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Strange Fates chapter 1 Strange Fates, meaning Strange Fates, genre Strange Fates, book cover Strange Fates, flies Strange Fates, Strange Fates 1b6718a762df2 The First In A Line Of Three Exciting New Urban Fantasy Novels Blending Elements Of Greek Myth And Forbidden Romance Against The Backdrop Of Minnesota S Magical Underworld Brooding, Leather Jacket Wearing Nyx Fortuna Looks Like A Something, And Has For Centuries Now As The Son Of The Forgotten Fourth Fate, Lady Fortuna, He Has Been Hunted His Entire Life By The Three Sisters Of Fate That Murdered His MotherFed Up And Out For Revenge, Nyx Comes To Minneapolis Following A Tip That His Aunts Have Set Up A Business There His Goal To Bring Down His Mother S Killers And Retrieve The Thread Of Fate That Has Trapped Him In The Body Of A Twenty Year Old Unable To Age Or DieBut When A Chance Meeting With The Mysterious, Dangerous And Very Mortal Elizabeth Abernathy Throws Off His Plans, He Must Reconcile His Humanity And His Immortality

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    I wanted to like this book because of the premise, revenge I love me some revenge stories, but unfortunately this one, Strange Fates, book 1 of the Nyx Fortuna series, was blah It was not bad, but it was not really good, it was somewhere in between, and thus the blah Nyx, the heroThe story was told in exclusive first person POV from his side I liked his voice I liked his easy going personality I liked his resilience What I did not like were the inconsistencies in his character development He s supposed to be hundreds of years old, but he acted as how he appeared to be, which is in his 20s Where is the cynicism, the wisdom, the detachment from humans He s supposed to be a lone wolf, always on his guard because his aunts are actively trying to kill him Yet, in the first scene he got stabbed, and later throughout the book it turned to be one out of several scenes where he got ambushed Fuck the aunts because Nyx got in so much trouble that if it wasn t for his curse of immortality he d be dead already His aunt doesn t want just Nyx dead, they also want anyone who Nyx loved dead too Thus Nyx said he is antisocial for a very good reason, yet what I saw is that he made friends easily and relatively quickly He even managed to make friends out of initially hostile characters Where is the antisocial attitude he said he s had for hundreds of years Hell, there was even an instant love Nyx said he doesn t believe in instant love, just instant lust, but that belief was not consistent with how he acted towards Elizabeth Although what occurred at the end explained some of the infatuation, it didn t explain all of it and he really did love her His love for her is what set up the next book in the series Elizabeth, the love interestI liked her at first because she kicked her date in the groin because her date refuse to accept no to sexual advances for an answer I thought, This is not a damsel in distress Thank goodness That judgement was premature, because it turned she was a damsel in distress in every way Urban Fantasy and their fucking damsels in distress, ugh I did not care for Elizabeth She did earn a handful of my sympathy, but that was it The romance between her and Nyx was bland and slightly annoying After discovering her damsel in distress status, I wanted a different love interest for Nick the paceIn spite of the douchebag just stabbed Nyx beginning, the pace was slow going afterward for 20% of the book Only then was there another action scene, and then it was back to being slow going Action scenes occurred far apart in the plot The plot took its sweet time dishing out the action scenes the plotThere were many twists but they didn t have the emotional impact that is typical of twists I feel these twists were zigzags than twists The plot was supposed to be about revenge, but most of it had to do with Nyx white knighting Elizabeth in his I m taking my sweet time pace If you expect to get a revenge story desist Not to say I was bored, but I was not thrilled either.In ConclusionI rate Strange Fates 2 stars for it was okay It was not bad, but nothing really amazed me and I didn t like how much of the book was so focused on the damsel in distress.

