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Gone is the Witch (Detective Marcella Witch's series Book 8) files Gone is the Witch (Detective Marcella Witch's series Book 8), read online Gone is the Witch (Detective Marcella Witch's series Book 8), free Gone is the Witch (Detective Marcella Witch's series Book 8), free Gone is the Witch (Detective Marcella Witch's series Book 8), Gone is the Witch (Detective Marcella Witch's series Book 8) 40dd2e23e Book In The Detective Marcella Witch S Series Finds Tony Spearheading A Rescue Mission To Save The Kidnapped Leona Diaz The Problem Is, To Do It, He Ll Have To Travel To An Alternate Universe Where The Laws Of Physics Take A Back Seat To The Unpredictability Of A Quasi Dimensional RealityWord Count ,Print Page Count

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    This is a fun paranormal series that I have definitely enjoyed Kudos to Donovan for creating fully developed characters who remind you of real people you know He has a real knack for putting these characters in the most amazing situations, yet the reader is able to completely suspend belief and buy it all For me, this is because those characters react exactly as I would expect real flesh and blood people to react in similar situations His plotting moves you smoothly from one scene to the next This book was, to me, markedly different than the others There was no great mystery to solve, and even the seek rescue mission seemed to be less the point of the story than the interaction of the characters Pretty much the whole pantheon of characters is back, Tony, of course, It is a Tony Marcella mystery after all , Lillith, Carlos, Dominic although he has a very small part in this one , Ursula, even Leona and the once vanquished Dr Lowell Add in a storyline that takes place in another dimension, replete with other worldly characters, such as malodytes, alphadytes, moss mites, chawdogs and drigets, and you have a fun and exciting romp through a never neverland To a certain degree, however, I felt the solutions to the situations the characters faced were a bit too simple, too easy All but the last one It will be fun to see how Donovan resolves that in the next episode, due out in the fall of 2013 For all that I love this series and plan to keep reading it as long as Donovan writes it, there are a few things that make me crazy.I think I ve complained before about spelling wrong word use I really thought I was going to get through this book without running into any of that In the first 3 4 of the book, there were a couple of iffy places, but with the many different styles of speaking used by the characters, I was never really sure if it was a mistake, or just a peculiarity of the character Then I hit this in chapter 21, second paragraph location 5592, 78% on your Kindle Still, with thirty foot high walls, guard towers on each corner and a genuine mote to contend with, I knew we d have our work cut out for us Really This castle has a mote instead of a moat I thought it just an oversight, but then, it appears again at location 5633 same chapter , making me do this facepalm And, it appears again at location 6122 86%, chapter 23 , making me do this headdesk I think this is just a matter of relying on spellcheck to proof the manuscript correct spelling of mote, just the wrong word to describe a water filled ditch surrounding a castle I got further proof of that hypothesis in chapter 23, at position 6082 85% , when we see this I let in to him What do you mean no, Jackass She let in to him I think what would be correct would be lit into him Again, using that spellcheck and hoping it saw that these three words, although properly spelled, weren t the correct usage in the context And I m not sure what happened here, at 6288 88% In truth, I was spiting Dominic, showing him that he didn t own her I let her come to a place she didn t belong, just to keep her from the person she did Huh Okay, I know what was meant, but that sure was awkward Why does this type of thing make me so crazy Because it makes me stop and step out of the story, losing that in the midst of the action feeling that is the reason people read novels For instance, for my money, the best line in the book and one I intend to use myself contained this misspelling I ran like the preverbal witch with her broomstick on fire Sigh Proverbial But, hey, I love that visual and plan to use the line at my first opportunity So, if you love fantasy, if you love paranormal, if you love fun, wise cracking, smart mouthed characters, you ll love this book However, I d recommend you read the series from the beginning there s so much back story to know, and this far along, you can t get it all from a single piece of the puzzle.

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    Book 8 in the Detective Marcella Witch s series finds Tony spearheading a rescue mission to save the kidnapped Leona Diaz The problem is, to do it, he ll have to travel to an alternate universe where the laws of physics take a back seat to the unpredictability of a quasi dimensional reality.Compared to the rest of the books in this series I found it awful So much so that even though there is a 9th book I am not even sure that I want to try finding a copy If I had tried reading this book first I wouldn t have bothered with any of the others.

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    I really enjoy this series, which is why I was so disappointed in this book I just couldn t get into it It lost me initially with all the made up scientific mumbo jumbo Lilith kept spouting, seemed like pages of it initially though like the 8th whatever they were in it may have only seemed that way I finished the book finally because I kept hoping it would pull me in, but it never did I just couldn t develop an interest in what was going on like I usually do.

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    Book 8 of this series was disappointing compared to previous books, didn t like the story line very much at all However I will still be reading future books in the series as I ve loved them all up to now.

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    Love this series Looking forward to starting the next book.

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    It didn t keep my attention like the 7 before it.

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