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Lair of the White Worm chapter 1 Lair of the White Worm , meaning Lair of the White Worm , genre Lair of the White Worm , book cover Lair of the White Worm , flies Lair of the White Worm , Lair of the White Worm 5674ddfb0d1c0 This Work Has Been Selected By Scholars As Being Culturally Important, And Is Part Of The Knowledge Base Of Civilization As We Know It This Work Was Reproduced From The Original Artifact, And Remains As True To The Original Work As Possible Therefore, You Will See The Original Copyright References, Library Stamps As Most Of These Works Have Been Housed In Our Most Important Libraries Around The World , And Other Notations In The Work This Work Is In The Public Domain In The United States Of America, And Possibly Other Nations Within The United States, You May Freely Copy And Distribute This Work, As No Entity Individual Or Corporate Has A Copyright On The Body Of The WorkAs A Reproduction Of A Historical Artifact, This Work May Contain Missing Or Blurred Pages, Poor Pictures, Errant Marks, Etc Scholars Believe, And We Concur, That This Work Is Important Enough To Be Preserved, Reproduced, And Made Generally Available To The Public We Appreciate Your Support Of The Preservation Process, And Thank You For Being An Important Part Of Keeping This Knowledge Alive And Relevant

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    You might like this book if you believe in the intrinsic superiority of the white peoples over other races, particularly black folks Since I really don t feel that way I found myself getting and irate until the savage , intrinsically primitive nigger got killed off whilst attempting murder One might of course, think that this was the view of the other characters only and it should not be infered that Stoker believed it Unfortunately, Oolanga is a nigger to the narrator, too anf that narrator is not a character and so we must assume that it is Stoker s opinion.Now with the black guy out of the way, you might think that the offensive attitudes might also go away but that would be to ignore the outrageous sexism and with three major female characters, none of whom die early on, one has to suffer that right to the end Frankly, I can t explain the masochism that made me finish this book it was pure self torture.The sexism is for the most part somewhat subtle than the racism the heroine is allowed some strength of will, bravery and independence of mind until she gets married, at which point she immediately requires her husband s opinion on everything and defers to his view as obviously superior because he s her husband Even her strength of will and bravery are nothing compared to his because he s male, of course Are you vomiting yet Again, is this Stoker s view Well, a male character, an older man who is meant to be a wiseknowledgable character, the font of wisdom for the younger protagonists and the reader finds that the Suffragettes, want principle Funny, I thought they were fighting for a principle One might argue that one should set all this aside, because it was the attitude of the time and instead look at the literary merits of the book when judging it One would be wrong, however the times they were a changing The Suffragette movement had started Thomas Hardy had been fighting the cause of women for decades this was a time for choosing sides Stoker chose the repugnant side So maybe you are a scary person and don t find all this offensive, or maybe you are particularly good at compartmentalising the foulness from the plot and writing If so you really still aren t in for a treat, or even a mediocre good time No, you are in for a waste of effort.The set up might sound familiar a youngish, dynamic man with an older mentor, full of obscure wisdom and knowledge Two attractive young women in danger An ancient evil In this case a hilarious one, completely empty of power to horrify or instill terror The protagonists or less don t do anything for an age, then the monster attacks them there s a scene with a carriage being chased then some completely baffling actions by the monster Then a denouement that has been predictable for an age.The only thing I really liked about Dracula was the powerful sense of dread in the opening section written from Transylvania Nowhere in this book is there anything even remotely as affecting What a heap of rubbish

