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    Chance stand alone A poignant sweet short story about friendship, life love Do you like being ignored Another pause, one hand flinching on his knee It s what I know What a gem There are several reasons why this freebie might not have been for me First off it s very, very short, secondly the hero is not a jaded alpha and thirdly there is no steam But none of that really matters because this poignant story has Kai and he was so very, very special that in under 100 pages he managed to touch my heart and put tears in my eyes.Chance is the story about two close friends, Mary and Kai who share the commute to and from work every day until one day when Mary discovers that Kai has been keeping secrets some touching and sweet others heartbreaking Hero Kai 25 30 years research assistant pharmaceutical company Dark hair dark eyes.Four words to describe Kai lovable, sweet, introverted and private.Heroine Mary 25 30 years Bridal shop employee.Four words to describe Mary insightful, endearing spunky and loyal.Chance, albeit short, gave a glimpse into Kai s and Mary s lives, friendship and future It starts off focusing on the dynamics of their friendship, but quickly evolves into much Memorable and sweet Kai and his secrets drove this story Beautifully told it s a story about life and about making the best out the cards one was dealt My only regret would be that their story wasn t longer not because it did not have a HFN, because it did but because I wanted of Kai He moved me, their story touched me and I am recommending Don t leave He turned his eyes up, half focused, as she stood I still have to say things to you Hero rating 4.5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSex scenes rating N AStoryline concept rating 4 starsStorytelling skills rating 4.5 starsStory ending rating 4 stars Overall rating 4 starsWould I re read this book Yes Would I read future books by this author Yes.

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    3.5 Stars An unexpected delightful short Let s just say it takes a lot to surprise me, I thought I knew, but I had no idea how this would play out I just wish it had another one or two sentences at the enda teensy weensy bit closurealthough the last line was beautiful I m not going to say anything else, this is a freebie, so it won t cost you anything to read and it will definitely leave you smiling Thanks to SueBee for her beautiful review which prompted me to read this.

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    Perfection My favourite novella, EVER.

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    A great short story I do love stories that take place on a train There is something romantic about making a connection on a train.

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    What a sweet and lovely short story Kai and Mary are so engaging, and the depth of their relationship is made obvious as the story progresses I really enjoyed Kai s story his history, his struggles past and present, and his determination But this, by far, is my favorite part of the story, where Kai asks Mary to say I love you and why I want to hear you say it, His hands grasped the small of her back, pulling her to him I want to hear it so many times that I don t forget the sound of it when I can t hear anything else.

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    N.M Lombardi proves it is possible to pack a wallop in a story as short as 27 pages.Kai, such an unusual name, in my language it means food However that aside, this was a sweet romance, Kai was such an endearing H and you cannot help but feel his confusion as the world batters him with noise from all sides Mary was sweet too although it would have been nice to see a few longing lances or grinding jealousy when Kai hooked up with Chrystal It might have made Mary s declaration a bit believable.Still, a lovely uba short story.

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    This was a very short, very cute read I liked it I would ve liked for the story to be a little longer Even with them being best friends, it felt a little awkward that they professed their love to each other and decided to get married without so much as a kiss between them It also ended oddlyI was seriously wondering, huh That is the end That is the last sentence Not a bad ending, just didn t really feel wrapped up.

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    Okay this little novella surprised the heck out of me by presenting a perfect short story It was a clip in time that was perfectly done presenting two characters, Mary and Kai, in a thirty minute read I was fulling invested in the story and the plot from the first page through the last Excellent job, and I highly recommend the novella I wish all shorts could be done this well.

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    This was a sweet short story.It was a little sad to know you are going deaf in your late years.After hearing all kinds of things and not to be able to hear nothing at all.I really liked this short story.

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    Chance by N M Lombardi can be read in one sitting It s a solid and unique story with a great voice.

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