Ama k z l kahraman m z n maceralar n n gediklilerindenseniz okumasan z da bir ey kaybetmezsiniz.

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    James Robinson creator of 90 s Starman and Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy team up for a fantastic crossover Hellboy comes to Gotham to help out Batman with some Nazis The Nazis capture the Golden Age Starman and the 90 s Starman shows up to go save his dad with Hellboy when Batman gets called away Mignola draws a great Batman and Joker

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    I remember reading the Batman Hellboy Starman crossover when I was going through the Starman omnibus collections It s in The Starman Omnibus, Vol 4 I liked it ok then, and so now that I m actually familiar with Hellboy I got the feeling from this crossover that it was done because it was a cool idea than to sell comics The Ghost crossover was also pretty decent I would have probably liked it a whole lot if I knew anything about this version of the Ghost, but I came in clueless But again, it s a pretty good story Not the best of Hellboy, by any means, and very skippable, but still good enough to read.

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    The first half of the first story with Batman was really good, but the second story really sucked Ghost is one of those superheroes that I have never really liked..

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    I don t really know much about the Ghost, but I enjoyed her half of the book The Batman Starman half, however, was pretty great If you don t like crossovers, this probably isn t the book for you, but I think it s a fun read for any Hellboy fan.

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    I liked the Lovecraft references.

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    I have always been a fan of the crossover, especially when it s done for the sake of storytelling and not a marketing scheme although, sometimes the storytelling in those situations can still stand above the marketing The crossovers in this collection don t seem to be for any other reason than the writers wanted to see these characters interact, and that s what I love.First up we have Hellboy teaming up with Batman and Starman when a group of Neo Nazis kidnap Ted Knight the original Starman to summon an Elder God Dig seeing these characters work together while dealing with their differences, the conversation between Bats and HB is one of my favorite pieces of dialogue Also, seeing Batman and the Joker drawn by Mignola was absolutely fantastic Then we have a story in which Hellboy meets the Ghost, a character from Dark Horse s run at creating a superhero universe It didn t really stick, but characters like Ghost and Barb Wire should have stuck around I liked them Seeing Ghost and Hellboy duke it out due to some events that started back in 1939 and a manipulated misunderstanding was a great premise, and well done Also, this was apparently the first time someone other than Mignola had drawn Hellboy in a full story, and I have to say, I thought they did a good job.Good collection Nice mix of Hellboy s supernatural kookiness with some standard super heroics, but still retaining the pulp sensibilities that makes Hellboy what he is.

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    Talvez o volume mais fraco do Hellboy que eu j li, com duas hist rias pra l de gen ricas.

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    Two older stories that see Hellboy crossing over with traditional costumed heroes, one drawn by Mignola but not written by him, and one written by him but not drawn by him Neither of them are as much to my tastes as the typical straightforward Hellboy story, but both have good stuff going on.I m really glad that they colored the spine of this one to match the Hellboy Weird Tales volumes, to show that these stories are outside Hellboy canon.

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