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    This is the 3rd Penguin Red classic book that I ve read this month and the 2nd which is filled with racist and sexist messages What a horrible way to end October To get my rage over with, let me take a moment and bitch a little about the racism The n word is a trigger in society today but I am fully aware that at one point, it was nothing but a word though obviously demeaning , so I would ve happily let this book be what it is despite the fact that it uses the word n as commonly as we use the But And this is big butt Not only are the character blatantly using it to relate to characteristics of savagery, barbarism, and slavery, the author narrator himself is laughing at the black slave in the novel It was not only offensive and utterly repulsive, but incredibly uncomfortable to watch the destruction of the n and witness the victory of white race.To give an example, when a black man professes his love for Arabella, the following is the reaction Lady Arabella was not usually a humorous person, but no man or woman of the white race could have checked the laughter which rose spontaneously to her lips The circumstances were too grotesque, the contrast too violent, for subdued mirth The man a debased specimen of one of the most primitive races of the earth, and of an ugliness which was simply devilish the woman of high degree, beautiful, accomplished This was the voice of the narrator I ll save you the ridiculous response Arabella actually gives.Further, if that wasn t bad enough, this book is also sexist in its portrayal of female characters Some of the lines of this novel are cringingly bad in describing the nature of Arabella I ll be honest and say that there have been many times in my life when I ve been frustrated with the opposite sex, but I don t diminish their value as a human entirely Here s an example of the toxicity of a woman This one is a woman, with all a woman s wit, combined with the heartlessness of a COCOTTE And also this Now, Adam, it strikes me that, as we have to protect ourselves and others against feminine nature, our strong game will be to play our masculine against her feminine Now that that s out of the way, I would also like to add that the novel itself is generally just bad It reads like a cheesy, corny, horror movie and is not at all redeemable by Stoker s reputation of having authored Dracula and his reputation, for me at least, has clearly been demolished The writing is mediocre, the characters are all irritating because of obvious racist attitudes , and plot lines are all predicable.In short skip this piece of crap.

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    Written one year before Stoker s death and soon after one of his strokes, this one is a weird novel With a strange set of characters that get involved in hair rising adventures and afterwords talk about them like nothing out of the ordinary happened Edgar Caswall develops a maddening obsession for a kite meant to scare the pigeons in their annual migration from Africa, Adam Salton has a passion for snake killing mongooses, Mimi Watford and her cousin Lilla, delicate young ladies are endowed with mesmeric powers and the traditional afternoon tea between neighbors ends up in hypnotic battles There is also Arabella March, a beautiful, cold blooded woman, always clad in thigh, white dresses who in fact is an antediluvian monster dwelling in the bowls of the earth Though we have a love story and a marriage there is a total lack of feeling or emotion between the characters The entire story is like a hallucination Not an easy read, nothing like Stoker s masterpiece Dracula yet an intriguing fabrication.

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    This is indeed one strange little book, but I agree with no less a critic than H.P.Lovecraft when he says that the central idea that of an ancient serpent who survives into the modern 19th century and exerts a malign influence on the living is a good one But the execution IS rather poorly done This is not the masterpiece that is Dracula, nor even the well put together read of Jewel of Seven Stars Stoker could have used a good copy editor on this book For example, in one scene, Mimi, our heroine, thinks to herself that a nutzy character by the name of Caswall is mad, because of the way he has just spoken to her However, there has been no dialogue or indication of Caswall saying anything up to that point Numerous other inconsistencies abound, the net effect being one of almost non sequitur, dreamlike surrealism, which is perhaps Stoker s intent but is seemingly sloppy writing nonetheless The descriptions of the English countryside are impossible to picture, so that you can never really get a mental view of the locale in which the story takes place Also, the exact relationship between Lady Arabella and the Worm itself is vague at best, as is the significance of Mesmer s chest, and the stare fights that another reader refers to The book certainly held my interest, short and compact as it is, but after all was said and done, I certainly wanted in the way of explication and denouement More scenes such as the one where Oolanga falls down the wormhole would ve been nice So what we have here is a frustrating read, but an engaging one, nonetheless.

