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The Phantom of Nantucket (Nancy Drew Diaries #7) chapter 1 The Phantom of Nantucket (Nancy Drew Diaries #7) , meaning The Phantom of Nantucket (Nancy Drew Diaries #7) , genre The Phantom of Nantucket (Nancy Drew Diaries #7) , book cover The Phantom of Nantucket (Nancy Drew Diaries #7) , flies The Phantom of Nantucket (Nancy Drew Diaries #7) , The Phantom of Nantucket (Nancy Drew Diaries #7) 6c14cb5c68a35 A Dream Trip To Nantucket Turns Into A Nightmare In This Seventh Book Of The Nancy Drew Diaries, A Fresh Approach To A Classic Series Nancy, Bess, And George Can T Wait To Start Their Trip To Nantucket The Three Girls Are There To Visit Bess S Family Friend Jenna And Go To The Opening Of An Exhibit At The Local Whaling Museum Jenna S Been Working On The Exhibit For Months, But When The Girls Get To The Museum, A Threatening Banner Has Replaced The Welcome Sign Nancy S Got Plenty Of Potential Suspects, But She S Worried She Won T Be Able To Solve The Case In Time To Save The Opening And As The Threats Increase In Severity, She Becomes Concerned About Jenna S Safety Than The Ruined Exhibit Can Nancy Find The Culprit In Time

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    A fun quick read I listened to the audio book version cause I wanted something light while I was working and it was perfect It was just light enough that I didn t have to concentrate so hard to pay attention but not so light that I got bored Looking forward to listening to in the series

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    My sister got this for me to try out awhile back and it took me way to long to get around to reading it.My main reason for wanting to read this was to see what modern authors had done with my beloved Nancy Drew I can t say I was overly impressed While the writing style was cute, and the descriptions of the island were great, the whole book just fell flat First off, I had no idea how old the characters were While the cover shows a tween girl, Nancy also talks about her boyfriend, so I really wasn t sure how old she was supposed to be in this Second, the characters weren t nearly as polite or nice to each other as they were in the original Overall, it was an okay book, but as a fan of the original, I just found this a bit grating.

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    I knew the culprit almost from the beginning, so that made the story a bit boring.

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    very weak 3 starThis dairies book wasn t as good as the others I was still glad I listened to it since it is part of the series But although the others were a firm 3 not bad but not really good either this one was just mediocre to me I found my thoughts drifting away as I listened and had to remind myself to get back into the story And no you do not need to read the others in the series to read this one I can be a stand alone book if need be.

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    In this book Nancy goes on vacation with her friends First her friend Jenna tells that that a figurehead at a museum went missing Then, Nancy s frined George fell into the lake and almost drowned Last a dinosaur statue almost fell and hits George in the head In the end of the book Nancy found out that one of her friends took the figurehead Nancy gets the figurehead back at the museum is saved

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    I enjoyed the audiobook version of this modern Nancy Drew mystery Nancy and her best friends, Bess and George, travel to Nantucket Island to visit Bess s cousin and get embroiled in a mystery on the island the theft of an artifact from the Nantucket Whaling Museum I was a little disappointed when I heard references to smartphones, the Internet, etc because I didn t realize this was a modern remake of Nancy Drew when I first got the book out I thought it would be neat to hear quaint references from an earlier era However, once I got over the fact that Nancy has a cell phone and sends text messages, I enjoyed the sleuthing They do openly say stuff like Nancy, are you going to investigate which is a bit cheesy, but it was a clean story with good, wholesome principles that you could easily share with a young girl A simple, pleasant, and short read the audiobook was only 3 CDs.

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    Not as good as the original Nancy Drew mysteries Disappointing It was slower moving I think that the 1st person voice was a poor choice There s an old writer s adage that says show your readers, don t tell your readers It means that authors should describe characters behaviors to show you who they are instead of telling you I.e., list everything a character eats in one setting rather than say she eats a lot This book was full of telling rather than showing I also don t like the left wing political voice on animals given that ND s family is supposed to be wealthy conservative lawyers It s not a match And it is not practical or logical to see 19th century whaling as morally wrong I don t think someone down to earth enough to be a bona fide detective in her teenage years would take this stance.

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    Yes I can guess who the culprit yet again Second time in a row I like this book The setting of Nantucket really give it a classic vibe, reminds me of a movie I ve watched once long ago The mystery isn t too intricate, but lots of possible suspects is presented Another great Nancy Drew adventure.

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    Another great mystery I love when we learn about interesting subjects along with Nancy and her friends The mystery was well crafted and I was able to figure it out without it being too obvious.

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    It is a good mystery with a lot of depth.The author really thought everything through and the ending was not predictable, so that s what I like best This book also taught me one or two life lessons.

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