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Covenant with Hell (Medieval Mystery, #10) summary Covenant with Hell (Medieval Mystery, #10) , series Covenant with Hell (Medieval Mystery, #10) , book Covenant with Hell (Medieval Mystery, #10) , pdf Covenant with Hell (Medieval Mystery, #10) , Covenant with Hell (Medieval Mystery, #10) 4503162983 In The Spring Of , Prioress Eleanor Goes On A Pilgrimage To A Famous East Anglian Shrine There Are Rumors That King Edward May Also Visit The Shrine Soon To Seek God S Blessing For His Invasion Of Wales Lurking In This Sacred Place, However, Is An Assassin Hoping To Murder A King Soon After Prioress Eleanor And Brother Thomas Arrive, A Nun Falls To Her Death From The Priory Bell Tower Brother Thomas Finds The Body, And The Pair Quickly Grasp That This Nun S Death Was Not A Simple Tragedy The Circumstances Point To Murder, But This Slaying Is Further Tainted With Treason Among The Pilgrims, Merchants, And Religious, Too Many Betray An Interest In This Death Including A Canny Street Child At Least One Of Them Is Most Certainly A Killer Can Prioress Eleanor And Brother Thomas Succeed In Exposing The Assassin Or Will They Also Fall Victim To One Who Has Made A Covenant With Hell

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    Priscilla Royal s latest mystery finds Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas on a pilgrimage to Walsingham to mend Eleanor s troubled soul That Thomas s soul is also in need of healing will go without saying for those familiar with this series But instead of a salve for their souls, they find murder and dangers that could shake the whole kingdom.I m a sucker for a good story set in the past Almost any clever plot with some lively characters can glue me to a page But when a writer also incorporates thoughtful ideas into a beguiling tale, then I m in love Priscilla Royal is one of those rare finds Under the guise of medieval mysteries, in her various books she s taken on anti Semitism, mob mentalities, the psychological effects of war, sexual identity and other themes In Covenant with Hell, Royal takes on the notion of self righteous religiosity that s used to cover personal failings and sins She also deals with a subtle theme that she s explored before how to live true to oneself when who you are is rejected by your world These two ideas work superbly in tandem Good characters and shady ones are moral shape shifters in this book one minute you think you ve got someone categorized and then, well, you re wrong and in the process you ve learned about human beings that you would have thought from such an enjoyable read As I read, I gradually recognized these shifts but that process was a largely unconscious one because Royal s story telling and intriguing characters held me tightly involved Through the course of the book I intuited a level of human understanding about identity and happiness and moral compasses that I d be hard put to articulate fully I simply know that I m the richer for having gained it I ll add a bit of teaser on this theme In the first chapter we meet a mysterious character and hear his thoughts Decide what role hero or villain you would ascribe to a character with these thoughts Only in obscurity could he be honest, even if that truth was an evil thing Only in the velvet embrace of darkness could he find comfort and peace I suspect that Royal s series has gained a couple new continuing characters from this book, but I doubt you will guess who they are until the end Subtly and sophistication of character development continue to be Royal s stock in trade I did find a couple disconnects where plot pieces got dropped or appeared unexplained, but I doubt most readers will be bothered by these editing mishaps.

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    I m enjoying this series with each new outing, largely due to Prioress Eleanor She s a wonderful lead character, wise, strong, rational, devout, compassionate, but with a wickedly dry sense of humor at times The daughter of a baron, she is a natural leader despite her young age and diminutive stature, and woe unto those who underestimate her She and Brother Thomas, another member of Tyndal Priory and her sidekick in murder investigations in past adventures, have come to the Walsingham shrines on pilgrimage When a nun at their host priory falls to her death from the bell tower, rumors swirl about broken vows, scandalous rendezvous, and even ominously, an assassination plot against the King, soon to visit the shrines Eleanor and Thomas must race against time to sort through the townspeople and their fellow religious and pilgrims to find the traitor before they kill again.Set in the 1270s in England, this series is obviously slower moving than a modern detective mystery or police procedural Eleanor and Thomas must talk to every witness, every suspect, sift through every motive and opportunity without technology or modern methods They must use their wits, faith and extensive knowledge of human nature to get into the heart and mind of every killer, and I find that fascinating I also love this series, as I did the Brother Cadfael, Dame Frevisse, Catherine Levendeur and Brother Athelstan mysteries among others , for the outstanding research done by those authors and Priscilla Royal here, and ability to use that research to submerge a modern reader into the medieval mindset It was such a different time, with the all powerful role of the Church and King and nobility, the superstitions and fears, the belief that Satan and God and demons and angels and saints were interceding in average people s lives on a daily basis or a casual whim, bewitching them, beguiling them, saving or guiding them by turns Life was often dirty, brutal and short an ideal setting ripe for crimes of lust, violence, greed and fear a historical mystery buff s dream come true This author and her cast of regular characters create a wonderful, thoughtful world I look forward to visiting again recommended.