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    This is the last book written by Bram Stoker one year before his death in 1912 And for a book that was written before WWI which has such a low rating 2.91 it s pretty striking I thought people were overanalysing and overreacting over the fact that this book contains a lot of racist and sexist remarks I thought if I put them aside I will find an interesting plot Well, not exactly This book was on my shelves unread since 2009 so I decided this year to read it as part of my Halloween reads Thankfully I finished it and thankfully it was short because this book was a stinker.It has 3 main issues Racism, Sexism, and Plot RACISM Oolanga is the African servant of one of the protagonists and he s described in pretty derogatory terms He is described as an aboriginal savage twice, a savage 9 times, a nigger 27, including lots of descriptions like this one which is the very first But the face of Oolanga, as his master at once called him, was pure pristine, unreformed, unsoftened savage, with inherent in it all the hideous possibilities of a lost, devil ridden child of the forest and the swamp the lowest and most loathsome of all created things which were in some form ostensibly human There s The other negroid of the lowest type hideously ugly, with the animal instincts developed as in the lowest brutes cruel, wanting in all the mental and moral faculties in fact, so brutal as to be hardly human and then there comes a phrase that explains many things I have no particular desire to be seen so close to my own house in conversation with a a a nigger like you She had chosen the word of dishonour deliberately and Stoker himself of course was using this word of dishonour deliberately SEXISM Even in his only masterpiece, Dracula, women were depended on men and they were fragile, ethereal creatures In here it s pretty obvious You know that women do not reason our strong game will be to play our masculine against her feminine Men can wait better than women But being of feminine species, she probably will over reach herself He even makes a snide remark on the suffragettes who were fighting for their own human rights This one is a woman, with all a woman s wisdom and wit, combined with the heartlessness of a cocotte and the want of principle of a suffragette They didn t want principles, they wanted equal opportunities and equal treatment PLOT So let s put the racism and the sexism that were in this book aside Do we have a good plot NoThis plot had holes than an emmental cheese.The title says The Lair of the White Worm , Lady Arabella wears white all the time, snakes are following her, she kills 2 mongooses who eat snakes one by shooting at it multiple times and one by tearing it apart, she has green eyes and she is pale, her walking is described as slithering Do you need clues to find out who s the white worm Even a 6 year old will get it from the first 50 pages Then there s the subplot of hypnosis which I didn t understand the point of its inclusion in the book to create an atmosphere As another reviewer hilariously points out, They stare at each other and throw mind bullets at each other or whatever until one person dies It s ludicrous and never explained what the point is The hypnotic kite that looks like a hawk to scare away the birds again what was the point of this Oolanga, what was his part in this novel apart from an excuse for Stoker to unravel his talent of racist descriptions And the chapters were so disjointed from each other, there was no easy flow between the change of the scenes, and what s , the characters were doing things that were utterly stupid Lady Arabella instead of fighting for her survival she goes to sleep and she is exploded with dynamite by our hero Adam She goes to sleep at the very critical moment of the book, she goes to sleep Adam befriends a Van Helsing like Sir Nathaniel de Salis who exists in the plot only to solve the clues the reader already knows and then he disappears Adam the protagonist comes to England from Australia because his rich uncle invited him So because this uncle doesn t serve the plot enough he is absent from the very beginning when in other words his part is over abruptly The whole book feels like an unedited first draft How it got published in the first place So in overall this book deserves its average rating which is 2.91 1 P.S Give this book a miss unless you are a Bram Stoker completist 2 P.S The drawings were all done by Pamela Colman Smith, who illustrated the first edition of the novel in 1911 The only good thing in this book.

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    Adam Salton, un joven australiano, acepta la invitaci n de su t o abuelo para viajar a Inglaterra, concretamente a su finca de Lesser Hill Adem s de para conocerse mejor, el se or Salton desea que Adam conozca de primera mano las leyendas y ruinas locales, entre las que destaca la historia de una profundidad abisal en la que reside una criatura primigenia, el Gusano Blanco.Dentro de la trama principal se encuentran algunas subtramas interesantes, que protagonizan Edgar Caswall, un vecino propietario de la finca de Castra Regis, fr o y despiadado, y Lady Arabella March, tan bella como peligrosa, due a de La arboleda de Diana Otros personajes interesantes son Ulanga, el criado negro de Edgar, una especie de brujo africano, y las j venes primas Lilla y Mimi Watford, que entrar n en un conflicto de voluntades con el se or de Castra Regis La madriguera del Gusano Blanco The Lair of the White Worm, 1911 , fue la ltima novela que public el irland s Bram Stoker, el famoso creador de Dr cula Pese a sus defectos, que los tiene, se trata de una muy buena novela del g tico tard o, bien escrita o traducida , con algunos momentos realmente conseguidos.

