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Afterburn summary Afterburn, series Afterburn, book Afterburn, pdf Afterburn, Afterburn 53a011257a New York Times Bestselling Author Sylvia Day, America S Premier Author Of Provocative Fiction, Delivers The Debut Novel From Cosmo Red Hot Reads From HarlequinThe Realization That Jax Still Affected Me So Strongly Was A Jagged Pill To Swallow He D Only Been Part Of My Life For Five Short Weeks Two Years Ago But Now He Was Back Walking Into A Deal I D Worked Hard To Close And God, He Was Magnificent His Eyes Were A Brown So Dark They Were Nearly Black Thickly Lashed, They Were Relentless In Their Intensity Had I Really Thought They Were Soft And Warm There Was Nothing Soft About Jackson Rutledge He Was A Hard And Jaded Man, Cut From A Ruthless ClothIn That Moment I Understood How Badly I Wanted To Unravel The Mystery Of Jax Bad Enough That I Didn T Mind How Much It Was Going To Cost Me

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    1 2 Afterburn, part 1 of 2 Electric re union of two ex lovers who find themselves on opposing sides in a high stakes business battle He had the look of a well fucked man, one who was sated and yet anticipating further pleasures ahead Books in duet should be read in order and together Part 1 AfterburnPart 2 AftershockIn the opening Afterburn part 1 we meet college graduate Gianna Rossi, Gia about a year after her fling with venture capitalist, multi millionaire and heir Jackson Rudledge, Jax Since their bad break up she has graduated from College and moved to the big city seeking employment for restaurateur Lei Yeung Gia lands the job, having discovered at the interview that both women have much in common having been burnt by men Fast forward a year later they are well on their way to launch their next business venture when their arch enemy shows up with Jax at his side.Seeing Jax again after two years their chemistry is, much as it was, electric leading to some off the charts sex, but them moving forward is overshadowed by their past and present, secrets, villains, hidden agendas and .Afterburn follows Gia and Jax in a high stakes game as both sides go to war, while she tries to decipher why Jax has come back, what his agenda is and maybe importantly why he disappeared Seven words to describe Gianna Rossi, Gia Interesting, strong, charismatic, smart, candid, vulnerable and reflective Jackson Rutledge, Jax has so many of the qualities that makes for a larger than life hero Seven words to describe Jax Captivating, elusive, enigmatic, jaded, slippery, relentless and ruthless Men glanced his way and altered course some, instinctively recognizing and alpha male at rest Afterburn, for being a novella, has lots of substance to the story and it moves at the perfect pace only to come to a screeching halt with a cliffy But no worries, just open part 2 Aftershock for the conclusion of their story.Effortless storytelling Interesting plot Larger than life and delicious hero Captivating heroine 4.5 stars I m an asshole to everyone else in my life You are the one thing I cherished Don t make me stop, Hero rating 4.5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 4.5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsPlot rating 4.5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating N ABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 stars Overall rating 4.5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Yes.Would I read future books by this author Yes.

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    First, here s my casting for Jax Short, hot, and sinfully delicious As soon as I heard about this being released, I one clicked because I just had to meet the next hero written by the creator of Gideon Cross and let me tell you, Jackson Rutledge can hold his own Sitting at about 130 pages, Afterburn was easy to read in one sitting and while I do wish it had been longer, sometimes having a shorter read is exactly what you need.The writing was in very much the same style as the Crossfire books but the story certainly stood on it s own Sylvia Day s writing is addictive, sexy and compelling and she has once again managed to make me fall in love with a mouthwateringly gorgeous yet flawed hero I could just feel the passion and desire between Jax and Gia rolling off the page and I didn t want their story to end.The story is actually a bit of a second chance romance because Jax and Gia had a history five incredible weeks that ended very badly Now, over a year later, they cross paths again on opposite ends of a business deal except this time, Jax isn t walking away.Gia was a wonderful heroine strong, determined to make it on her own and not about to get burned twice no matter how strong her feelings were for Jax Back off, Jax I did It didn t take Jax was seductive, alluring, dominant and sexy as hell Despite the fact that he d broken Gia s heart in the past, I found myself warming up to him and less than half a page into their first face to face scene I could already feel myself melting It was certainly easy to see why she had fallen in love with him and I m definitely curious to see find out about him I fell for you the last time I can t do it again You re still in love with me Give me a chance to make that something you stop regretting See what I mean How can you not swoon over that There are still a lot of issues to be worked through and many questions to be answered While there is no direct cliffhanger, the story definitely leaves you wanting and I will be eagerly awaiting the release of Aftershock to get my next Jax and Gia fix.4 4.5 starsAnd here s my complete casting For of my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter

