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    The writing was good I loved the unusual profession of oil rig fire fighting The pacing was weird and it seemed to end very abruptly.

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    I really liked the characters and the story Julie Cannon has done a fine job in setting out the two characters personalities early on, so that we can understand their reactions to situations as they arise The pace of the story telling is compelling, drawing the reader into the story from the start, so that it s difficult to put the book down, and you find you don t want to You become invested in the characters and want to see how Nicole and Brady cope with their unexpected affection for each other It was over too soon , ,

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    I was drawn into this book from start to finish and didn t feel the time passing by until I d reached the final page.My only gripe, the book seemed to end rather suddenly and view spoiler there was no epilogue to tidy it up hide spoiler

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    Sweet love story that deals with a difficult issue This book is exactly what I expected from this author Yay for sappy romance stories

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    At the heart of this intense and intriguing book is an enticingly special love story Both women have extraordinary backgrounds and quite simply amazingly beautiful souls The gentle and slowly developing relationship, so remarkably crafted and magnificently delineated, was enhanced by the extraordinary pain each woman had experienced at different times and in very different ways Each woman s story eventually is expressed completely while the thoroughly fascinating world of Fire Suppression unfolded before my eyes This specialized world where highly trained teams along with customized equipment put out incredibly dangerous oil fires is presented in such an intelligible way as to be just as much of an important character in this book as the two nascent lovers are I was totally captivated and enthralled by this world I barely understood from news stories I have read I definitely recommend Smoke and Fire and please do not skip over the technical sections about Fire Suppression as they are lucidly rendered Bravo Nicole McMillan is the daughter of the man who founded McMillan Suppress, a leader in safety and successful oil fire containment She loved being in the field and had been for over ten years until she was a victim of an explosion and was severely injured She went through a very long physical recovery, and still suffers from post traumatic stress episodes that vary in intensity This was rather well documented and known by everyone in the industry and especially by folks employed by McMillan Nevertheless, she has triumphantly succeeded her father as president Those are the facts, this book presents the extraordinary underpinnings of those events and her daily battles in a manner that practically made me feel it happened to me Marvelous Brady Stewart is a member of one the elite teams working for McMillan She fought hard and long to be respected and befriended by her co workers She is even asked to be Best Woman at the wedding of a fellow team member That speaks volumes about how esteemed and admired she is Her story, her struggles, and her lifestyle make for fantastic reading In addition, they provide the strong foundation for her astonishing relationship with Nicole As that part of the book unfolded brilliantly, I found myself entirely enad with Brady She also helped me to understand and be gently non judgmental of Nicole Amazing This is one of the most evenly paced books I have ever read That was quite beneficial and supportive of the intricate elements surrounding Nicole and Brady Fantastic NOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Loved the book, the pace and the gradual build up of the romance between Brady and Nicole Nicole is a true survivor, and I am so glad that Brady eventually break through her walls I like the other side message that is attached to this story as well, that outer beauty is only one part in defining a person Throughout the book, you can truly feel that Brady sees all of Nicole as a person and just not superficially.The little details about fire fighting and dealing with oil field fires are interesting as well Having read a few Julie Cannon s books, I like this one most.

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    A typical 3.Nice enough characters, nice enough story But not that thrilling, really The first half of the book is way too slow, the women s interactions are scarce and the content is repetitive But the writing is good and it makes a good quick read with enough angst to keep you interested Not totally sure I ll remember this story in a few weeks, though.

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    Strong characters, unusual back drop of oil well fire fighting Wrapped up quickly, but that was ok the story had been told and the happily ever after was only a matter of time

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    Author Julie Cannon caught my attention from the start, I really enjoyed the story, the characters and the passion that was brought out in the book.Brady and Nicole are a great couple, Their attraction showed great passion and chemistry The book also showed consent and control of yourself and respect for others Great read all together, I would highly recommend this book to Lesbian Erotica readers.

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    En la primera mitad todo va muy lento y resulta bastante aburrido de leer En cambio, en la segunda parte todo va muy r pido Me hubiese gustado que tuviese un punto medio, o que la segunda mitad fuese m s detallada porque fue la parte interesante pero no la pude apreciar bien porque todo fue muy apresurado La historia estuvo bien y me agradaron los personajes, pero la verdad no termin de convencerme.

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Smoke and Fire download Smoke and Fire , read online Smoke and Fire , kindle ebook Smoke and Fire , Smoke and Fire 58664d88ed48 Brady Stewart Lives For The Fire Nightmares Of The Fire Haunt Nicole McMillan Whether Fighting Fires In The Kuwaiti Desert, In The Waters Of The Gulf Of Mexico Or The Heartland Of Oklahoma, Both Women Hide Behind A Smoke Screen Of Who They Really Are When They Meet And Face The Challenge Of Their Lives, Their Passion Ignites Because Where There S Smoke, There S Fire