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Dented Cans summary Dented Cans, series Dented Cans, book Dented Cans, pdf Dented Cans, Dented Cans 01c199f11e A Family Secret Is Revealed During An Ill Fated Yet Hilarious Trip To Disney WorldSixteen Year Old Hannah Sampson Knows Her Family Is Not What You Would Call Normal Her Father Compulsively Buys Dented Cans And Has A Particular Fondness For Cans Without Labels, Which Are Extremely Discounted Because Their Contents Are A Mystery Her Mother Takes Countless Pictures Of Her Family And Then Glues Them Down Into The Pages Of Her Scrapbooks, But Does Not Allow Anyone To Look At Them Ryan, Hannah S Mischievous Fourteen Year Old Brother, Is Headed Straight For The Remedial Track At The Local Community College, If He S Lucky Ben, Her Eight Year Old Brother, Is A Walking Sound Effects Machine, Who Prefers To Communicate With Noises Rather Than Words While Hannah Is Focused On Escaping Her Working Class Connecticut Suburb, She Also Finds Herself Being Tugged Back Home As She Worries About Her Brother BenHannah S Parents Inflict One Last Family Vacation On The Sampson Children, A Trip That Goes Comically Wrong Almost From The Get Go Hannah Is Forced To Confront Her Family S Past In Disney World, Of All Places, When An Emotional Argument Prompts Her Parents To Disclose A Secret They Have Been Keeping From The Children For Sixteen Years Ultimately, She Must Decide Whether To Leave Her Hometown And Not Look Back, Or To Focus On Helping Her Family

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    This was a Kindle freebie and I downloaded it after I read that it had a family trip to Disney World with mixed results I fondly remember a family road trip to Disney World and was, perhaps, hoping to catch a wave and re live my own experience I also have a penchant for child narrators This can be tricky to make sound authentic but when done with success, I feel like I m experiencing a bit of seeing the world through a child s eyes, which is unique and refreshing and often quite amusing This was a quick and relaxing read There isn t a whole lot of substance to the story, but this is a decent effort from the author and I would read her again I actually think that as she writes , her ideas will become better and sharply defined The writing isn t bad and I did feel like the female teenager did sound like a teenager Even if I cannot totally recommend the story in good conscience, I can recommend that the author is someone to keep one s eye on.

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    This is another one of those books where I finish it and think, Did I read something different from everyone else who rated this 4 and 5 stars I thought it was well written, it s just that the story itself did nothing for me.Hannah Sampson, the narrator of our story, is 15 turning 16, the eldest child in her family, and seems so full of herself in regards to her intelligence that she comes across as a snooty know it all She frequently makes comments about other s intelligence, even mentioning at one point, I had decided a few years back, when I actually took some time to think about the matter, that Mom might be fairly intelligent I think I d put it at about a 50% chance of being true Wow I mean, WOW If Hannah didn t have a soft spot for her youngest brother, Ben, and didn t actually interact with him in a nice, loving way, she would be entirely unlikeable to me because I just can t even with statements that are dripping with that kind of thick, gooey condescension.Ryan, Hannah s just younger than her brother, is kind of your typical 14 year old boy He doesn t care about school, he doesn t want to do homework, and really, he d just prefer to watch TV or play video games He s just kind of there for me throughout much of the book.Ben, Hannah s youngest brother, is 8, extremely quiet, makes sound effect noises rather than speaking in most cases, and is just sort of off He s an intriguing character Unfortunately, that s all we ever learn about him Given, the main reason we don t learn is because the narrator doesn t know about his situation since he s never been tested by any professionals to see what his deal is It was made such a big deal by the author and everyone else though, that I thought we might learn something about his condition.Hannah s parents are odd in their own ways Her mother takes pictures of all their family outings, even if it s just to their grandmother s house for a birthday party All the photos she takes are put in scrapbooks which seem to never be seen by the Sampson children or anyone else Her father is a rock collector and dented can enthusiast He goes to the grocery store and buys the dented and unmarked cans of food for drastically reduced prices because they re cheap The parents decide to take their kids to Disney World, much to Hannah and Ryan s dismay because they ve been there before They attempt to change their parents minds before they leave and constantly rag on the trip and that their parents pack lunches and make the five of them stay in one room to save money Maybe it s because I grew up in a large family where family vacations were few and far between and my parents did similar money saving things, but I thought the way these two kids acted was horrible They were rude and inconsiderate and completely ungrateful Yes, I get that you don t want to go to something so infantile Hannah s word, not mine as Disney World, but good grief You can t be a little appreciative that your parents are even taking you on a trip That is a crap ton of money they re spending and you re vomiting all over it I just completely disliked their attitudes, which in turn made me dislike them.Then, on their last day of vacation, Mom drops a bombshell after a family blowout Roughly around the 90% mark in the book You d think it would be in regards to Ben s condition or something about their cousin, Eddie, who no one speaks of, but no view spoiler It s that they had a child before Hannah who died when she was only two hide spoiler

