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The Disciple chapter 1 The Disciple , meaning The Disciple , genre The Disciple , book cover The Disciple , flies The Disciple , The Disciple 3acd151601ff9 The Disciple Is A Compelling Biography About Jesus Birth, Childhood And Death Simon Hay, After A Life Altering Encounter With Spirit, Revisits And Remembers His Past Life As The Disciple, Judas, And His Role In Jesus Life Simon S Story Will Amaze And Challenge Years Of Belief

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    So hold on to your hats when you sit down to read this one Be prepared to have a few raised eyebrows, a lot of questions, and for the skeptic, answers that may not satisfy.This book focuses on Simon Hay, who started out as a plumber and after an out of body experience recounts trances of spirits including Jesus, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, and Hay s spirit guide Gegu Simon learns through these trances that 2000 years ago he was Judas, and betrayed Jesus He lays out in the pages an incredible story, that may offend some believers, and leave others questioning their beliefs about Jesus and his life.Hay also shares quite openly that not everyone even a few in his own circle of friends believe in entirety, everything he s related from trance However those in his group do believe he is a superior medium So at the end of the day, it is left to the individual reader to decide if Hay is who he claims to be, or if he is another in a stream of faith healers or mystics who believe they were someone famous in a past life.The book is well laid out, and the progression of information does build the story in a well thought out format Not being, overly well versed in the entire biblical story of Jesus and not versed at all in trance writing, this book left this reviewer struggling at times to keep track of who is who, and where they fit into the story This is no discredit to Hay or his writing ability its just the reader may want to bush up on their biblical history a bit before plunging in It is evident however that Simon Hay believes what he has written, and at the end of the book, the reader will need to decide on their own as to his credibility.One surprise in this book, is the amount of sexually related details and stories that the spirits provide to Simon as they share their life stories Some of these details are quite graphic and a bit unsettling in places Hay also speaks in places on very taboo subjects for many christian s such as homosexuality, virginity and Hay sends very clear messages with this book on what he believe s to be Jesus take on these subjects.This book is graphic in places, and flies in the face of Christian doctrine to some degree, so for those readers who offend easily or prefer to not question their beliefs, then I would perhaps recommend caution in selecting this particular piece To qualify that statement, I was in about 100 pages into it and seriously debated finishing and or reviewing this book, as it is not my intention to tread on anyone s beliefs and or offend anyone I did opt to finish, because my curiosity got the better of me, and I felt that I wanted to share this book, because it does go against the grain which makes it of interest If however, you are open minded, spiritual in nature, and willing to explore and question, then I d check this one out.I received The Disciple as a GoodReads.com Giveaway Check out the full review on

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    www.The Book Ends.com The Disciple Billions have worshiped a fabricated Jesus Simon Hay That s bold statement Anne s Review 1 star I recently received this book not knowing anything or have read any other reviews about it couple of chapters in, I thought this was a work of fiction but come to find out, its actually about the author, Simon Hay and hisreal life story A story of a plumber turned medium and healer after an encounter with Jesus in one of his, trances He takes you on a journey through his life and his spiritual discovery of Jesus When I read a book, I try to not get too personally attached to the story and try not to find any similarities with my own real life or beliefs, but in some cases, some books grab emotionally with this the story, I found it offensive and patronizing of my religion As much as I tried to be open minded with this book, it was difficult for me to actually finish I m a Christian born and raised This story , instead of challenging my beliefs, it made me realize how much Faith I do have in my Lord and savior I m not mocking or ridiculing Mr Hay s story We have the right and freedom to believe what we believe Sad to say I don t agree with Simon on this one Like billions of people out there, I believe the story of Jesus as being human with divine intervention He lived amongst us but HE was not like us, HE was above us HE saved us And We are not GOD nor did we create GOD HE created us If this was a work of fiction, I would have given him credit for challenging the story of Christ but with him stating what billions of people believe in is a fabricated Jesus, it leads me to say that it s blasphemy.http www.examiner.com article confrSimon, thank you for sharing your story with me and the things you ve went through and finding GOD in your own way For the courage to write this and share it with the world knowing that it could possibly offend and turn people off and possibly anger individuals, I commend you for that I am happy that you were healed and have healed others with your story I have said before, I will always recommend books no matter how I feel towards it whether its a 5 star or a 1 l star even with this one, a story that I had difficulty reviewing and unable to finish But please do take caution This book is very very graphic and some scenes I found very offensive Once again, please feel free to share your thoughts about this book with us.

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