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    Moral of the Story Purple smoke is bad news Sorry, Prince.Body Count Quite a lot Gunther, 12 in the Hall of Mirrors, and Jared with his three friendsThe Usual Suspects Robin Fear, Jared framed The Actual Suspects See aboveGaping Plot Holes None, really, but it does bother me that RL Stine uses the term immortal when Robin Fear would have still been alive in the 1990s most likely he just would have been 70 instead of 16 Also how when his face decays they say that it s all rotting and shit Again, he wouldn t have been dead Shouldn t his face just be wrinkled on one side Or is decayed flesh the price one pays for immortality Plot This book could alternatively be titled The Consequences for Cheating Cheaters So, to recap a tiny bit, the book opens with Deirdre Bradley and Robin Fear at Paul s funeral Paul is Deirdre s former boyfriend The narrator tells us that she loved him, but I call bullshit because Deirdre was cheating on Paul with Robin while Paul was still alive In fact, Robin has gone from victim in the first book to murderous killer in the second He has made himself immortal from the 1930s in order to stop Fear Park from ever being built it was against his father s wishes However, he isn t alone He made sure to bring back the sole survivor of the Hatchet Massacre, Meghan, former girlfriend of Richard Bradley whom she cheated on with Robin In present day Meghan is still with Robin and believes herself his only one, but he is cheating on her with Deirdre Confused yet This is quite a bit of fuckery, to be sure Anyway, Robin doesn t care about either of them, as his only goal is to get Fear Park shut down for good He didn t succeed with the death of Paul, and the park still opens the next day His only plan is to use his evil powers involving purple smoke to kill as many people as possible until the town forces Mr Bradley to shut down the park This book is mostly comprised of each of these evil schemes he hatches in order to get his way while still maintaining his sweet innocence to Deirdre and Meghan.His first plan is to feed Gunther, who works with the animals, to the lions Literally Every morning Gunther feeds the lions meat Robin decides to feed them Gunther instead Jared is Paul s brother and also looking to get Fear Park closed down, as he blames Mr Bradley for his death I don t know why Robin doesn t use him as an ally, but he instead uses him as a pawn throughout the book Jared and his friends are stupid enough to constantly fall in his trap Jared gets into a scuffle with Gunther and is seeking payback Robin suggests that Jared catch Gunther in the morning while he is feeding the lions and spook him make him think they are going to push him over the cliff Jared follows this plan and he and his friends corner Gunther the next morning Just as they are about to really make him think they ll push him, purple smoke rises up from the cliff and Gunther goes into a trance Under Robin s watchful gaze, he walks himself right off the cliff and breaks his neck on the rocks below The lions proceed to feast on his flesh Jared gets sick when he sees Gunther s body, and his friends have to help haul him away They are approached by security guards on their descent, but they are not under any type of suspicion Yet.Robin s next scheme is once again aided by Jared s pea size brain They figure one way to spook Mr Bradley into giving up on the park is to plant firecrackers in the House of Mirrors Now, if death hasn t already scared him off, I don t know why firecrackers would, but I am not Jared Robin sees the boys planting the firecrackers in the Hall of Mirrors, natch He tries to get Deirdre to go inside so he can kill her in his next plan She is busy and refuses, but Robin thinks it would be a shame to waste this perfect opportunity for death how very Margo Black of him He summons the purple smoke and chants out a spell that will detonate the firecrackers into a bomb The ensuing explosion kills 12 people and injures 20 some others Robin is delighted He thinks his work is finally done Wrong That STILL doesn t work, because Mr Bradley insists he is a man with a dream MLK reincarnated, perhaps , and that he has worked tirelessly for this and will not give up no matter what Robin thinks this is a shame because he will have to continue his attempts on Deirdre s life He also now wants to find out a way to get rid of the similarly immortal Meghan who gave up her life for this clown Meanwhile, Jared and Co are terrified for their lives Instead of helping to clear their names, Robin has given the police descriptions of Jared and his three friends as the ones who set off the bomb in the Hall of Mirrors When Jared comes back to beg Robin to help them, since he s the only witness who can, Robin suggests that they wait in a shed in Fear Park and then claim a kidnap victim in order to get the police and the television to listen to them Yeah, that s smart But of course Jared buys it Robin lures Deirdre into the shed and then Jared pretends to knock Robin out so that Deirdre won t suspect anything The clever minx breaks free though, and just as Robin wakes up and she signals to him that she s escaping through the window, the purple smoke comes back Seems that Robin has changed tactics Instead of waiting for the police he plans to kill Jared and Co right there The smoke engulfs each of them and stretches at their skin until it pops and their eyeballs fall out and all sorts of other gruesome shit It starts to climb up Deirdre until it stops and she wonders if she is dead the first sign that you aren t She sees the body parts everywhere and starts to freak out until Robin comes over and promises her it s all right and that he will take very good care of her I ll bet A real charmer, that one.Meanwhile, towards the end of the book Deirdre starts getting weird information Someone slips a picture under her door of Robin Fear at the Hatchet Massacre in 1935 She thinks immediately it must be him, but when she confronts him about it he insists that it is his grandfather Then Deirdre gets a strange call from a person who tells her to stay away from Robin Fear, and that they have to talk before she is in any danger She also talks to Robin about this, but his eyes start to glaze over too bad he should be concerned Robin thinks that it has to be Meghan she s the only one who knows That s the thing about immortality, Rob you can never be sure WHO really knows the truth Some people want it so bad they would know right away.To be continued DUN DUN DUN