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    The only good thing about the film adaption of this classic is that Amanda Donohue was in it.

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    Warning may contain spoilers but really you shouldn t careI hated this book With a quarter left I cracked it and gave into the ridiculousness of the writing, the characters, and the dialogue I think Bram Stoker was drunk writing this one and I certainly wanted to be to get me through the end Being the last book that Bram ever wrote, which was published a year before he died of possible syphilis related causes , I thought that it would be one of his better ones It wasn t.The story is drawn from two UK legends, Lambton Worm about a giant worm like serpent that pillaged the area of Lambton and gets killed by a guy wearing spiky armour and The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh which is about a princess who gets turned into a dragon but then some knight for whatever sick reason kisses the dragon which then turns back into a prince.The book is about a young Australian that is called to England by his uncle to take over his estate He gets wrapped up with his uncle and a retired English politician type character in a battle of good versus evil, mongooses versus snakes, a frigid gold digging snake witch, a creepy Alister Crowley like old man, and the racistly referred to West African savage.This book says some pretty amazingly racist and sexist things actually I guess you could say that they are said by the villains of the book so really it s not Bram being a disgusting bigoted monster but the characters he created.or not In reality this was at one time common thought and language Truth be told, our grand and great grandparents were some serious racists Listen to these lines Let me give you a word of advice If you have the slightest fault to find with that infernal nigger, shoot him at sight A swelled headed nigger, with a bee in his bonnet, is one of the worst difficulties in the world to deal with So better make a clean job of it, and wipe him out at once But what about the law, Mr Caswall Oh the law doesn t concern itself much about dead niggers A few or less do not matter To my mind it s rather a relief I don t love niggers any than you do and I suppose one mustn t be too particular where that sort of cleaning up is concerned Needless to say the first character in the story to die, much like the poor red shirted crew member on Star Trek, was the black guy.I found the young posh Australian character Adam funny as well You can tell he s Australian because of his extra masculine abilities that he possesses that an ordinary English gentleman couldn t possibly possess such as fixing a ladies buggy There is no one near who can mend a break like that I can You You why, it s a workman s job All right, I am a workman though that is not the only sort of work I do I am an Australian Women are also portrayed to be very stupid and far beneath men, which sometimes backfires to make the men look worse The and I read this book the I felt Bram Stoker was a complete bastard We may be sure that in the fight that is before us there will be no semblance of fair play Also that our unscrupulous opponent will not betray herself That is so but being a feminine, she will probably over reach herself Now, Adam, it strikes me that, as we have to protect ourselves and others against feminine nature, our strong game will be to play our masculine against her feminine Perhaps we had better sleep on it She is a thing of the night and the night may give us some ideas Adam quickly falls for a girl who has a half Burmese cousin who are both the prey of two of the weirdos mentioned above the man obsessed with a kite and the snake witch obsessed with getting married so she can kill another husband or something that is, like so many things, not explained properly.The ridiculousness hit full force when in one of the big battles at the end, Adam and his now wife confront the White Worm which the story then turns into a cartoon Benny Hill episode where his wife is a complete ditz All it was missing was her stepping on a rake then a bucket of paint falling on her The draught from the open door swayed the thin silk towards her, and in her fright, she tore down the curtain, which enveloped her from head to foot Then she ran through the still open door, heedless of the fact that she could not see where she was going Adam, followed by Sir Nathaniel, rushed forward and joined her Adam catching his wife by the arm and holding her tight It was well that he did so, for just before her lay the black orifice of the well hold, which, of course, she could not see with the silk curtain round her head The floor was extremely slipper something like thick oil had been spilled where she had to pass and close to the edge of the hole her feet shot from under her, and she stumbled forward towards the well hole The villains try to kill and at one time DO kill the heroes and then invite them over for tea, send a letter saying everything is okay, or try and get them into a real estate deal the very next day, which the heroes naturally accept with no problem.then get attacked again which is no surprise to the reader These are the stupidest people written into bad fiction I think I ve ever read.Another strange thing in this book is the telepathic mind battles that take place for no understandable reason Have you seen any of the Scanner Cop movies Well it s that They stare at each other and throw mind bullets at each other or whatever until one person dies It s ludicrous and never explained what the point is.This entire story is ludicrous.One star.