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    Wow What a fun read Strange Fates by Marlene Perez is kind of like a Percy Jackson style series geared for adults Strange Fates follows Nyx Fortuna who has the unfortunate situation of being the son of one of The Fates The thing is, The Fates do not have sons, and there s that little prophecy that foresees the demise of The Fates by a male descendant This is urban fantasy based on Greek mythology Strange Fates includes a who s who list of the paranormal creature world naiads, demons, necromancers, witches, trolls, harpies, water hags, and Members of this world are descended from the gods and are part of four houses The Fates, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon Each house has some sort of identifying mark that its members wear Strange Fates is told through Nyx Fortuna s point of view Nyx is the son of Lady Fortuna, one of The Fates His family could be best described as slightly dysfunctional after all they have been trying to kill him for many years Nyx is in Minneapolis in the middle of winter searching for his thread of Fate which was hidden by his mother Nyx is an interesting character He is able to use magic and has cloaked his appearance so he hides in plain sight, even working for his family He is also immortal and hard to kill, although if one were to get a hold of his thread of Fate, he could die There is a little bit of a romance in this book, but don t expect it to be first and foremost Nyx is attracted to the lovely Elizabeth who looks suspiciously like an ex girlfriend Elizabeth was hard to relate to she seemed to be hiding something throughout the book I loved Nyx and was in awe of his self preservation skills Nyx is definitely a character that I d want on my side.Strange Fates is a promising start to a dark, gritty series The book was a real page turner and I could not put the book down There are three books planned in the series and I can t wait to read them Thank you to NetGalley and Orbit Books for a review copy of this book Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.

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    I am a fan of Marlene Perez s Dead Is series, and I was looking forward to this one It s supposed to be an adult Urban Fantasy series, but this reads like YA.Nyx s aging clock stopped when he turned 20, and it seems like his maturity did as well For a man who has lived for over 200 years and has spent that entire time fighting for his life, why he is so naive is beyond me.He really is the son of luck, because the ruses he fell for were so simple he should have seen them coming from a mile away.Also oddly, he related, befriended, and dated other 20 year olds Yet treated the other people around him who appeared older than him as parental figures He had in common with and was way closer in age to Ambrose, yet his best friend was Ambrose s son Talbot Simply because Ambrose appeared older And with all the madness that surrounded Elizabeth, he kept putting himself on the line for her There was nothing deep about their connection, she was a self centered 20 year old college student It seemed to me that someone over 200 years old wouldn t have time for her drama, or fall for her silly tricks.It was an okay read The story didn t move along very well, and the mystery and action were lacking If your not a fan of YA series, you will not like this book If you are a fan of YA, but you were looking for something grown up skip this book I may read the next book in the series, because it does have potential However, a better telling of a man who is old as Methuselah but lives in the body of a 21 year old and deals with the drama of the Gods and magic is The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne.

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    Nyx Fortuna is the son of Lady Fortuna, the only son of the House of Wyrd His Aunts, the Fates murdered his mother and have been hunting him ever since Before she died, Fortuna hid Nyx s thread of Fate, leaving him out of the reach of his Aunt s gold scissors Immortal, and long since grown underwhelmed with his condition, Nyx has traveled to Minneapolis to confront his Aunts and settle the score.He did not intend on meeting a girl in a bar, or getting stabbed by her current boyfriend He has always done better as a loner, keeping things simple, keeping anyone he could start to care about away from the attention of his ruthless Aunts But here, in the city they call home, things are about to get a bit complicated.Urban fantasy with a decidedly Greek flourish, Strange Fates is a fun and fast read Nyx is quite the likable protagonist, and the book happily avoids the urban fantasy trope of everyone falling into bed with each other That is not to say there is no sexual tension, it is just masterfully managed Strange Fates is rotten with water hags, harpies, sorcerers, and necromancers Double crosses, bar fights, and part time jobs.Fortune s Son has a rather full plate.

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    When I read the premise for this book, it sounded really interesting A lot of mythology to it But it s execution left a lot to be desired The book felt so disjointed Nyx is a member of the Fates His mother was the 4th and often forgotten fate, Fortuna, and was killed years ago by her sisters Because of a prophecy that states that the sole male born unto the Fate family will cause its downfall, Nyx s aunts have been hunting him down since his birth in order to cut his life thread Nyx wants to find his life thread before his aunts if only for the reason that he wants to end his own life He is immortal and the only way to end his life is to cut his thread, but he wants to do it on his terms He was revenge for his mother s death first And revenge means killing his aunts But after meeting mortal Elizabeth, Nyx may have something to live for after all This book was so off putting for me, it may be difficult to describe what was so wrong with it It just felt so awkward Every character interaction, especially those between Elizabeth and Nyx were awkward There was always this sense of something else going on, and I completely understand that writing technique it just wasn t applied properly in this case and it didn t work I was just waiting for the big reveal not because I didn t know what was going to happen, but because I just wanted it to be out in the open already The storytelling itself was so disjointed Within the space of one page we could go a few seconds or a few days into the story and it would take me off guard sometimes that the author had indeed sped up time and moved on to a different day I would have to go back and re read to make sure that I had it correct Since there are characters that are so apparently hiding things in this book, I was a little irritated that Nyx never figured anything out until it was right in front of him I just don t believe anyone could take all the hints and put things together His instant love for Elizabeth blinded him to everything else out there One would figure that an immortal who has clearly been around a long time wouldn t let their guard down that easily even if he says he didn t let his guard down, he did.Another thing I was confused about was this world We are told of the four main houses Zeus, Posiden, Fate, and Hades, but are mortals aware of the houses Nyx talks about how he s a wanted man yet he seems to go up to anyone and just throw around names of houses species and everyone reacts very casually He even comes up against a witch who is his love interest s roommate , they fight like throwing spells fight , yet when they see each other again it s like nothing ever happened And that is how a lot of the reactions between the characters go Something strange happens yet no one bats an eyelash and no one wonders why there s no eyelash batting This is one of the very few books that I didn t like in some way, shape or form I was pretty bored with it, and I probably wont be reading the other two books in the trilogy.

