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10 thoughts on “Middle School Millionaires

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    GreatOf you love business this is a fantastic book I loved i do much So great Best book ever invented

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    Very enjoyable and teaches good lessonsRead this with my 10 year old son, and we both loved it Entertaining with a number of humorous sections, plus it teaches great lessons such as the value of hard work, friendship, and charity but without being preachy Highly recommended

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    I very much enjoyed this book I feel like it is geared towards about middle school age, but I still enjoyed reading it.

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    Very goodI chose 5 stars because this is one of the best books I have read in all the years I ve known how to read You should get this book because it is very entertaining for anybody.Really, you should get it.

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    Cleary s wordsamazing book and I am surprised that the business grew so fast

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    i totally recommend this book it is awedome and so entertaningGoodawesomegreatachevieningg h j k mn b v c x z a s d f g h

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    GoodIt was a good bookI liked the end It was a good book and I really liked it a lot

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    Great Book I loved this book My only critique is that it could ve been a little longer or maybe have a sequel but the ending was spectacular.

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