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    So kann es einem ergehen, wenn man B cher aufgrund des Covers kauft THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM ist ein Zugungl ck von Roman, den ich nach 80 Seiten entnervt beiseite gelegt habe.Dabei war ich an der pulpig sch nen Vintage Ausgabe von Arrow Books nicht vorbei gekommen und dann doppelt begeistert, als ich feststellte, dass Stokers Roman die Vorlage f r Ken Russells mega schrillen Film BISS DER SCHLANGENFRAU ist, den ich gro artig finde.THE LAIR beginnt recht stimmungsvoll, wenn auch nicht gerade gro artig geschrieben Vom Autor des DRACULA h tte man mehr erwarten d rfen, aber gerade die gl cklosen Kinder brauchen unsere Liebe und Zuneigung besonders, und so habe ich viele zum Gl ck kurze Kapitel lang an meinem Vorsatz festgehalten, diesen Roman zu m gen.Mit fortschreitender Handlung l t sich leider nicht mehr ausblenden, dass Stoker skizzenhaft sp rlich verbundene Ereignisse aneinander reiht, die anfangs stimmungsvoll immer unmotivierter und zunehmend schlechter erz hlt werden Auch der erotische Subtext, dem nachzusp ren interessant ist, entsch digt f r dieses Debakel nicht hinreichend und schlie lich kippt mein Vorsatz in Unmut Wie soll ich einen Roman m gen, in dem nie erz hlt und immer nur berichtet wird Nie bin ich als Leser in Echtzeit dabei, wenn die spannenden Sachen passieren, sondern werde am Katzentisch mit den Berichten abgespeist, die Adam Salter dem Freund seines Gro onkels abliefert Nicht, dass es nicht des Sonderbarsten und Unheimlichen genug zu berichten g be, aber leider verpulvert Stoker durch seinen arbeitssparenden Kunstgriff das Potenzial bis zur erz hlerischen Wirkungslosigkeit Denn zu allem bel sind die Berichte kurz und oft genug kryptisch Zu einem erz hlerischen Rhythmus findet der Text nicht und verspielt Seite um Seite den Charm, den er im Ansatz hatte Und das Personal des Romans k nnte lustloser nicht gestaltet sein sofern man berhaupt von einer Gestaltung sprechen m chte.Fazit 1 1 2 Sterne f r einen Roman, der nach einem ganz netten Anfang immer weiter runtergewirtschaftet wird, bis ich das Interesse daran, wie es weiter geht, v llig verloren habe.

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    When I started to read this I thought it was a parody of gothic books but I soon realised it s just badly conceived After I read it I found out that Bram Stoker was really ill when he wrote it and I think that explains a lot The mystery of the white worm was solved because characters accepted crazy theories as true based on no evidence at all and just about all of the characters did some bizarre things for no apparent reason There were also some places where I don t think the plot really made sense but some passages were very confusing to read so maybe I just missed thing The most horrfic thing about this book is the casual racism which Bram Stoker displayed I am not being facetious about that To Bram Stoker it was simply a fact that black people were totally and utterly inferior in every way to white people In particular they were completely corrupt He also used terms that are are considered unacceptable today although they may not have been considered derogatory when he was writing the book of course I gave it two stars rather than one because a plot strand which involved mongooses yes really was so unintentionally funny that it still makes me laugh when I remember it If you liked Dracula and want to read of Bram Stoker s work I suggest you give this a miss If you find ridiculous things funny then you may get some enjoyment from it as I did but otherwise this will be very disappointing.

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