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Finding Grace (Anne Grace Adventures #2) pdf Finding Grace (Anne Grace Adventures #2) , ebook Finding Grace (Anne Grace Adventures #2) , epub Finding Grace (Anne Grace Adventures #2) , doc Finding Grace (Anne Grace Adventures #2) , e-pub Finding Grace (Anne Grace Adventures #2) , Finding Grace (Anne Grace Adventures #2) ca82bb59039 A Former Charlatan A Musical LegendFate Sends Annie Grace On An Adventure To Save Former Hip Hop Star Richard Rock From His Past Mistakes Before They Destroy His Family Racing Against Time And A Threat That Could Kill Both Of Them, Can They Succeed In Finally Finding Grace

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    Loved this book, it is an entertaining and educational work of fiction Annie is an endearing protagonist, a Christian superhero with a worldview Book 1 laid the groundwork A reformed transformed Annie uses her superpower to help others One can read into it what they want I would think I enjoyed the openminded and accepting attitude the story portrayed.

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    By ANNETTE MARDIS Alex Adena has an entertaining way of discussing Christian faith, miracles, morality and family values that isn t preachy or overbearing Anyone who s read his two Annie Grace books and if you haven t, what are you waiting for by now has come to care a lot about what happens to the disgraced faith healer who finds redemption in seemingly random miracles and acts of kindness While Finding Grace doesn t have quite the oomph of Signs and Wonders, this second novella in the series still is a worthwhile follow up, and readers will find themselves eager to find out what happens next.

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    A very enjoyable read Using already established characters from Signs Wonders, the author introduces a new adventure and new people into the lives of Annie and Ernesto I found Finding Grace to be a quick, easy and very enjoyable read The bits of information woven through the book about history, religion, music and other topics shows that the author has done his research and maybe lived through a few of the events himself, like many of us I m looking forward to the third in the series.

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    Great follow upGreat follow upGreat follow up to first book in the series Signs and Wonders A good read for those of us who believe that God still works on earth today A great story line and lots of adventure.

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