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    I liked this even better than Keepers of the Cave This was a great ghost story I have been reading a lot of books that had haunted houses lately, and they kept falling flat This book had everything they were missing and surpassed them all Hill is very good at paranormal.While this book didn t have the excitement of a new romance, it continued the story of CJ and Paige It was nice to read about how their relationship progresses Paige and CJ are still as darn likeable as they were in book 1.What I really liked better about this book was the mystery There was actually two mysteries going on at once Everything was well done, the unfolding of the clues and suspects, it was exciting Then you add in the haunted house, this really was a great paranormal crime book.I would absolutely recommend this to romance fans, crime mystery fans and paranormal fans I would suggest reading the books in order Both stories stand alone, but to truly understand Paige and CJ s relationship, you need to read book 1 first.I really hope Hill writes about these characters in the future I would love another book.

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    This is the sequel to Keepers of the Cave We get to spend time with Paige and CJ again In this installment, they have a new case to investigate while trying to hide their growing relationship from their FBI comrades I liked this book better than the first Although the first one was way crazy and worth it just for how strange and disturbing it was But this one had a better flow and to be honest, it is much easier for me to believe in paranormal activity than monsters I grew to love Paige and CJ so much They are fun couple Cute banter, always flirty, and definitely into each other literally I recommend this to people who like hidden romance, cold cases, hot lesbian FBI agents, ghosts, haunted houses, and creepy dead kids.

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    Excellent follow up to Keepers of the Cave Now this is my kind of paranormal book The best way to enjoy the book to be truly immersive is to read it alone in the dark I can almost guarantee at some point, you ll want to turn on all the lights The book centers around a small unit of the FBI that deals specifically with cases of child kidnappings and killings Despite the morbid subject matter, the book has a lot of heart and humor I enjoyed the playful banter between the members There was some brilliant dark humor And who can forget the socialite mom and her perfect timing But most of all, I enjoyed the time the author took to develop the leading ladies tentative and uncertain relationship.Mysteries like these are best read without reading too many reviews The less you know, the better the thrills work But I can t shut up about it yet, so the rest of the review goes inside a spoiler tag, even though it s only mildly spoilerish view spoiler Unlike Keepers which is a little on the weird side and has some icky moments, this is of a traditional ghost story The author incorporates many familiar elements haunted house, friendly ghosts, evil beings, possession, voodoo, witchcraft, animal sacrifices, crazed ax wielding killer, etc., etc. heckalmost every horror trope is thrown in Despite that, the book never devolves into a mindless horror movie, I mean, book.The author manages to combine all the elements mystery, thriller, horror, romance into a nice and neat package The mystery itself is sufficiently complex as to not be obvious but not too complicated to follow The pacing is great And you get a bonus surprise ending that is also quite the horror trope hide spoiler

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    CJ and Paige are back in this sequel and inadvertently help me to reaffirm my interest in Lesfic In m f romance, I can count with my fingers and toes fine, I might just need to borrow some from others on how many strong kickass heroines out there In Lesfic though, I can find one in almost every book I read The authors, they should stand as proud as the likes of Kennedy, Hoover, Rowling for their amazing writings I really wish that Goodreads will add in the LGBT books in each category next year onwards These books deserve recognition, Forget that you re straight, rectangular, pentagon for a moment and immerse yourself with the stories beautifully written by Winter, Hunter, Noyes, Mathieu and so many others and be prepared to be wowed Keeper of the Cave and Weeping Walls are both available on Scribd Perfect Nope but they do entertain me and sneakily get onto my potential rereading shelf in a blink of an eye.

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    Hah This was a great read CJ and Paige were even better in this than in the first book but the best part was the ghost story thriller It seems to be quite difficult to balance a romance with a mystery because either the romance is lovely and the mystery quite lame or the other way around Maybe it s because CJ and Paige are already together when the book starts that the balance works better The investigation that the team is thrown into is nail biting, riveting and complex I loved the dynamics between the team members and the way they supported CJ I m sorry it s finished.

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    Another good one.I m a little late in reading this one so if want an actual review you might want to read others What I will say is that after watching Annabelle Creation and then reading this one, it sorta freaked me outyou know haunted house and all Regardless I think I liked it better than the first one.

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    Wow Wow Wow.I loved Keepers of the Cave and could not wait to read Weeping Walls I was not disappointed.I am officially really freaked out It s 2am and had to literally check behind me ten times on my way to the bathroom just because I thought something would jump at me from the dark This story is seriously SCARY, and I absolutely LOVED it It s a thriller than a romance contrary to Keepers of the Cave which is, I think, a lot focused on the romance In this one, CJ and Paige are pursuing their affair and trying to hide it from their partners Billy and Ice It s very sweet to read about their growing affection, their endless teasing, the tension when they re in public, etc The book is mostly about them realizing they are in fact madly in love with each other in the midst of a terrifying case With, again, spooky supernatural stuff Who doesn t like haunted houses, anyway Even though I usually like romance than anything else, the plot was so thrilling in Weeping Walls that the relative lack of. romantic angst , didn t bother me much.Even though I missed the sexual tension of Keepers of the Cave, I thought Weeping Walls gave a really great ending for Paige and CJ They re a very touching couple.I m very rarely disappointed with Gerri Hill s books, but I have to say, this series was my favorite by her.

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    I really hope Gerri Hill continues this series as I just adore CJ and Paige As she nearly always does, Gerri has created some very good characters here The dialog between them never gets cringey unlike a fair few books in this genre , and they both appeal in equal measure The plot of this book was just deep enough to be interesting but not too overblown that it had me skimming and wishing for it to get to the point I ve read a few reviews that just don t get the supernatural aspect of these books, but I like this angle It s different but well done.An entertaining read, and of CJ and Paige for my reading queue would be much appreciated.

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    CJ and Paige are a fun couple to read about and the first book, Keepers of the Cave, was quite a strange but entertaining story I was curious what would happen in this 2nd book.The author didn t disappoint in the continuing relationship of CJ and Paige and I enjoyed reading about their other FBI partners, as well Dialogue and humor were particularly good.The ghost aspect wasn t especially unique and this wasn t as crazy or out there as the first book It s a well written story, though.Overall, an entertaining and easy read.

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    I love Gerri Hill books The quality of the writing, characterisation and plot set her consistently apart.I am a big fan of the first book Keepers of the Cave and was interested to see where the characters from this first book went next Boy, I was not disappointed while I loved the will they, won t they aspect of the first book this book played out the relationship between CJ and Paige incredibly well and provided the conclusion that we all want.This is a paranormal story that I felt handled that aspect of the book very adroitly, even if the mundane crime that set the team on the trail did seem to be wrapped up very quickly and neatly at the end.High quality work.

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