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    A pretty good Marton, hero returns home injured from the army, not sure he wants to with family the ranch and with no interest in life or women until he sees the heroine Heroine is a New York lawyer, there because she inherited a ranch her mentor left her, a gesture misinterpreted by many The hero heroine get off the wrong foot which ends up in an apology and torrid sex The romance is whirlwind in this one but it works The hero s refusal to face his issues blows up and he returns after finally seeing a shrink we get a HEA I enjoyed this a lot, it was a short quick read and I liked the spunky heroine and hero affected deeply by war.

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    Not the typical HP It was insta love for the hero after 5 minutes of misjudging her.

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    Horrible novelas, horribles personajes, todo me pareci bazofia Insoportables todos y cada uno de ellos Devu lvanme mi dinero.

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    Jacob seems like a kind of decent guy really and I quite enjoyed this book It showed a realistic portrayal of someone suffering from PTSD and the effects it can have on relationships etc I liked the way it wasn t swept under the carpet, didn t magically disappear just because of love and that he had to work at a cure that took time, there was no instant fix.At the same time the accident that scarred his face is kind of glossed over as well We do get to find out what happened and how he got injured etc but I guess could have been said on the subject as it made up so much of his damaged personality.I m kind of getting the impression that SM recycles some of her scenes This book contained a sex scene that could have been completely lifted from her previous title in the series so I am hoping the rest of the books don t follow the same route because that s just lazy I liked the h she didn t take crap from anyone even though she was maligned by others unjustly except by the Wildes.

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    I really like this one, it went above and beyond what I expected It was the perfect angst driven romance for me I love the hero and heroine, I had an emotional connection to them and couldn t help but smile when they couldn t keep their hands off of each other.

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    Sandra Marton has a nice line in heroes and Jacob Wilde and the Wilde brothers are of a good thing.Jacob is just back from two years of rehabilitation after a mission flying in Afghanistan went wrong Like many veterans he is feeling at odds with the world and uncertain of his place in it Returning to the family ranch feels all wrong.Until he arrives there and meets temporary neighbour Addison Addison has recreated herself as a high powered NY lawyer Inheriting the old Chambers ranch next door to the Wilde place from her mentor is the only thing that would drag her from her up and coming Manhattan lifestyle.The attraction between the two is instantaneous and almost causes a conflagration when that attraction is misdirected into a confrontation How these two come together makes for an engrossing read There is lots of sizzle and high stakes emotion involved It s takes a lot, especially for Jacob, to get to the right place for us to enjoy the happy ending This is a fast paced and intense read I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to the next story in the Wilde family saga.

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    4.5 starsIt is quite a combination strong feisty heroine, arrogant larger than life hero, witty banter, dry humor lots of sizzling attraction The result an amazing story Althu, this story is much darker than the usual SM books.SM characters are well portrayed, they seem almost real, almost human.She does an amazing job at portraying a war damaged hero Arrogant vulnerable at the same time, Jake pulled at my heart strings from the word go Addison is a no nonsense NY lawyer who had left her home trailer park behind her worked hard to be where she is today Her relation with her mentor is a father daughter relation When he died he left her a ranch in Texas where she meets the Wilde family ultimately the coming home hero, Jacob Wilde.As always, the hero heroine get off the wrong foot The attraction is instantaneous scalding in its intensity You can only smile with indulgence at the way they can t keep their hands off each other.I m so excited about the Wilde series, can t wait for the rest of the Wilde siblings stories.

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    Apa yang berbahaya dari Jacob Wilde Mungkin karena emosian kali ya Sebagai veteran perang, yang membawa bukti nyata dari perang itu berupa kehilangan sebelah matanya dan luka parut di wajah dan tubuhnya, Jacob juga mengalami stress pasca trauma Tidak ingin dikasihani oleh orang lain, apalagi saudara2nya Ketika dia diminta pulang ke Texas dia sudah memasang prasangka buruk kepada semua orang Termasuk pada Addison yang ingin menggunakan jasanya.Saat Jacob bertemu dengan Addison yang ada mereka bertengkar Addison tidak takut pada Jacob Dia bahkan berani menampar Jacob Setelah mendapat penjelasan dari saudaranya, Jacob kemudian sadar dirinya salah Dia datang meminta maaf pada Addison, yang berakhir dengan pergumulan di samping truk.Selebihnya tiap Jacob ada di dekat Addison, mereka tidak bisa tidak bercinta Kayaknya itu aja isi novel ini Selain tentang Jacob dan egonya, tentu saja Yang nyebelin adalah ketika Jacob tahu dia cinta sama Addison, dan Addison juga sudah ngaku cinta sama dia, Jacob tetap aja pergi Emang deh egoisnya Jacob ini membahayakan.

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    After reading The Prince of Pleasure, I promised myself that I will read the rest of the books in the series so here I am just finished reading this one And I really enjoyed it I loved the chemistry between Addison and Jacob It s insta lust and they jumped into bed immediately which should be a turn off for me but it didn t because the fact that it was needed here and it actually worked for them I also loved the way Jacob called her Ador My only complaint It was too short Or at least there s should have been an epilogue But anyway, I m looking forward to read the next book

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    It s quite short, I ve finished it in three hours I don t really like Jake, he s kind of an asshole I mean, seriously Snapping at a girl the first time you meet her Not cool, man Sure he s got some problems but still, I don t fancy his attitude at all So far so good.

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