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    Baby we ve never had simple Why haven t I read this before I mean I loved Gideon and Eva I know that everything Sylvia Day produces is a hit which will talk straight to my soul I was bound to fall in love with the story of Jax Jackson Rutledge and Gia Gianna Rossi.Gia had a short beautiful love story with Jax while she was in college and a really bad breakup which was initiated by Jax without explanations.A few years later, Gia works in her dream job for the launch of a new restaurant.Suddenly Jax appears in front of her as a business partner of her company s rival.Gia has so many questions for their breakup and obviously she does not trust Jax If she trusts him again, it would be easy for him to double cross her.Gia is the next door girl Easygoing with Italian roots and strong family ties Her family owns a successful Italian restaurant in New York, but she tries really hard to build her own career.Jax is the typical Alpha male Ruthless and stubborn He comes from a rich family with many dirty secrets which has strong political connections Maybe Jax s future is in politics Maybe it is not a good idea to get involved with Gia again.The chemistry between Gia and Jax is scorching hot There is enough fire between them to burn not only the sheets, but also the condo and maybe the whole New York City.If you loved the Crossfire series, this is highly recommended Their story is coming November 3, 2017 to PassionFlix.

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    Day s deft touch at tumultuous relationships continues to hold and deliver Jax and Gia have an explosive affair and this book is perfect for a fast intense read I do have issues with the ending which is a bit abrupt but whatever.

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    How can Sylvia Day pack so much into so few pages Have you ever wanted something so bad, you couldn t imagine not having it There were two things in my life I d felt that way about the man I d stupidly fallen in love with and the administrative assistant position I was about to interview for.The man had turned out to be really bad for me the job could change my life in an amazing way. I ll be jumping right into book two, Aftershock, so I m going to make this brief This book can be read in a few hours, and it is fucking awesome.Perhaps all the awesome because I waited until both books in the duet were published before starting This book is written from the perspective of Gianna, a fierce modern woman determined to make her way in this world She s been taking the restaurant business world by storm as the prot g of the owner of SavorUnfortunately, her professional veneer is cracked when an old flame shows up to a business meeting Gia and Jax had an affair two years ago which ended in Jax disappearing without a word, and Gia nursing a broken heart.All of the emotions from their past fling are quickly rekindled As they begin Affair Round Two, Gia is left to wonder if sheet twisting sex can compensate for a lack of commitment Why did Jax leave the first time What brought him back into her life now What can she do to keep him from disappearing again I kind of feel like an ass for saying that I picked this up to tide me over while I wait for the new Crossfire Book Captivated by You but it is true I was having Gideon Cross withdrawalsLucky for everyone, Sylvia Day is awesome The only similarities between this book and the Crossfire series were the scorching hot sex, strong female MC, and an obvious love for Manhattan Some of My Favorite Moments view spoiler Have you ever wanted something so bad, you couldn t imagine not having it There were two things in my life I d felt that way about the man I d stupidly fallen in love with and the administrative assistant position I was about to interview for.The man had turned out to be really bad for me the job could change my life in an amazing way.There was something about him that hinted he might spank you with a spatula as expertly as he cooked with one.His mouth curved, revealing that delicious dimple Oh, how that changed him, concealing how dangerous he was with a touch of boyish charm I hated that playful little indentation as much as I adored it Damn it I didn t know you were in love with me, Gia My eyes closed against the pain of hearing those words from his lips If that s true, you didn t know me at all You ll hurt me I ll worship you Gia He shook his head and sighed I m an asshole to everyone else in my life You re the one thing I ve cherished Don t make me stop He lounged against a black McLaren, a car I recognized because one of Lei s chefs had bought one to celebrate the five year anniversary of his first restaurant Jax s arms and ankles were crossed, his pose relaxed and sexy Sunglasses shielded his eyes from the glaring reflections cast by the towering skyscrapers around him He was dressed in black slacks, a white shirt and gray tie His dark hair was tousled, like he d run a hand through it and let his styling efforts go at that hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars For a 99 page novella, I sure do feel awfully satisfied Goes to show, sometimes size doesn t matter I have no idea how she did it, but Sylvia Day amazes me It s like you walked into the middle of a story, and so simply, little by little Sylvia catches you up on everything that you ve missed I felt the connection between Gia and Jax instantly In the beginning you don t know much about their history, but it doesn t matter because you feel it as you read and it only deepens as the story unravels.Can I just say that I LOVED Gia She was independent, intelligent, vulnerable yet confident and SASSY.Jax..Oh YUMMY Jax You ve won over my mind, my heart and my lady bits He was sexy, dominant, endearing and at times sweet all in the same breath And lets not forget the smoldering sex that you ve come to expect from Sylvia Day There s still so much that needs to be explained about Jax s background and what happened to make him leave Gia after their five week relationship while she was in college I have a feeling there s to the Rutledge family than meets the eye I m glad I waited to read this until the second book is out because I need my answers, but mostly I need Gia and Jax I m on to you, Jackson Rutledge My voice was low and hard, unwavering I m going to figure you out.