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    I have to be honest Going into this book, I did not think I was going to like it as well as I did I was pre warned that it was not a book centered on romance The premise still sounded interesting, however, so I decided to give it a try This book was awesome I absolutely love Hannah and her family She is a sixteen year old girl and the story is told from her viewpoint and in her voice She is so sarcastic and whip smart I love that in a female character Sarcasm is my favorite form of communication, so I love it in my books But it is not an overdone hateful type of sarcasm It is witty and her brother does it too They are just too much While this is not really a happy go lucky type of story, I still found myself enjoying it like it was Her family is going through problems all of them She is embarrassed by her quirky and strange family and wants to get the hell out of dodge as soon as she can College Far away She is extremely studious and all she really thinks about is college and escaping her nightmare of a small town existence But sometimes you have to look beyond yourself and your own problems I am going to name the characters that pop into my head in order from least favorite to favorite and words that pop into my head to describe them Aunt Lydia Evil Cold Horrible COW lol That uncle guy. what was his name. started with a F who lol Mom quirky scrapbook i know, not descriptive Dad quirky cheap sweet rocks not descriptive. but hey lol Ryan witty lazy awesome restless trouble.Hannah funny nerdy witty passive SAT again, I know Ben favorite youngest cute vrrooooom I did it again troubled sweetheartMy favorite aspect of this book Well, I just overall loved the writing I mean the book flowed really well and the characters were individual and I felt like an excellent job was done to make them stand out on their own in the story even when Hannah is still the main character I really love how this was written and I hope the author is busy writing since this is her debut novel I really had not expected to like it as much as I did I really didn t, but it was great Not only was there no grammatical errors that I picked up on, but I learned SAT words from Hannah while I was reading haha That is another part I loved how the author incorporated SAT words and put them in the story They were ridiculous words that are rarely used in everyday conversations, but they just fit right into the story This is largely due to how Hannah introduces them She is trying to learn them so she is relating them to her everyday circumstances and making them fun I get this because that is how I learn words I make silly correlations and am better able to remember them come test time Now. the only thing that could have possible made this book better romance lol I know, I m hopeless Anything that did not really come across well huh well I guess the end may have seemed like it had a smidge less flow than the rest of the book But there was a few things going on there that could have affected that.

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    I would like to thank Heather Walsh for giving me this book in exchange for a review.Dented Cans is about the dysfunctions of the Sampson family At the start, Hannah is a 15 year old teenager saving up to buy a car so she can move away from North Prospect as soon as possible She gets good grades, and studies SAT words This is her story Then we have her brother Ryan He is the typical 14 year old boy He enjoys video games, and barely skimming by in school Ben is the youngest at 8 years old He doesn t talk much, loves his He Man toy, and is babied by the parentals Then of course there is the dad, John He is the most interesting He only buys dented canned food so he can get it discounted And if can found is dented with no label it is even better He fixes everything with duct tape, and is obsessed with germs Their house is a dust free clutter zone He is an infamous penny pincher And mom, Sue, seems to avoid any confrontation, and has many headaches She is also an obsessive picture taker You understand about her in the end.This book starts with the plan of a trip to Disney World in October This was a fun adventure to read about Their luggage is held together with duct tape, which I found hilarious Also one of my favorite parts is when Hannah wakes up at the hotel to find her parents performing their infamous assembly line for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and baggies that fold over, not zip No matter how many times I d seen it, I couldn t help but be slightly mesmerized by the whole process loc 278 on ibooks Hannah cracked me up with her sarcastic, dry sense of humor In the end, during the family vacation, a big secret is revealed that helps you understand the family s quirkiness This makes the book all come together It helps you understand why the mom is always taking pictures, why the dad has taken up his few obsessions, and why Ben s problems have been avoided.This book is a story of a family with issues It is not a romance And it deals with some real issues when all is said and done I found it an enjoyable change from what I usually read There are some great messages in the end, and we realize no family is perfect Great quick read

