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Clash of the Sky Galleons quotes Clash of the Sky Galleons, litcharts Clash of the Sky Galleons, symbolism Clash of the Sky Galleons, summary shmoop Clash of the Sky Galleons, Clash of the Sky Galleons 1ee61956 Young Sky Pirate Quint Verginix S Family Was Devastated When His Mother And Brothers Were Killed In A Vicious Arson Attack Now The Treacherous Quartermaster Responsible, Turbot Smeal, Has Returned, And Quint And His Father Are Determined To Take RevengeFrom The Deserted Quarries Of The Edge Cliff To The Lethal Glades Of Bloodoak Trees, Their Deadly Pursuit Can Only End In A Clash Of The Sky GalleonsClash Of The Sky Galleons Is The Third Book Of The Quint Saga First Trilogy In The Edge Chronicles, The Internationally Best Selling Fantasy Series, Which Has Featured On The UK And The New York Times Best Seller Lists And Sold Than Million Copies There Are Now Titles And Four Trilogies In The Series, But Each Book Is A Stand Alone Adventure, So You Can Read The Edge Chronicles In Any Order You Choose

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    5 Stars I still think the Winter Knights was my favorite, but this was still such an action packed and wonderful conclusion to the trilogy I loved how we got to see interaction between Maris and Quint Wasn t the ending just adorable I also loved how we delved into the deep woods and saw some of the inner workings of a sky ship Seeing the woodtroll village was also a bit of a treat, especially after reading the Twig trilogy I also enjoyed trying to figure out the motivations and nefarious schemes the antagonist was up to throughout the story Like I always say if you are looking for an imaginative, dark, and whimsical middle grade adventure, the Edge Chronicles are for you

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    4.5 stars This is in my opinion the best book of the Quint trilogy It is filled with rogue adventures and twisted traps that truly demonstrates the perils of being a sky pirate.From the start, this story plunges you into a quest of vindictive revenge Different from the previous edge books, this one offers a true villain whose cunning and deception outmatches our protagonist This is definitely a must read for all fans of the edge chronicle Detailed Review Below What I liked about this book The most unique and fascinating part of the edge chronicles is the flight rocks and its usage in sky sailing And this book offers the first insight and adventure of sky pirating without the usual involvement of the Sanctaphrax academics.Through Cloud Wolf s adventure, the individual lives of each skyship crew is told, and the dangers that lurk the sky explored I especially like how the author was able to expand on the innocent dangers of the edge, while still keeping a good pace for the story.The main plot however involved Cloud Wolf chasing after his nemesis And it was a fantastic tale that would take him to explore many details of the edge Although the mysterious villain s identity was also quite easy to guess But it was still interesting to see his plot in motion.What I disliked about this book The story deepens the relationship of the leaguemasters towards sky pirates through the subplot of building the great sky galleons with the intent to wipe them out But what seemed to be an interesting subplot ended quite suddenly at the end, making the whole purpose of the subplot just a description of leaguemaster greed This is definitely what I had in mind for a great finish to the Quint prequel trilogy And if you haven t read the following Twig trilogy, I suggest you do so

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    Was soll ich sagen au er absolute Leseempfehlung.

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    Clash of the Sky Galleons The Edge Chronicles 9 , Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell Illustrator

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    This book was just as great as the last It s a great way to end Quint s Saga to The Edge Chronicles Can t wait to start reading the next instalment.

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    Clash of the Sky Galleons is the third and final Edge Chronicles book with Quint as its protagonist While I did enjoy it, I have to be honest, I won t miss him all that much.I like the story, for the most part I like how the crew of the Galerider gradually destroy themselves, caught up in both their captain s obsessive need for revenge and their constant financial difficulties, they end up fighting and dying, all the while helping the plans of the people aiming to bring them down I like the various locations where Thaw sets his traps, each are pretty interesting and distinct I like the final twist, that Smeal really had been dead all along and the real culprit was a young man consumed by ambition and short of money Maris was a bit of a flat character in the first two books, but in this one she gets a bit development and becomes likable as a result The crew are also reasonably fleshed out, which makes it pretty sad when most of them die.There are two things that I feel didn t work Firstly, Quint it a pretty flat character He displays a bit agency than before, but he s also inconsistent One moment he hates Smeal and wants him dead The next he s worried about his father s quest for vengeance consuming him, which would be fine except, well, he watched his mother and brothers burn to death in agony and was left permanently traumatised as a result Shouldn t he always want to kill Smeal just as much as his father does There are a few further issues The destruction of the aptly named Bringer of Doom was an absurd Deus ex Machina, especially as it was destroyed just in time to save Quint from being ripped to pieces And the Stone Marshall s reputation probably should have taken a hit when the Leagues worked out that he murdered one of his main customers Hubble recovering just in time to take out Thaw is also a Deus ex Machina Thaw disguising himself as Smeal has a lot of unnecessary plot holes He claims to have hired Smeal as his quartermaster, but Smeal is widely known and widely hated He would have known who he was The same goes for his meeting with the Leagues leaders He has no reason to speak to them in his Smeal disguise A lot of them could have lost relatives in the fire as well Of course it goes fine, because the Leagues are evil and Smeal was also evil Also the foreshadowing was sometimes a bit overdone with him And how on earth did he get down from the sky wreck when he parked his barge on it Was it closer to the ground then Did he perform a record breaking parawing flight I m pretty sure I noticed all of this when I first read the book over a decade ago, actually.Overall, this isn t the weakest of the Quint led books, but it still doesn t quite hold up to scrutiny It s got a lot less padding than The Winter Knights and the characters are a bit fleshed out, which helps a great deal My personal favourite moment is the kitchen scene with Queep and Sagbut That s a great little character moment A good plot is there, and this time the reader gets to explore a bit it if, but a few small improvements could have made it perfect.Onto the Twig trilogy next Yes, the protagonist of the next three books really is called Twig Hopefully he has a bit character to him than Quint.

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    I thought it was great, like all the other edge chronicle books This is the last in the series of the Quint trilogy Quint finds himself caught up in his father s dangerous quest for revenge against Turbot Smeal, who started a fire that murdered his wife and sons leaving Quint the only surviving member of his family.I love everything about The Edge Chronicles the world is so imaginative and rich and I love the way everything from the differnt books fit together like a jigsaw The only thing I didn t like was the change in character in Quint The Sky pirate captain we meet in the twig trilogy is entirley differnt the character we get to know in the quint trilogy For instance, telling maris to choose between him and the baby occurs to me as something he would never have done he could have been a sky pirate and a father, just like his father was to him.

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    There s so much history in here The I read The Edge Chronicles, the I realize how everything relates to everything else This only further proved that to me Since this is my second time reading these books, I can recall that, The Immortals digs even deeper into the thorough history that is the Edge I can t remember as many details as I d like to, as that book alone is so concise, but I remember that Marvelous book As always, Stewart and Riddell have outdone themselves in ways that even my 10 year old self took notice.

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    Perfect for all children, including adult s inner child Reading age for the beginning of this trilogy is probably about Grade 2 for children to read on their own.Imagination 5 stars I was delighted in the imagination of this world and have continued to be surprised by it Super enjoyable book to read.

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    This is the least well developed plot line in the series The plot is confusing, and only comes together in the final pages of the book It seems like the original book was much longer, and did not survive the editors touch This book is good for the descriptions of the flora and fauna of Edgeworld.

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