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The Beautiful Changes quotes The Beautiful Changes, litcharts The Beautiful Changes, symbolism The Beautiful Changes, summary shmoop The Beautiful Changes, The Beautiful Changes ad160f13 In This Novella And Four Short Stories, The Author Writes Of Broken Families, Misbegotten Relationships, The Mysterious Communication Of Brothers And Sisters, And The Invincible Love Of A Father And Daughter This Title Novella And Four Short Stories Comprise Her Second Book

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    The title story was great Snow and Dust were alright The rest felt too abstract and overly descriptive Here, Now didn t make a whole lot of sense I liked McCloskey s ability to describe emotions and sensations very precisely, but her constant need for precision in her descriptions often made reading her stories a laborious task.Favorite quotes Over the years, Nathan has been called an old soul, a good soul, a good soldier, a good egg, a good bloke by a British exchange student , an island, an oak tree, a lonely planet This separateness of his, this agonized solemnity, this inaction for God s sake, so often mistaken for depth When what he wishes for is fire, outrage, a cruel streak even He wonders if he has ever been truly disliked in his life He thinks not, and he puts this down to a sorry lack of conviction on his part In the old days, she knows, you held back because you cared And in the even older days you didn t have to hold back, because the stuff just wasn t there, there was no scorecard yet You made untold allowances for each other s feelings You hardly even knew you did it and you certainly never mentioned it But pretty soon you wanted credit for all those allowances you d made and from there it was only one step to the place where you just didn t make them any.

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    Wow, the novella in the book, Beautiful Changes, was the most heart wrenching and beautifully written story of alcoholism and father daughter relationships I have ever read Ever Had to take a short breather before beginning the next story in the book.The stories that followed touched again and again on the frailty of human relationships The last story left me a bit unsatisfied, it was a bit abstract for me, especially in comparison to the others in the collection This could be partly my fault as I couldn t seem to let go the the story preceding it, often a problem I have when reading short stories I need to take longer breaks between them.

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