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    My last book I ll read for 2012 and just in the nick of time This is a very sarcastic but very real portrait of family They aren t perfect, in fact they are a little off And it doesn t seem like they know how to talk to each other The children are bright but, wow, they are saucy I like that My family of 2 girls and I have a lot of fun at the table sassing Dad and having fun.But this family has a secret that many of them don t know There are many secrets in this family, but one is finally revealed on a family vacation the kids weren t too excited to go on anyone I like Hannah I think she is a very real main character in a pretty quirky family.

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    Hannah, 16 going on 60, dissects her dysfunctional family with great insight and gravitas

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    Source I received a digital copy of his book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Heather Walsh 16 year old Hannah s priorities are 1 Get good grades, 2 Buy a car, and 3 Get into a good university as far away from her nutty family as possible.The eldest of 3, Hannah has to put up with a lot Her Dad has hundreds of dented cans some unlabelled stored in the basement, her mother buys powdered milk because it s so much cheaper even if it tastes horrible , 14 year old Ryan just moans and doesn t keep his grades up, and 8 year old Ben hardly ever talks, makes strange noises all the time the motorcycle being a particular favourite , and will only eat chicken nuggets When her family announces that they will be vacationing at Disney World again this year, both Hannah and Ryan try to change their minds, but unfortunately find themselves going to Disney World anyway.How will Dad continue his penny pinching ways while they are on holiday though And what family secret is about to be revealed This was an interesting insight into the Sampson family s life, and reminded me a lot of family vacations that we took when I was younger, it did lack a little for a solid plotline though.Hannah was a likeable and witty protagonist Her observations about her family, and other people were spot on and often quite funny, and I liked how she took the time to try and draw her youngest brother out of his shell a little, while everyone else was happy to just baby him She was desperate to get away from her family though strangely, and was already looking at colleges, even though she was only 16.The storyline was okay, and I totally got why Hannah and Ryan didn t want to go to Disney world again, especially considering that they were 16 and 14 I did think that going to Disney World was a little strange for this penny picking, dented can buying, thrifty family though I would have expected them to go camping, or not go on holiday at all for that matter, so going to Disney World seemed a little out of character.This book was literally like stepping into someone else s family for a while, and seeing what the dynamics of a different family are like The arguments of where they were going, and what they were doing each day whilst on holiday reminded me very much of what family holidays were like for me as a teenager, which was a bit of a blast from the past That s what this story was like though an insight into family life, and therefore there wasn t really all that much of a plot, it was like 14 days in the life of the Sampson family, than an actual story with a beginning, middle and end The family secret that was revealed at the end came completely out of the blue, and I didn t really see why it suddenly came out, or what significance it really held I wasn t really sure what reaction the parents were expecting from the kids at all, so it was a little odd, and the revelation didn t really stir any feelings from me either.Overall a YA story about family, with a witty protagonist, but could maybe have benefitted from a bit of a solid storyline.6.5 out of 10.

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    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was not for me I found it to be very long for its 150 pages and I couldn t wait to be done reading it I just didn t see any point to the story It just followed around a very weird family that was trying to pretend they were normal and were failing at it I found that the family didn t really so anything, they drug the children to Disneyworld even though they didn t want to go I found that crazy because who wouldn t want to go to Disneyworld There was one giant secret that some members of the family were hiding, which I also found very strange that no one had found out the secret before hand I did appreciate that this is a teens story of how their life was unfair, but I just didn t enjoy the way that it was done.I could not relate with any of the characters I found Hannah to be a goody, goody who did whatever her parents wanted She never talked back or acted out She was concerned with her grads and what university s to go to, then having any friends or going out and doing high school activities Even her brothers didn t have any friends or would never go anywhere other then school They were just strange people all around Although I wasn t a fan of this book others might enjoy it I would recommend this book to those who like reading contemporary novels and they can form their own opinion about this book If the chance arose, I would still read other books by this author, I just didn t enjoy this one.

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