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyAs one of those dorky kids who loved Greek mythology, the premise of the Fates mixed with the descendants of Greek Gods existing in the modern day Midwestern US is right up my alley STRANGE FATES didn t turn out quite like I was expecting, and I did have a few issues, but it was a light fun read with an original premise.While I loved the world building and mythological aspects, there were some things that detracted from my enjoyment My biggest complaint was the repetition In one instance, Nyx repeats three times in two pages how he can t share his true identity, because if his friend knew, it would put him in danger When similar phrases are used frequently and close to each other it is distracting and pulls me out of the story Another problem is that there was frequent coincidence in order to tie together plot lines For example, though Nyx was characterized as lucky, since his mother is Lady Fortuna, as soon as he shows up in Minneapolis he discovers multiple of his mother s charms and belongings in short order This would normally be fine, but he supposedly has been looking for them for years so why didn t his luckiness help him sooner I liked Nyx as a character His desire for revenge against his aunts who killed his mother was understandable, especially as we learn about his early life However, there were aspects of his personality that were unbelievable For example, he d been around for centuries, and yet hadn t learned much magic, instead relied on fighting skills to protect himself against possibly magical enemies He was also far impulsive and less thoughtful than I would expect somebody who had lived as long as he had to be However, there were a few side characters who made up for the sometimes clueless Nyx There was Talbot, the slightly insufferable member of the House of Poseidon and Naomi, Nyx s cousin who doesn t know they re related, but becomes his friend Even Nyx s aunts, the Fates, turn out to be different than we re expecting based on the set up.STRANGE FATES was a worthwhile read despite the issues It was fun and quick, and the world Perez created is an original one in an Urban Fantasy landscape replete with werewolves and vampires Since STRANGE FATES is the first in a trilogy, I m looking forward to seeing where the overall story arc goes, and I ll be around to read the second book, DARK DESCENT when it comes out.Sexual content Mild sensuality, single sex scene

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    Nyx is the only son of the fourth fatem Lady Fortuna Unable to die and filled with rage, Nyx has decided to track down his mothers murderers, who happen to be his aunts the three Fates For much of his life, his aunts have tried to kill him and now, Nyx is not only tired of immortality, he is tired of running.After learning that his aunts have setup a business in Minneapolis, Nyx travels there but his mission to finally avenge his mother and die peacefully, are quickly sidelined when he meets Elizabeth Before he knows it, Nyx is not only working for his aunts in disguise, he is also hunting down Elizabeth s missing brother Time however is not on his side because the tracker is still looking for Nyx intent on killing him Can Nyx help his new girlfriend save her missing brother and stay alive long enough to finally get the revenge he has waited centuries for The setting for Strange Fates is very unique Descendants of the Roman Gods all exist and practice magic in the present day They all bear markers of their allegiance, like a trident for Poseidon for example We are told that the Gods are missing, but the descendants manage to continue to wage their petty wars and disagreements nonetheless The concept itself should have been extremely compelling, especially for someone like me who is a bit of a mythology buff, but I found in many places that Strange Fates just fell flat.Perez has an extremely repetitive writing style The entire premise of Nyx being in Minnesota is to get revenge on his aunts and yet we are reminded of this continually throughout the book To make matters worse, Strange Fates is set up as a sort of mystery, but a toddler could have figured out who the bad guy was long before the story ended When this added to the convenience with which Nyx just happens to run into people, it makes the story absolutely simplistic.Read More

