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Strawberry Rivals summary Strawberry Rivals , series Strawberry Rivals , book Strawberry Rivals , pdf Strawberry Rivals , Strawberry Rivals 3c9c48f865 Strawberries Rivalry Flirting Warm Summer Days And A Large, Orange Cat Okay, So I Almost Backed Into The Guy But It Was Mostly His Fault, And I Did Try To Apologize Mr Tall, Dark, And Handsome Is A Real Jerk Or At Least I Thought So Till He Stopped To Offer Me A Lift When I Ran Out Of Gas

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    This started out cute enough Chris and Pete get off to a rough start but then there s some sweet flirting and crushing on each other Then they started to annoy me They acted like teenagers most of the time and I wasn t sure who I wanted to slap upside the head Pete for thinking that someone would actually be calling their boyfriend Mr C or Chris for running away practically clutching his pearls the first time they kiss There were just too many silly misunderstandings.

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    Even the wonderful orange fluffy cat couldn t save this one for.It was sour instead of sweet I really really disliked one of the heroes and nothing either of them did made good sense to me.So, no.

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    Still free and obviously I got the version for the visually impaired people my kindle is on the smallest font size and still my arms are too short This was a very nice, cute read I liked the writing style, it fitted the story and both characters perfectly One small niggle view spoiler The last misunderstanding was not necessary for my liking hide spoiler

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    Short adorable novella about two sweet men Although the MC s are supposed to be grown men, this has a feel of a teenage romance with lots of I hate you I love you moments and hurt little feelings P But for some reason I just love it And there s lots of talk about strawberries and jam Lots of jam I was salivating allover the place and I could definitely relate to and by the end I was kisses

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    To read of reviews, please visit Stars Rounded up to 4 StarsDuring the prime strawberry picking season, Chris and Peter compete with each other at the market for selling strawberries Peter, the innovated one, owns a small company and makes great business deals Chris, on the other hand, has a fat cat at home, is unemployed, and knows how to make superb strawberry jam.I love the first part of the story where the MCs dance around each other but still get closer to each other with every turn figuratively These two couples really start off on the wrong foot and keep misunderstanding each other s actions It builds up the drama and the conversations seem very real However, towards the end, there are too many misunderstandings and angst over them that it become a little tedious Characters jump to conclusions a lot and there is no build up of emotion leading to big revelations The ending seems rush but still offers a closure and HEA to the characters.The tone of the blurb is very similar to the whole story It s a cute short story that will pique your interest and hold your attention for a few hours I definitely recommend to M M fans looking for a short story.

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    I wasn t crazy abut it Pete in the beginning of the story was not labeled, then you are told he is Mexican.there s nothing wrong with that, but what I heard in my head as I read changed His voice changed and the way I felt about him changed I liked his future partner Chris, a hard working kid But Pete is somewhat of an a in the beginning It s just a story, fiction and it s a short one.but it wasn t for me I m sure others will see it differently which is good because we all cant be the same, thankfully.

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    So sweet it should be sugar I loved the meeting between the MCs and the slow dance to romance they did while struggling to make ends meet in a down economy I did think Chris, for being an adult, was kinda juvenile in his reactions but I don t know his past well enough to know if those reactions are understandable This authour doesn t get very descriptive with sex, and there is NO sex in this story, but it is well written and very sweet I enjoyed reading it and will be keeping it, which is the exception for free downloads for me.

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    I liked the way these two danced around each other It was also cool figuring out Peter along with Chris Peter seems to mix up being a jerk with being flirty and Chris just isn t sure where he stands, whether he s falling for this guy or wants to punch him The HFN ending makes me wish we could revisit these guys or get an epilogue, but I think a big part of the fun is imagining where they go from here.

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    This is a nice little M M romance, its length that of a short story.While it is sweet and heart warming, its first half is much sensible and better constructed than its second half where there is a little too much ado about nearly nothing, the crisis between the two lovers looking like a storm in a teacup.A couple of typos mistakes could use a little editing.

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    Very cute, and very sweet, but also very frustrating I don t mind miscommunication misassumptions as a plot point, but it was a bit overdone here.Still, it was fluffy and things work out in the end so yay.

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