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The Big Pacific Wake Up (Destitute Dan, #1) quotes The Big Pacific Wake Up (Destitute Dan, #1) , litcharts The Big Pacific Wake Up (Destitute Dan, #1) , symbolism The Big Pacific Wake Up (Destitute Dan, #1) , summary shmoop The Big Pacific Wake Up (Destitute Dan, #1) , The Big Pacific Wake Up (Destitute Dan, #1) 97dd64a3 No Matter What Dan Tries To Do In His Life, He Always Finds A Great Way To Mess It All Up, And Since Usually He Comes Through Alive And Breathing, The Ideas Of Grandeur, Adventure, And Love Keep Him Moving Forward With His Head Held High And His Feet Taking One Step After Another As He Journeys To A Small Village In East Java, Indonesia, To Work As An ESL Teacher With Only The Idea Of A Great Adventure While Trying To Find Something Interesting To Kick Off His Career As A Writer, Dan Accepts A Rather Dodgy Job To Travel Across The World For The First Time In His Life I Could Feel An Experience Revolution Somewhere Inside Of Me Dissidents Of The Old Me Were Waiving Red And Gold Flags, While The Kings And Queens That Once Defined The Person That I Was Were Lined Up In Single File Lines And Waiting To Be Beheaded I Was Changing Destitute Dan The Big Pacific Wake Up Is A Story About Discovering Yourself Through An Incredible Adventure Of Love, Heartache, And Going Through Life While Making Poor Decisions And Regrettable Choices Due To Great Bouts Of Naivety And A Desire For Supreme Adventure Dan Walked On A Plane In Chicago Completely Blacked Out On Whiskey, And He Woke Up Over The Wide Pacific Ocean Where A New Life Was Awaiting Him While The Newness Of Experience That Began To Dawn On Dan, He Began To Slowly Realize That The World He Held In His Mind Was Much Different Than The One In Reality, And The Only Person To Stop Him From Doing The Things That He Wanted Was Himself Although He Was Looking For Adventure, Adventure Decided To Come To Him In A Way That He Never Expected When He Came Across The Only Other Foreigner In Town, An From This Person Dan S Life Would Start To Change In Ways That He Would Have Never Expected However, Can Dan Control Himself When Love For A Beautiful Woman Comes Into Contact With His Destitute Nature

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