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    How did we end up hereI have a need for cheese that requires regular feeding Plus there s something about these old school YA horror novels that really tickle my fancy and I can t get enough of them And I collect them So .Okay, book You ve got 50 pages Go Fifty pages is nearly half the book in this case so I would be in it to win it regardless Thankfully it s not a total book of torture and fits nicely into Stine s cheesy repertoire What the blurb above doesn t tell you is WHY it s a bad time for Dierdre to fall in love It s not finals week or anything It s because she s doing it at the funeral for her last boyfriend that got squished under a collapsed Ferris wheel Yeah May want to elaborate on that bad time, don t you think One simply does not read RL Stine cheese for a realistic romance So tuck that aside right now.Add to it the evil villain, mustache twirling plotting and hints of supernatural elements and I d be doing the YA horror world a disservice if I didn t keep reading Here s an author that s so incredibly unapologetic for the blatant evillry he writes that I can t help but admire him No punches pulled or shrubbery beaten Shit happens, people die, get used, murdered by cotton candy, whatever It is what it is and that makes it awesome.What worked .The ridiculous deaths Stine loves those so hard he keeps upping himself From the purple smoke that jerkies people to the killer carnival rides to the firecrackers that make people s limbs blow off, they re all glorious This is horror, bitch Body parts are supposed to fly What didn t work .Like I said above, the romance, but that s not what I read Stine for so I wouldn t make it a mark against him for this.Character development, on the other hand, isn t his strong suit Characters are very flat, pigeon holed and molded to fit the plot But I m okay with that because it s what I expect reading this stuff It s the paper version of a B Movie and it makes me all sorts of happy despite its cheesiness.And in the end .Since this is Fear Park 2 I really need to get my hands on 1 and 3 to properly round out this sub series because I am completely out on a limb here HOW DOES THIS END I must know For my own mental well being I must have closure Does Dierdre die and Robin get his revenge Or does Robin somehow get flipped inside out like that pig thing in that Tim Allen Stark Trek convention spoof movie and everyone breathes a big sigh of relief I DON T KNOW I am currently incomplete.

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    Middle books in trilogies have a big job to do They have to keep the action going and the reader interested enough to read the final book This book does a good job of that The reader has some questions answered that were left over from the first book and there s a good deal violence It also introduces a mystery person I have to say, though, having a wildlife park with the amusement park is really weird.

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    I really wish that it was explained better why

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    Don t judge this book off of my rating This is the only book in the trilogy my library had so I can t really say if it is good or bad Three stars are my rating on most of R.L Stine s books so I figured that was a safe amount.

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    Dierdre is soo innocent navie

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    Just plain amazing R L Stine s best work, along with Fear Hall If you re still into Young Adult which I m not any I highly recommend it

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    This Fear Street is one of my kind full of twists and turns I m unable to get the first and last part of this trilogy So someone please give me the remaining parts at least The last part.

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    The second book in the Fear Park trilogy features a psychopath parading as a nice guy The reader wants to jump in and warn the guileless girl protagonist to stay away from Mr Nice Guy.

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    I read this book while in middle school I was a HUGE R.L Stine fan and like most of his other books, I couldn t put it down.

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