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    WARNING VULGAR LANGUAGE IN THE POST BELOW Okay so I read the Crossfire series and they were slightly read SLIGHTLY better than the Fifty Shades of Grey disaster so I decided to check out Day s other works I picked this one to start off with first since the lead male character s name is Jackson and I have a weak spot for Jax Teller on the show Sons of Anarchy Yes, I literally decided to choose this book to read for that reason and that alone Needless to say, I regret my decision.From what I ve read by this author so far, the sex scenes are good if you can stand reading the word cunt every three or so pages but they eventually get stale and boring and all so very similar to the point where it s not even enjoyable.Couple that with the fact that her lead characters are ALL THE SAME The petite, curvy, exotic looking lead female character with strong moral values that sets out to make her life better than ever after being scorned or wounded in a very painful memory from her past And then you have the big, masculine, God like male counterpart with the biggest cock and sex drive ever LIKE, OMG LADIES, HE S STILL HARD EVEN AFTER HE EJACULATES He s also extremely possessive and stalks the protagonist because he s secretly in love with her but he s too dark and brooding to ever actually reveal how he feels about her and that s okay because she knows he has secrets and she doesn t care Actually, NOBODY in this story cares about his secrets or his actions Why BECAUSE HE S A TOTAL MEGA FUCKIN HOTTIE, DUH I mean who can argue with good looks, even if the man in question has recent pictures of you all over his apartment when you haven t seen him in over a year I mean, those actions just make me super horny, am I right ladies Even without the creep factor, this all sounds SUPER familiar, doesn t it Yeah, it sounds like GASP Gidean Cross from Sylvia Day s other sex filled series Crossfire Wellfuck, that s just lazy writing.And I was going to give this three stars because I can easily overlook the dominating male character and the stupid, naive female protagonist s actions because I m a sucker for sex written in literature I come from a world of fan fiction, what can I say However, before anyone decides to read this despite all my other warnings, please know before you do that this book is only 99 pages That s about ten chapters Yep.let that sink in.Oh and the next one in the series isn t coming out until March of 2014 That s if it isn t pushed back again like all of Day s other novels.In conclusion, this author is about as original as her character s personalities Sorry, I m not sorry.