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    Book Level age range This is supposed to be an adult urban fantasy, but it reads like a young adult book with slightly older by age only characters There are a few bad words in it, but nothing that hasn t been printed in a YA novel before, and nothing about this novel or it s characters screams adult Overall thoughts I loved the premise of this book I thought the overall story being told was intriguing However, the main character who is supposed to be hundreds of years old is a complete moron, with a very stunted emotional capacity, and the need to repeat himself I truly enjoyed the story, but I had to beat my head against my desk in order to continue reading through the mess that was this book The story is good The mechanics behind the writing, not so much.In Depth Review I had a few major problems while reading this book 1 The most jarring thing in books, for me, is to have a story jump from one thing to another with zero transition I call it a hard transition It s hard because one moment a character is in a store, talking to a friend and then in the next paragraph, without any explanation, that same character is across town in the middle of a date Oh, and it may or may not be a week later This book is chalk full of hard transitions It made me put the book down than a few times in frustration In fact, It took me almost a month to finish this book, when I usually burn through books in a day or two at most I will give the author this much though, I kept picking it back up, because despite the issues with how the book was written, there was a good story buried deep inside 2 Inconsistencies It s one thing for an author to forget something they said half a book ago, or even a book or two ago in a series It happens It s never pretty when it does, but in Strange Fates, it happens a lot Sometimes, on the same page EXAMPLE About 75% of the way through the book Chapter 32 Nyx is telling his friend Talbot that he plans on diving down in Lake Harriet, because he feels called to do so, and he thinks he will find answers there Talbot grabs a wet suit and does a magic spell over it telling Nyx, It ll keep you warm enough, but I can t guarantee it will keep the naiads away On the same page, just a few lines down as they continue talking through Nyx s plan, Nyx says, There s something there, I can feel it Talbot says, Like what Besides some scary Naiads Nyx returns with, I don t know, but I m going to find out At which point, Talbot states, You ll freeze to death But literally, only a few lines ago, Talbot has taken care of that with the spelled wet suit PS the dive never happens at this point in the story Once again, there s a build up for this dive to happen and it doesn t It s almost like the author has a good case of Attention Deficit Disorder, and forgets where she was going with the story and ends up somewhere else instead Usually, another hard transition occurs and takes us to an entirely new scene with no explanation of what the hell happened.The same inconsistencies are present with Nyx throughout every aspect of this book He comes to a conclusion about one of the bad guys in the story and then abruptly forgets he ever had that thought Two chapters later, he s come to that conclusion again seemingly, for the first time Then, of course, it s all but forgotten, until three chapters later when he comes to the same conclusion all over again, but it s written as if it s the first time he s thought it again The same can be said for his love interest It s very daunting to read, and then read it again, and again This is one of those literary moments where you want to reach in and shake the shit out of the character, because they couldn t possibly be so stupid.3 The author really wanted the reader to believe the main character was falling in love with a girl Only, she forgot to give us reason to believe it The girl, Elizabeth, never came across as anything than untrustworthy, at best She never had a redeeming quality that a person could fall in love with, and she actually gave the main character reasons to hate her and not trust her than to love her Another issue with the inconsistencies in the story, was with this love arc At some point in the story this girl even gives Nyx a libido potion so he ll have sex with her, despite the fact that he hasn t wanted to cross that line The two characters go off to talk about it, and why she did it, but suddenly the conversation drops away and is forgotten for another hard transition The next you hear of it is this Nyx kid going, oh well, I don t think she meant anything bad by it UGGHHH No, because date rape is cool, as long as you like the person rolls eyes This is far from the realm of believable character attributes, for a character who has supposedly been around for hundreds of years A character who supposedly reads people well, and understands their nature This is a kid, who is supposedly smart enough to survive after being hunted down for YEARS, DECADES, CENTURIES even and he s this stupid This naive I m not buying it, and you won t either Summation I m not entirely sure the book was worth reading While there is a really intriguing story there, and a lovely new take on mythology in the modern day, there are far too many problems with this book to make it an enjoyable read For the adult audience, that the book is supposedly written for, you will be pulling your hair out There is nothing adult about this book If you enjoy young adult books, this might be up your ally, but you will still have to be able to read past all the inconsistencies, the hard transitions, and the constant repetition I won t bother with the rest of the series it s supposed to be a trilogy, from what I ve read , and I don t recommend it to other readers of adult urban fantasy without the warnings I ve already given It s a shame, because there really was a good story idea in there somewhere.