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    Even without having read the other books in this series, this is a great book I loved the ambiance in this novel The characters and plot work well together, the setting is wonderful and the author does an amazing job of transporting you to the medieval world she describes I was fascinated by this story line from the first few pages and looked forward to reading as the book progressed I love that the characters grow and change throughout the story Lessons are learned, events unfold and you really get a sense of getting to know these people and becoming part of their lives There is quite a lot of things happening in this story and the complexity increases as the pages turn I loved that Priscilla Royal could tie together so many different things and still have the story make sense, even to someone who was not already familiar with her other books This is definitely a book that you should add to your to read list and Priscilla Royal is an author to watch for anyone who is a fan of the time period This review is based on a digital ARC from the publisher and provided by Netgalley.

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    It is hard to find a mystery series that doesn t become a little cookie cutter after several books Covenant with Hell is the tenth in the Medieval Mystery series and is anything but predictable Priscilla Royal keeps the story fresh and the characters fresher.Our favorite characters, Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas, have traveled outside Tyndal Priory on a pilgrimage to Ryehill Priory for prayer and contemplation The accommodations aren t ideal and the hosts seem unwelcoming Eleanor and Thomas try to stay out of the investigation into the death of a nun but rumors are flying Who could be trusted Those in the priory Out of town merchants A homeless child Eleanor gets in a bit of trouble but, with the help of Thomas, solves the mystery in true form.This newest installment in the Medieval Mystery series won t disappoint Covenant with Hell is a fantastic read and will leave you eager for the next in the series.

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    After the last two books I was getting worried that this series had lost it s way However, Covenant with Hell gets the series back on track with an assassin, a secret agent, and a whole lot of general nastiness.Can t really describe the plot without giving too much away.Suffice to say that if you ve enjoyed Priscilla Royal s early Prioress Eleanor books, you will probably enjoy this onea lot.Highly recommended.

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    Review of A COVENANT WITH HELL by Priscilla Royal Medieval Mystery 10 A well crafted and quite engrossing medieval mystery thriller, A COVENANT WITH HELL is the tenth in an intriguing series featuring as its twin protagonists the Prioress of a convent on the North Sea Coast of England, and the monk who is her assistant Prioress Eleanor is the daughter of a Baron, and the younger sister of one of the trusted companions of King Edward Her monk, Brother Thomas, has a distinctly checkered background much of it beyond his control and has served as a Church investigator Together, they are reputed to be a pair always eager to enquire into various mysteries and suspicious circumstances, and of course they are.On a quiet pilgrimage to the shrines at Walsingham in advance of the Easter pilgrims, Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas are shocked and dismayed at the sudden unexplained death of one of the nuns at Ryehill Priory, who had been the Prioresses attendant Brother Thomas is furious when the Priory s priest, Father Vincent, rails against a young street child and refuses her alms Then the suspicion becomes clear that the impending potential visit of the King to the Holy Places at Walsingham, as he is preparing to campaign against the Welsh, may place the anointed King in the path of an assassin Even for readers whose usual forte is not the Middle Ages, or history, the protagonists will reach out to you and pique your interest The exquisite characterizations and the developing suspenseful plots which are multiple are bound to keep mystery readers enthralled.

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    Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas have gone on a pilgrimage to a nearby shrine and are staying at the local priory Not long after they arrive, one of the nuns there falls to her death from the bell tower Had she been meeting with her lover While I prefer books in this series which take place at Tyndal, Eleanor s own priory, this one is very interesting because of the unpleasant characters of the local prioress and the local priest They are both stiff necked and uncharitable to an orphan girl who is trying to live by her wits All s well that ends well, and we meet a new character who I think will be in a subsequent book.

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    Another wonderful book Another wonderful book in a truly wonderful series I ve loved every one so far, but somehow this one resonates The plot is just a little bit thin, but Ms Royal has finally realistically at least to my taste addressed Brother Thomas sexuality I ve not been happy at his portrayal a couple of times in earlier installments The light touch rings true here, and we finally have an opportunity to hope he ll find his measure of happiness I can hardly wait for the next installment to see what happens next.

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    Captivating and hard to put downLoved this book My only criticism is the short first chapter is a separate disjointed piece from the rest of the book, and I don t know who the unmentioned character is in the first chapter.

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