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    3.5 stars You could never hide from me, Gia I d recognize you blindfolded Gianna just landed her dream job, finally a chance to make something of herself without relying on her family s success in the restaurant industry The only regret she has is giving her heart away and never getting it back Helping her boss Lei get her revenge on her former partner couldn t be satisfying until Lei s ex partner shows up with an unexpected ally, Jackson Rutledge For her chance to move on, it s time that she gets the answers she needed to hear once and for all, I made the right decision walking away His breath gusted over my temple That doesn t mean I don t regret it Jackson knows he should stay away from Gianna, nothing good could come from being seen with him, and the political social circle is something he doesn t want Gianna exposed to She deserves better, but knowing that the woman standing a few feet away as if she was made just for him, is even harder to resist the second time around He does whatever it takes to get Gianna back, even if it is temporary, after all that is all he has to give I felt the pull inside me, that inexorable tugging between us I didn t know how to turn it off or ignore it Some sick cosmic joke had made me hardwired to crave him with every fiber of my being The she is exposed to his world things begin to unravel and she realizes there is to him that he lets on Jackson is a sexy mysterious arrogant man and Gianna is a beautiful heroine, who was strong outside the bedroom but lost herself inside, but who could blame her, Jackson knew her body inside out Not willing to give up this time without a fight, Gianna knows it s up to her to save this once in a lifetime kind of connection I m on to you, Jackson Rutledge My voice was low and hard, unwavering I m going to figure you out I should have known there was gonna be to this story, there was no way it could all be wrapped up in the pages I had left I think this was one time where I may have been happy that there is to this story, luckily for me there was no shocking nail biting cliffhanger, just a promise of Afterburn has an interesting plot that has me counting down the days till the next release.

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    Something new from Sylvia Day I was so pleased to get a chance to read something else from Sylvia Day My only Day experience came at the hands of the one and only Gideon Cross, so I was excited to see what she had up her sleeve I adored the writing style of this and loved that it felt so different than the Crossfire style In the first installment, we meet Gia she is driven and determined But she is still hung up on the man that walked out of her life She has succeeded at her career but that job is now at fault for bringing her face to face with the man that she fell in love with the one she never fell out of love with Jax.Jax makes no mistake about making his claim on what he wants from Gia and what he is able to give in return But pleasure soon starts to tangle with business But the closer Gia gets to Jax the she needs to figure out why he ran all those years ago and if she can get him to give her what she truly desiresJax was a little big arrogant, a lot sexy and was all sorts of romantic in that alpha male staking a claim way that I love Both he and Gia were both likable characters and I loved that Gia was not at all weak Although a short read, the story was so put together that it felt much longer and the mini cliffy curb ending will make you crave to know what happens next but won t drive you nuts until the next installment I have a feeling that when this is all over I am going to want so much of Jax than just these two short series installments How can anyone else be imagined while thinking of Jax

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    I hold Sylvia Day close to my heart, since she was the first author that led me into the erotica romance reads at the time that was a bit challenging for meand her book was a perfect escapismAnd then the Crossfire series happenedand well the rest is historySo, I have read this a while ago, obviously but i haven t written a reviewWell, just perfectCause, with all the movie announcements on PassionflixI might as well re read it sly smile And Afterburn is just the perfect title that says it allIt s the unfinished personal business between Gianna Rossi Jackson Jax Rutledge, a young career in restaurants driven woman from a loud Italian family and a man driven by the success in anything other than his family s trade politicsThey had a passionate affair that lead to Gia falling in love with him, and him walking out for reasons never spoken out loud.And now, passion and business collide again, and they are two people who are doomed into collision, crash and burnBut Gia is not the same, naive young love spelled girl, she s aware of the rulesshe s aware of the limitation and the time spanand yet she needs to call the shots, controlling the physical need for him over the ruthless business they lead on opposite rival sidesAnd yet, she realizes that she never knew the man she gave her heart to and now, she s still not sure of him but she s goddamned sure of her own posture and the game You two going to work it out No, it s temporary But this time, I know the rules.He s in love with you, you know He s in lust, I countered drily, picking at the label on the bottle And that s okay, I can live with that. The rules have changed and she s going straight for the heart I m going to be in every aspect of your life get used to it Jax was silent for a long minute, then quietly asked, What do you think you re doing I m processing the fact that you re in love with me, Jax Still, you bailed on me And now you re sabotaging my work and your own chances with me Gia I m on to you, Jackson Rutledge My voice was low and hard, unwavering I m going to figure you out

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