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    1.5 5 stars.Oh you guys, this one had so much potential, but it was so very disappointing in so many ways I had such high hopes for Strange Fates it sounded like one of the original takes on Greek mythology, but very early, things came crashing down, and not in a good way Maybe it was the fact that I feel that this needed at least two drafts before even making it to the ARC stage of things, but I just can t recommend Strange Fates.I think my largest problem with this book was the fact that Nyx did not sound like a guy He sounded like a girl I understand cross gender narration is hard to pull off, especially in urban fantasy novels, but this was almost ridiculous in how obvious it felt that Nyx was a guy, but the author could not make him sound like one She tried the tough guy tact, the immortal guy tact, pretty much every tactic one can use for successful cross gender narration and it just kind of failed On every level And that, quite frankly, is painful to read.And then there s the infodumping interwoven with very awkward and stilted dialogue, and the random mystery of why Elizabeth takes Nyx in in the first place It was too much too soon, and not separated and clarified well enough to be interwoven back into each other again The secondary paranormal world that s so important to Nyx and this book was pretty much non existent in that first third of the book And by the second third, I was too far gone to really care I understood what Nyx s purpose was, and why I should care about him, but all I felt was indifferent And that s not good.The sensory imagerywell, the only time that really shone was during the bar fight in the first chapter And from there on in, it kind of faded away There was so much telling, I found myself continuing to ask but where d the showing go repeatedly the longer the telling and infodumping went on The infodumping even went on in terms of characters even though Nyx has a strong base to build on, it feels like Perez just didn t do it in favor of giving us his backstory instead, up front Which is a nice idea, but with everything else going on, where she inserted things was pretty random and clashed with other things at the time.Bottom line This one needed SO much editing So much However, the premise was absolutely brilliant, but the executionnot so much And that was the most terrible bit of all I hate wasted potential like nothing else Final verdict While Strange Fates has a wonderful premise for an urban fantasy genre novel, its execution needed so much work But that s just how I feel about it Strange Fates is out now from Orbit in North America, so check it out when you get the chance posted to goodreads, shelfari, and birthofanewwitch.wordpress.com

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    STRANGE FATES is the first book in a new adult urban fantasy trilogy to be followed by DARK DESCENT later this year and FORTUNE S FAVOR early 2014 I love reading about the Fates, I ve heard fantastic things about Marlene Perez s young adult books, and I was excited by a trilogy that would be published within the year instead of stretched out over three years Plus, the ebook was at a bargain price Unfortunately STRANGE FATES was not everything I d hoped for.It wasn t all bad The world Perez created is fascinating There are four houses of power, and Nyx Fortuna belongs to the strongest the House of Fate That s not a good thing for him, because his mother was the fourth Fate, murdered by her sisters and forgotten He wants revenge and then he wants to die himself But the remaining Fates are up to something fishy and a missing scientist might be the key to it all.The biggest problem with STRANGE FATES was Elizabeth When Nyx meets her, he knows that she s a liar and using him for her own mysterious ends She does nothing but confirm this impression For some reason, he decides to begin a relationship with her anyway He falls for her soon enough, despite the fact that Elizabeth shows no qualities other than being a manipulative liar and does everything she can to betray his inexplicable trust and on top of everything else he s apparently never fallen in love before in his long life There is no character based reason for Nyx to be in love and it s this hollow core at the center of his motivation His friendship with Willow, a murderous naiad, isn t much developed But Perez clearly has the skills to show people getting to know and like each other, considering how Nyx and Talbot s relationship grows closer as they work and hang together.The second biggest problem is that Nyx seems to change his priorities part of the way through the novel without much explanation He s very clear about his desire to kill the Fates and determined to get revenge for the first half of the novel, but then when things start falling into place to destroy the Fates he does the exact opposite of jumping at his chance I am all for Perez throwing some nuance into the relationship and broadening Nyx s perspective, but I was honestly baffled by most of Nyx s decisions in the second half of STRANGE FATES.There is a lot of talent behind STRANGE FATES Perez created a nifty world and a great main character She has an interesting take on mythology and immortality But the execution isn t there at all The romance is mind bogglingly bad and Nyx goes against the entirety of his characterization for the tiniest, least convincing reason I kind of want to read the second to see if Perez manages to save her world, but STRANGE FATES started strong and finished very weak.

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