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The Traveller summary The Traveller , series The Traveller , book The Traveller , pdf The Traveller , The Traveller 365d4383dc Paul James Winters, Divorcee And Struggling To Cope With The Emotional Trauma Of Another Failed Relationship, Embarks Upon A Journey To Central America A Journey, Primarily Designed For Him To Distance Himself From His Past, And To Spend Time Reflecting Upon His Life And The Future, Is Turned Upside Down When He Overhears A Conversation In A Shopping Mall From A Simple Confrontation Between Two Men Develops A Life Threatening Scenario, Of Which He Becomes The Central Character As He Struggles To Understand The Complexity Of The Situation He Has Found Himself In, He Realises That Understanding The Intricacy Of The Fraud Is Far Less Important Than Just Staying Alive The Traveller Allows The Reader To Understand The Blandness Of His Existence In The UK, And The Personal Torment He Has Endured The Highly Charged Atmosphere Of Central America Awakens His Desire To Live, Rejuvenating His Spirit Of Adventure As He Grapples With The Powers That Would Have Him Suppressed As The Story Unfolds The Reader Can Ask Whether It Was Idle Curiosity, Or Was It Just A Compelling Need To Inject Some Much Needed Enthusiasm Into His Stagnant Existence Was He Deliberately Orchestrating The Events As They Unfolded To Satisfy His Desires For Adventure Together With A Small Group Of Friends They Embark Upon A Journey Around Costa Rica Whilst Being Pursued By A Number Of Different Assailants, All With A Common Aim The Traveller Follows The Journey From The Conversation, Through The Land Deals, The Fraud, The Blackmails, The Chase As They Try To Evade Their Killers, The Deaths Of His Friends And To Its Conclusion With His New Lover

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